One hundred and eleven meng, invite the moon to the room of the star of mercy

  Second shift

  Looking at the scene in front of him, Li Yan was dripping with sweat, he remembered the famous joke of the future "what happens when you enter a girl's dormitory by mistake", hmmmm, in fact, like this …… beauty screaming and covering her breasts to escape, this is considered elegant, but a fat and ugly girl rushing towards What's the matter with me? Tsk, look at her face, can be compared to Phoenix, look at her waist, comparable to piggyback. Look at her hair, compared to Sun Da Sheng, tie! This is where the demon came from.

  Li Yan has not yet made a move, Hua Yue Nu touch the ground kicked the demon out: "less nymphomaniac, stay in class!"

  How can we go on like this? I want to walk from here all the way to the depths of the harem to see the moon mercy star, along the way there are still many girls to be retained, in the future I still dare not walk in the flower moving palace? Li Yan was speechless and asked the heavens.

  The good thing is that Li Yan no longer need to go, there is a white shadow suddenly flashed in front of him, in the past Li Yan certainly could not see clearly, but now his internal power has advanced greatly, his eyesight is also far beyond his previous self, clearly saw that this white shadow is Inviting Moon, she floated over with the supreme light skill, landed in front of Li Yan, that pure beauty like a heavenly fairy face with a touch of surprise, after carefully looking at Li Yan two times, the surprise turned into ecstasy, ecstasy turned into excitement, excitement turned into …… Huh? Not right! It turned into rolling eyes …… Come on people, the palace lord passed out from excitement.

  The lightness is inferior to the inviting moon Renxing then appeared, reached out to hold the inviting moon, face is also covered with joy, a pair of eyes tenderly locked on Li Yan, said loudly: "the daydreaming person finally came, pass the principal order. Tomorrow starts the school celebration. The whole school will have a three-day holiday. The first grade, the sixth grade of elementary school do not have to test directly to the first grade. Junior high one, senior high one, senior high one, senior students directly issued diploma ……"

  "Wow, I am dizzy, such a spoof can also be?" Li Yan dripping with sweat: "Do not waste public for private, teach and educate people in school, how can you haphazardly give people repeats and upgrades, this is not quite right, right?"

  Renxing laughed, "It's okay. Our school is not Blackwood Cliff, there are not so many rules, if you want to promote, you can promote, if you want to downgrade, it has always been like this, the students are used to it."

  Li Yan: "……"

  Nima this can also be used to? Never mind, this is not the point. Li Yan turned back to point at the group of palace maids behind him, "They don't listen to me, they actually help the bear child Jiang Xiaoyu to fight against me, you give an order, let them not protect the bear child."

  Renxing's eyes glared fiercely at the group of palace maids: "Since Lord Li Yan is here. Of course you all have to listen to him first."

  "As you command!" The palace maids blessed together.

  The bear child was miserable, the palace maids who had just obeyed her orders. She turned around and wanted to run, but found that a large group of palace maids had already surrounded her in the middle.

  Jiang Xiaoyu smiled sarcastically, "I'm just a little loli, don't be so serious, okay?"

  Li Yan picked her up and smacked her little buttocks with a bushel-sized slap ……

  With the company of Renxing, it was much more convenient in the Flower Shifting Palace, at least no more people suddenly carrying a sword to cut over, and no more nymphomaniacs screaming and pouncing, surrounded by a large group of beautiful-looking girls, Li Yan walked into the depths of the harem, first of all, he had to pass a large area of girls' dormitories, occasionally there would be a dormitory door open, Li Yan glanced at it, and saw that it was messy as a chicken nest, miserable. I can't help but wonder, women are not clean? Why is the dormitory is this look?

  Renxing explained with a smile: "Women such things, once without a man, will also become unkempt, will also pick their feet, throwing things, messy clothes, puffy …… and men in the same place without women. Over time, their dormitory became like a chicken coop, can not look straight."

  Li Yan twitched, his whole body chilled: "You and inviting the moon's room could also be like this?"

  Renxing blushed and glanced at him, "That's not true, we always have you in our room, how could it be messy?"

  "With me?" Li Yan was surprised, until he walked into the room of Inviting Moon and Renxing, then he understood, only to see that the room, except for the two beds, was filled with Li Yan's portrait, the walls were pasted, the roof was pasted, the table was painted, the top of the bench was also painted, the cabinet was painted, the bed was also painted, even the window paper was glued with Li Yan's portrait ……

  The group of girls who followed behind were driven away before entering this room, leaving only the unconscious Invitation Moon and the flabbergasted Li Yan in the room, closed the door and confirmed that no one was around, before Renxing smilingly picked up a pillow from the bed, a one-person high pillow with a 1:1 sized Li Yan actually painted on it ……

  Li Yan's whole body is again a cold, this exaggerated it …… you two sisters so engaged have not considered my portrait right ah? The people casually do on the pillow hug to sleep, how I feel like I was molested?

  Renxing will hug the pillow tightly in the arms, and then sit on the edge of the bed: "Looking forward to how many years, this pillow are wet with tears do not know how many times, you finally appeared in this room …… sister now if you are awake, how happy it should be."