The 1010th Moe, bear children's prank

  The first shift

  It was not easy to save all the court ladies, Li Yan's cold sweat were wetting the collar, the court ladies here are too tyrannical, it is not moving to wipe their necks, so screwed up, brother all the way into the palace, behind them will have to come out of a blood-stained road. The so-called world is no road, walk more people will have, if a few more of themselves so walk twice, the Palace can still have living people?

  See his odd expression, the palace maids and said: "slave maids caused the master to feel confused, it is the fault of the slave maids, would like to die to thank the sin ……" no sword in hand, all taken away by Li Yan, the palace maids eyes turned, staring at the palace wall, look like they intend to hit the wall to kill themselves.

  Li Yan was frightened, shouted: "Slow! Don't mess around, I'm not confused at all."

  "Then did the servant girls displease the master?" The palace maids asked.

  "Gladly, very gladly, you guys did a great job, wahhhh, I'm in a super good mood now, hahaha ……"

  After a few dry laughs and an indulgent display of their delightful mood, the palace maids finally put off the idea of killing themselves and stood in silence with their hands hanging. Li Yan felt here so scary ah so scary, if you show a little dissatisfied with the idea, or perhaps next to the beauty of the fragrance, this kind of horrible place, how dare to enter? But if you do not enter, does not mean that you are not happy? That will only die more, it is really neither in nor out.

  "Pfft! I win, pay!" A thieving, sultry, sinister laugh came from the door.

  "I see, here you are." Another moderate voice rang out.

  Li Yan vaguely heard this voice somewhere and frowned slightly. His body flashed and he entered the palace door. Reach out and carried two people out from inside. Gaze, the left hand is carrying a loli, wearing a mongrel landlord favorite to wear a coarse linen clothes, the waist inserted a slingshot, the skin was sunburned healthy wheat color, two black eyes bones and bones, a look is mischievous bear child.

  The right hand carrying is also a loli, wearing a white coat. A spotless, waist hanging a long sword, snow-white complexion, clear face, eyes very clear, a look at the good children.

  These two children are none other than Jiang Xiaoyu and Hua Wuyou.

  When Jiang Feng was dying, he entrusted these two little loli to Li Yan, these two children of course know Li Yan, they both know that Li Yan is not their father, but both children are extremely intelligent people. Since the first encounter with Invitation Moon and Renxing, they understood that Uncle Li Yan must impersonate Jiang Feng to be able to cope with Invitation Moon and Renxing. Otherwise, there is a way to die. The two little lollies have never exposed the truth in front of outsiders, and at this time when they saw Li Yan, the two children were telling Li Yan with their eyes: the secret no one knows.

  People kids, Li Yan can't help but a little sweat: "What are you guys hiding behind the door and laughing? Still betting?"

  Hua Wuyou said, "Jiang Xiaoyu bets that you will be made whole by the palace maids, forcing a smile on your face. I bet you could see through her treacherous scheme …… The result is obvious, I lost." She fished out five copper plates from her bosom and placed them in Jiang Xiaoyu's hand.

  "Pfft!" Li Yan vomited blood, the smart man with full marks instantly understood what had happened, looked at the group of palace maids, and then looked at Jiang Xiaoyu, and then became furious: "Good wow, you made these palace maids pretend to commit suicide to trap me?"

  Jiang Xiaoyu laughed loudly: "Yes, when I saw you coming from afar, I knew there was something funny going on, so I gave the palace maids the order to pretend to kill themselves whenever you showed the slightest hint of dissatisfaction or displeasure, just by doing so, I could make you laugh and cry and have a dilemma. But Flowerless advised me not to spoof like this, and said that you would recognize that they were acting and would beat my little ass, and it turned out that I won, hahahaha, abusive people are just easy to bully."

  Li Yan: "……"

  Jiang Xiaoyu continued to laugh: "I am your daughter is really great, Inviting the Moon Palace Master listen to me in everything, all the palace maids also have to obediently listen to me, hahaha ……"

  "I ha your head ah." Li Yan picked her up and waved his hand to spank her little ass.

  Jiang Xiaoyu said loudly, "Don't hit! You're an adult, I'm just a tiny loli, are you guilty of being normal with me?"

  "This ……" Li Yan hesitated, just for less than half a second, Jiang Xiaoyu had already slipped out of his grasp like a swimming fish and hid behind a graceful palace maid, saying, "Help me block him, he If he comes to catch me, you will take off your clothes and blind him."

  The palace maid obediently said, "As you command." Her hands were on her lapel, looking like she could really take off her clothes at any time.

  Jiang Xiaoyu said to Li Yan: "Hmph, this time is not a fake, such things as suicide is used to tease you, but undress or something, as long as I gave the order, she absolutely do not hesitate, you have the guts to come over and beat my little ass, hmph! See how you compensate for her reputation."

  Li Yan speechless, this is simply more than a bear child bear child ah, can not afford to hurt ah. Glaring at that palace maid, he said, "In theory, you should give priority to listen to my orders, right? After all, Inviting the Moon is for my sake, only to let you listen to this bear child."