The one zero zero six meng, mistakenly into the valley of the wicked


  The location is extremely secluded, like a paradise, hard to find, only know that it is located in a valley called Xiu Yu Valley, the valley is full of flowers, there are all kinds of exotic plants, not like earth, more like a fairyland.

  Most people in the jianghu do not know the exact location of the Flower Palace, even students who want to go to school in the Flower Palace, but also depends on chance, not you want to become a student of the Flower Palace, you can become, most of the ordinary children, will be sent to the Blackwood Cliff to school, less than 10% can enter the Flower Palace.

  This also caused the special student composition of the Flower Shifting Palace.

  Shifting Flowers Palace students are some freaks, yes, are freaks, most of the normal point of the good guys, were blackwood cliff to get away, the normal point of the bad guys, such as worry about the country like rebellion, it was the power gang to get away, only those completely abnormal, eccentric to already have a certain artistry, completely and normal people thinking circuit different people, can be lucky enough to enter the Shifting Flowers Palace this place.

  Li Yan carrying a huge glass mirror taller than a person, looking over the map in his hand, the map is of course left for him by Inviting Moon girl and Renxing girl, in the corner of the map there is also a faint red lip mark, presumably left by Inviting Moon. Seeing this lipstick, Li Yan had a headache, now his modesty is extremely low, like their own sister can already decisively down to push down, but the inviting moon still headache, because she loves Jiang Feng, not Li Yan, he can not love reason to a woman in love with others to push down in bed.

  Of course, with his emotional intelligence does not know, inviting the moon's heart has long had a subtle change. She actually prefers the current Li Yan. And did not like the former Jiang Feng. You should know that Jiang Feng was extremely heartless to Inviting Moon. But Li Yan was very gentle to her. Inviting the moon has long felt vaguely that these two people are not the same person, although the face is the same, but the inner soul is extremely different, or the latter person is more like Inviting the moon, but …… she did not have the opportunity to say it, and it is impossible to say it.

  The valley ahead should be the Embroidered Jade Valley, Li Yan confirmed the map in his hand. The mirror was carefully inspected before he walked towards the entrance of the valley …… where there were occasional falling rocks, and Li Yan was very careful because the mirror was fragile, and if it was accidentally hit by a falling rock, his mirror, which had been sent a long way, would be finished.

  After passing through a short tree and around a flowering bush, three big words can be seen on the mountain wall at the entrance of the valley. Think Bi is "embroidered jade valley" three words, but Li Yan gaze at. But astonished, there is actually written "evil people valley" three big words.

  Looked down at the map in his hand. Li Yan could not help but be bewildered, I went to the right place ah, the map on this location should be embroidered jade valley, how did it become the Valley of the wicked? I'm here to find the Flower Shifting Palace, not to play with the ten villains.

  At this time, the valley suddenly sounded a whistle, ten strange-looking girls, from the trees, ravines, behind the rocks jumped out, for the hand a person looks beautiful, the body is also graceful, is a right hand from arm to finger, all blood red color, looks like in human blood soaked, oh, not look, but indeed in the blood soaked, fingertips actually have red blood in a drop drop by drop to the ground.

  The girl snorted coldly and said in a threatening tone: "I blood hand Du kill, who are you, dare to come to my evil valley? Put down the money on your body and get lost quickly, you can be spared a small life."

  Li Yan wiped a sweat, there is no mistake? A girl called herself what "old man", this is a little scary feeling have ah. If you change the word "old man" to "I", with a blood-dripping hand, it looks a little scary, but the word "old man" came out, completely into the Star Master comedy film The scene.

  The meat at the corner of Li Yan's eyes twitched: "What's the situation?"

  The first time I saw Li Yan's face, I didn't look scared, so I got annoyed: "What are you still staring at? I told you to take out the money did not hear? Just now a man refused to give me money, I have killed him, so I used this hand to cut open his chest and pulled out the heart, look, this hand is still dripping blood, if you know what to do, quickly hand over the money."

  Her words just fell, next to another girl out of a sister, a grim look: "I do not eat the human head Li Dazui, Du boss just killed, has been eaten by me, hahahaha ……" finished poof spit out a bone, and added. "The meat is a little older, not good."

  The other eight sisters said in unison: "The old man is the ten villains, hand over the money, spare you not to kill!"

  Li Yan wiped a handful of sweat, this sweat is not scared out, but forced to hold back the spit **, to hold out the sweat: "I see you guys do not look like the ten villains, but like ten path-cutting thieves, do not be so impolite? That self-proclaimed blood hand Du kill, you still have a chicken feather on the collar did not take off, you just killed the **?"

  "The one who calls himself Li Dazui, what you just spat out was a chicken claw bone, meow you think I can't even tell human bones from chicken bones? Ten of you were just behind the bushes killing chickens for meat, how did it turn into murder?"

  The ten villains took a step back in unison: "Ouch, this one is so observant, such a keen pair of eyes ……"

  Li Yan simply to go crazy: "I have strong observation ability a hair ah, you guys do so obvious, fools can see."