One hundred and thirtieth Moe, powerful old eunuch

  The first shift

  As the saying goes, those who come are not good, those who are good do not come, since ancient times people who are running away will be scared shitless when they see someone blocking the road ahead, not to mention that the person blocking the road is also a very powerful old adversary, Qin Hui feels a big duck pear.

  The guards of the traitors were drawing their swords, and the great general Tong Guan raised his lance, but Li Yan remained seated in the middle of the road without moving: "Yo, Qin Hui, you plan to resist? Why didn't you fight to the death when the Jin kingdom came over? But now you're acting like a bully? Put your desperate energy to use in the fight against the Jin, I can look at you high."

  "Because people are insiders in internal warfare and outsiders in external warfare." Zhuge gave a cold snort.

  "Zhuge, you guy actually colluded with wanted criminals to deal with the court officials, it's simply heartless." Qin Hui did not dare to say anything to Li Yan, but he looked hardened to Mr. Zhuge.

  Li Yan couldn't help but be a little curious: "Mr. Zhuge, is he looking down on you?"

  Mr. Zhuge laughed bitterly, "Because I am also considered an official of the court, he thought that he could deal with me with official things, so he became this way."

  "Then you didn't have any indication?" Li Yan laughed.

  Zhuge showed a cunning smile, "Of course I will show a little bit." She suddenly stood up and said to Qin Hui, "Treacherous Minister Qin Hui, I am not a court official now, but a robber. I am now going to do what a robber should do, tsk …… did you know? When the battle of the robbery of the court, after Cai Jing escaped from the court, it was me who stopped him halfway, then I was not a court official. Just a robber."

  Qin Jun's face turned pale. He was not afraid of anyone in the imperial court. But he was afraid of robbers …… He pulled the BMW under his stride backwards and hid behind an old eunuch: "Eunuch Cai, it's up to you ……"

  The old eunuch jumped off the horse and walked to the field with one hand on his back, he walked very slowly and looked old, as if he was no longer useful, but anyone could see that. This guy is a master, just that body aura, it is not easy to deal with.

  Mr. Zhuge whispered: "Young warrior Li, this eunuch is the one who injured me at the entrance of the palace, I do not know what kind of martial arts he used, extremely fast, in the blink of an eye flashed to the front, defenceless, even Lord Huang Shang could not take him, could only barely hold on under his fast undefeated." Speaking of this. Thinking of the unknown Huang Shang, the heart can not help but a little worried.

  Li Yan nodded. Li Yan and Qin Jun said half a day of nonsense, she has long been impatient, now the other side sent a person out, she immediately jumped out to fight, not even want to say half a word .

  "The sword tip with a snorting sound, Yan Nantian's sword is so powerful that ordinary people really can't catch it. But the old eunuch is obviously not in this category, only to see him gently shake, the person disappeared. How fast! Only Mr. Zhuge, who had already seen his speed, was not shocked and called out, "Be careful, warrior Yan."

  The old eunuch had already arrived in front of Yan Nantian, and a small embroidery needle flew towards her eyes, Yan Nantian was shocked and tilted her head, she was taller, and the old eunuch was hunched over, the needle deviated from her eyes and actually pierced the tip of her nose, the sharp energy broke through her body protection Qi, a small blood hole appeared on the tip of her nose, a bead of blood appeared on on the tip of her nose.

  This would look a bit funny, Yan Nantian was furious, a kick out. The old eunuch disappeared again with a brush and was now on her left side, stabbing her shoulder well point with a needle. Yan Nantian hurried a side flip, the needle did not hit the acupuncture point, but in her shoulder stabbed a bloody hole.

  Two moves will be wounded in two places, Yan Nantian heart secretly called bad, where still dare to see the moves, hurriedly the long sword dance up, the whole sword light weave into a net of light, the whole person covered in it, only defense not attack, turtle stance, so that the old eunuch is unable to find a place to attack, had to temporarily retreat a few steps away.

  The crowd drew a breath of cold air, although Yan Nantian impulsive, but martial arts is real, even the girl also inferior to her, did not expect her to be injured in front of this old eunuch, and later even dare not attack, only passive defense, is already in a no-win situation.

  The old eunuch, unbelievably fast stance, using an embroidery needle …… Li Yan remembered a person.

  At this time, a girl dressed in black jumped into the field and said in a very calm and icy tone, "This old eunuch's martial arts is taking the swift and fast path, it just so happens that I am also this path, let me try."

  Li Yan found that this woman he actually did not know.

  Inviting Moon whispered: "This is a college student of the Flower Shifting Palace, although she is only a student, her martial arts skills are not below me, the principal, and she is famous for an unbelievably fast sword, her name is Fu Hongxue. However, she is a bit biased, although her sword skill is incredibly fast and her combat power is very strong, but she is almost blank in the categories of internal power, light power and concealed weapons."

  "Uh-oh, Fu Hongxue ah!" Li Yan understood as soon as he heard the name, this is the protagonist of "The End of the World", in Gu Long's novel system, has the title of "The World's No. 1 Blade", of course, this guy is nothing but a fast blade, is indeed a super biased.