The One Hundred and Seventh Meng, Embroidered Jade Valley

  Second shift

  "Pfft!" Li Yan spit blood, so soon to start betraying his companions? I have not yet laid hands on you, at least you have to eat some pain and then start to submit ah, not even a slap on the wrist, on the pole to betray others, this Nima want to be temperate? I thought my modesty recently fell a little fast, after seeing the top ten villains, only to know that modesty what is no lower limit, in you think you have fallen to the bottom of the pit, only to find a pit below the pit.

  Li Yan dizzy for a while before he said, "I can also spare you, as long as you obediently answer me a few questions on the line."

  Ten girls instantly replied from one to another, "What questions? Just ask, even if you want to ask me the circumference of the other nine people, I will also answer obediently."

  "I ask your three circumference to have a girl with ah!" Li Yan used all his strength to spit out a groove, then slowly asked: "On my map, this is clearly the Embroidered Jade Valley, why has it become the Valley of Evil? Do you guys know where the Embroidered Jade Valley is?"

  The ten sisters looked at each other and said in unison, "This is the Embroidered Jade Valley."

  Li Yan pointed to the three words "Valley of the Wicked" on the mountain wall: "Then what are these three words about?"

  Ten girls' eyes are laughing: "There was originally three words embroidered jade valley, this morning a naughty and mischievous bear child climbed up the cliff, with three huge square cloth to embroider the three words of jade valley to mask, and then on the cloth wrote the three words of the valley of the wicked, so it became like this."

  I wipe, this is okay? Li Yan sweat.

  Ten sisters scrambled to say: "Since that bear child came here, there is not a day of quiet. All kinds of trouble. All kinds of mess. It's like turning the sky over. …… We're not good people, we're not good people, we're not good people, we're not good people, we're not good people.

  Li Yan almost on the wind in the chaos, this Nima have no mistake ah? Although before coming to know that the Flower Palace is a very spoof place, but spoof to this extent or exaggerated. The students were allowed to change the name of Xiu Yu Valley and rob the parents of the students passing by, is there a king's law? Oh, no! When did Gu Long's novel ever talk about the king's law? The most important king's law should be Liang Yusheng, the master of the novel not many young people like to read, only a bunch of white bearded old man will hold Liang Yusheng's novel to look happy. Then again, these years, even Jin Yong and Gu Long is also out of date, young people have abandoned all kinds of traditional novels, instead like to read online, for no other reason. It is a word cool. The old people write novels are not cool enough, can not keep up with the times. It is estimated that in a few years, it will have to be eliminated by the rolling flood of history, leaving only a group of old pedants still reminiscing, and then after a few hundred years, it will become the kind of tome that no one reads.

  Li Yan is thinking here, see the valley rushed out an imperial sister, this imperial sister and the black wood cliff of the ten gods and demons and power gang of the eight heavenly kings have obvious differences, that is the temperament …… ten gods and demons belong to the soul-seeking magical girl type, the eight heavenly kings are mature and charming female white collar type, this imperial sister in front of you, but belongs to the type of cold sense The first thing you should do is to wear a long white dress that floats like a fairy, the body is not concave, but it looks clear and beautiful, and inviting the moon and the star of mercy is a style.

  The imperial sister glanced at Li Yan and left her alone, then glanced at the ten villains and asked drily, "Where is that naughty and mischievous bear child? Have you seen her?"

  The ten villains almost said in unison, "Teacher Hua, I haven't seen her!"

  Teacher Hua said angrily, "Don't bullshit me, she changed the word Xiuyu Valley into the Valley of Evil, right? I don't believe you guys didn't prank with her, hand her over quickly."

  The ten villains said together, "Teacher Hua, we are restrained and can't move, so we can't help you."

  The cold-sensitive imperial sister known as Teacher Hua then raised her head and glanced at Li Yan: "I am the teacher of the Flower Shifting Palace, named Hua Yue Nu, who are you? Why did you restrain our students in front of the valley of my Flower Shifting Palace? Could it be that you want to molest them?" In fact, she had seen Li Yan once years ago, when Li Yan and Chu Liu Xiang first met, but at that time, Li Yan was wearing a human skin mask and disguised as Li Qingming, so of course, Hua Ru Nu could not recognize Li Yan's original face. She also once saw the portrait of Li Yan, that is, after Li Yan was kidnapped by Yue Buqun, the Blackwood Cliff and the Flower Shifting Palace together all over the world to look for Li Yan, but too much time has passed, the face on that portrait has long been unrecognizable. At this point in time, Li Yan to her, and strangers are no different.

  Li Yan saw the teacher of Flower Shifting Palace coming out, so he wanted to make his intention clear and ask her to take him to Inviting Moon and Renxing, but before he could open his mouth, Hua Yue Nu said again: "You don't need to say who you are, it doesn't matter anyway, pointing down the students of Flower Shifting Palace in front of my Flower Shifting Palace, intending to molest, this alone is enough reason to kill you, suffer death! ……"

  Hua Yue Nu's jade palm slapped over with a whirring sound.

  Li Yan speechless, this world is swollen? Nowadays, it is popular to hit people on sight? No wonder the reputation of the Flower Palace in the jianghu is not as loud as the Blackwood Cliff, you are so brutal, how can people be embarrassed?

  A side dodge, avoiding the palm of the flower moon slave, and then casually shot a fist back, the flower moon slave felt a huge incomparable qi pressed towards himself, can not help but face a big change, this man what comes? How could he be so powerful? A handful of palms, there is such a pressure, not good, I do not say save the ten students, even I am in danger.