One hundred and forty-one meng, the new forces of stupidity

  Second shift——

  Great Mongolian Golden Horde, capital city, Metropolis.

  A generation of heavenly pride, Genghis Khan, is pulling open a huge bow, only to see the bow like a full moon, arrows like a meteor, just a flash, there is a big eagle in the sky was shot down, the Mongolian utopians can not help but shouting loudly. Of course, this is obviously the city, why there will be big eagle in the sky is not the point, we do not look deep.

  Genghis Khan put down the huge bow and walked to the table and sat down.

  One of his men came forward and saluted, reporting, "Great Khan! The situation in the south is not good, the Great Song, Dali, Western Xia, and Liao have all allied together and are beating up the Jin Kingdom, and the Jin Kingdom can't hold back anymore and is in total defeat, now the nobles of the Jin Kingdom are fleeing north and will enter the territory of my Great Mongolia in the next day, what should we do?"

  Genghis Khan did not say a word, seems to be thinking about something, after a long time, only to see him "tiger" stood up.

  The crowd thought he was going to say something amazing strategy, but saw him pick up the huge, arms, bow like a full moon, arrows like a meteor, the sky and a big eagle fell, Genghis Khan again walked back to the table and sat down.

  Ministers sweat: "Great Khan? Do you shoot eagles have any symbolic meaning? Is it an allusion to a strategy to deal with the Jin Empire?"

  "Khan, your symbolism is too deep, we can't understand it."

  "Great Khan, please ask for guidance."

  The ministers knelt on the ground.

  Genghis Khan gave a "hum", as if to say that they were a bunch of fools who could not even understand his own symbolism. He didn't even look at these stupid ministers, he got up once again, pulled out the big bow, the bow was like a full moon, the arrow was like a shooting star, and another big eagle fell in the sky.

  "Great Khan, we really can't understand it!"

  "Great Khan, just say something."

  The ministers kowtowed as if they were mashing their heads.

  Just then, a young Mongolian suddenly ran out from the back, looking a bit similar to Genghis Khan, it was Genghis Khan's grandson, Mongol, who went up to hold Genghis Khan and sat him down on a chair, before saying awkwardly, "Ministers, please get up, the Great Khan, he has recently gotten Alzheimer's disease and can't do anything but shoot eagles. There is a poem to prove it: a generation of pride, Genghis Khan, only know how to shoot a big eagle with a curved bow. Ahem, now everyone just leave him alone for a while."

  Ministers: "……"

  Meng showed his hand and said, "In view of the Khan's mental state is not very normal, now Mongolia by me as the Great Khan."

  Ministers: "Hey hey, is it really okay to change the Khan so hastily?"

  Meng said: "Do not care about the details, we Mongolia is not the main character in the book after all, is a supporting character ah! The reader will unsubscribe if you write too much, just simply alternate the regime. If there is something to report, nothing to withdraw from the court!"

  The ministers were depressed, but after all, they are supporting characters, it is impossible to write a paragraph dedicated to their depression psychological activities, so they quickly cheered up, one minister said: "The new Khan, what do you plan to do with the Great Song?"

  Meng grunted and said, "Fight them! We will attack north to the sea, south to the sea, west to the sea, and east to the sea as well."

  The minister Khan said, "Khan, can you please be a little more cultured? We can clearly say: we hit the sea in all directions, so that we can say a few words less and look more concise. In a high position, concise is the way to go, nonsense is ** silk."

  Meng was furious: "That's not the point, anyway, give me a fight!"

  The minister hurriedly said: "Khan, the Song is not easy to fight, the Song is not the Song of the past, the new Emperor of the Song is a powerful guy, he has a lot of masters under him, the whole world, all the people are in the heart, no longer like before there is a * ** minister in the court trouble, we have to deal with the Song is quite difficult thing."

  Meng said, "In that case, it's time to use our secret weapon! The time has come for the Golden Horde to use him, he has been pretending to be a man of the world for so many years, secretly accumulating strength, is not waiting for this time? Let him come out and do his best for our Great Mongol Empire."

  "As ordered!"

  Devil Master Palace, this mysterious school is one of the four most famous schools in the world, people in the world do not know exactly where the Devil Master Palace is, they only know that it is a powerful and incomparable school, but no one has ever seen its real appearance. Rumor has it that the teachers and students in the Magician's Palace are desperately pursuing the heavenly path, looking for ways to shatter the void, and places like this, which do not eat earthly smoke and fire, like a divine cave, are certainly not accessible to mortals, so people in the jianghu have given up the pursuit of the Magician's Palace.

  What no one knows is that the Magician's Palace actually has no school building at all, where the Magician Pangban stands, the Magician's Palace is located. It is a school with no entity, no school walls, no classrooms, only the ideology of the school, the whole school teachers and students are wandering the sky together with Pang Ban, wherever they go, is the Magic Master Palace.