One hundred and twenty moe, twelve astrological signs

  First shift——

  There was a widespread female student fainting incident in the Shifting Flower Palace, the news soon spread throughout the school, the boys in the outer palace actually got the news and launched a crazy protest, why can't the boys go to the harem but Jiang Feng can go to the harem? Such treatment was unfair! Unfortunately, the Shifting Flower Palace masters, Inviting Moon and Renxing, were not ordinary women, and there was nothing to reason with the two of them. The boys sent out by the student council to cause trouble were immediately punished with detentions, crying bitterly and squatting in the corner.

  As for the girls in the harem, they were even more chaotic than the boys. The girls who had seen Jiang Feng kept a nymphomaniac look for five days, their mouths drooling and their eyes glowing green, cruising around the harem like a female praying mantis, hoping to see the handsome man again and swallow him whole, with no woman's reserve to speak of. The girls who have not yet seen "Jiang Feng" are smiling with confidence, women are proud, they do not believe that they will become nymphomaniacs, so they can laugh at the women who are nymphomaniacs, while following them in the search for a handsome man, and want to use their own expressions after seeing a handsome man to show their own status in the girls. The status.

  Li Yan does not think they can resist Jiang Feng's smile, but also will not deliberately to confirm this matter, that face he does not intend to let it show on earth again, because Jiang Feng is dead, let him go.

  Jiang Xiaoyu and Hua Wuyou had a very comfortable two days, before they understood, Jiang Feng had disfigured, so they had not seen their father's original face, after hearing how handsome their father was, they were confident in their future, as long as they could inherit a tiny bit of their father's genes, they would definitely become beautiful when they grew up. Li Yan couldn't bear to tell their mother was a big pancake face with very divided features, and if they inherited a tiny bit of their mother's genes, they would become very strange creatures, and the empty pancake face with Jiang Feng's features was actually a very scary thing, and Buddha blessed them not to grow up like that.

  People who really know the truth, only Su Rong Rong, Tu Jiao Jiao, thousand-faced demon, Wan Chun Liu, but these four sisters were put under a very strict gag order, if you dare to say this thing out, pose as eighteen models are considered light, not to finish the thousand and one nights pendulum is never alive out of the Flower Palace, so invite the moon and Ren Xing are not worried that they dare to say out.

  As for Yan Nantian, still soaked in a strange potion, I do not know if the ingredients of the potion were misplaced, she has not lost her spirituality as Li Yan said, and become a machine that only knows how to give birth to children. She felt lucky, good people have good karma is roughly what it is, but she was afraid that Li Yan knew she hadn't become a fool yet, so she spent the whole day drooling, dressing up as a fool, soaking in that strange potion, secretly exercising her kung fu, vowing to practice her inner strength again and seek revenge on Li Yan again. Her luck seems to be good, graft divine kung fu in the re-practice effect is remarkable, just a few days she re-collected the power, with a rapid pace of growth, revenge blood hatred is just around the corner.

  This day when eating lunch, looking at the strange campus atmosphere, Renxing could not help but let out a scurry of silver bell-like laughter: "Husband, do you want to disguise as Jiang Feng again, and then get a few girls to try? This matter should not be difficult."

  "This is what you say for a teacher?" Li Yan was shocked, I'm not a principal who takes students to a room.

  Renxing looked at him with big, sudden flashing eyes: "The so-called rely on the mountains to eat mountains, rely on water to eat water. The mountain hunters live by hunting in the mountains, the fishermen in the water live by catching fish in the water. We as teachers and principals, what's strange about beating a few students to eat?"

  There is no reasoning with this woman, Li Yan can only cover his face with his hand, indicating that he does not know her: "Inviting Moon, I also want to see what is going on between Li Xunhuan and Shangguan Jinhong this time, if Li Xunhuan is in danger, I want to help her."

  Inviting the moon did not say anything, just sent someone to call Li Xunhuan.

  Old friends meeting, not overjoyed, Li Xunhuan, who has the name of *girl*, did not care about the eyes of others, gently patted Li Yan's shoulder and had a hug salute with him, then smiled and said, "Shangguan Jinhong lost."

  Li Yan didn't ask how she lost, because it wasn't hard to guess.

  But Renxing asked, "How did he lose?"

  Li Xunhuan grinned and said, "He wanted to try Little Li Flying Daggers."

  So Li Yan also laughed: "The world said that the Little Li flying dagger is invariable, he still want to try it, he is looking for death, no one to blame, I dare say, the world only I can avoid the Little Li flying dagger."

  This sentence is too much, even if they are good friends can not look down on people like this, Li Xunhuan forked the willow waist furious: "do not serve to try, you can catch the little flying dagger I am your, you can pose as 18 patterns. If you can not catch, hum …… to buy me the strongest wine."

  "You wait." Li Yan returned to the room of the inviting moon, took a hundred refining steel collar on top of his throat, this collar is very much like the puppy with, but in order to prevent the small flying daggers also cared not to pull up the collar to cover the neck, do not let anyone see, do not believe that the small flying daggers can nail me how.