One hundred and fifty meng, special forces girl arrived

  First shift——

  When Li Yan and his group came to Bianjing, the sisters of Chivalry Island already had a certain foundation of Tai Xuan Jing. The two loli of Longmu had the fastest cultivation speed, only a little worse than Li Yan, but not too much worse. Next is Zhang San, Li Si, the two of them originally in the Chivalry Island sisters only ranked in the dozen, but because they have walked the Central Plains several times before, because the dirt bag gas is not as heavy as other sisters, thinking is more active.

  The two of them are obviously faster than the other sisters in cultivating the Taixuan Sutra, compared to the two lollies of Longmu, there is only a difference in power.

  As for Dokko Royal Sister, who has been traveling together, these days it seems to have become invisible. She is always dazed, dazed when walking, dazed when riding a horse, dazed when riding a boat …… even when eating, will also eat and suddenly launched a daze. She would forget about bathing, forget about thirst, forget about hunger, even forget about pain, and ignore all the things around her. Li Yan could not help but think maliciously: this time even if a man put her that, only she did not even know.

  Occasionally she would be awake, Shih asked her why she was dazed, she just smiled and said she was enlightening herself about the sword, and then she entered the realm of forgetfulness again.

  Li Yan knew why she was like this, she saw the Taixuan Sutra to know that her no sword in her hands and sword in her heart was still only at the level of martial arts, and she would suffer a big loss against martial arts cultivators, so she now had to break through herself. From sword devil to sword immortal. If you can not reach that level. She will never be a "high person", but will only be stepped on by martial arts practitioners, which is absolutely intolerable for the proud sword demon.

  When they walked into Bianjing City, the big city with a lot of traffic and people once again shocked the sisters of Chivalry Island, but after they had seen all the way to the north, they were more able to handle the changes and did not show the appearance of a bumpkin.

  Li Yan led the girls through the city center when he suddenly felt the air twist up ahead. Seems to be a familiar teleportation wall appeared, the heart of a shock, hurried to stop, the girls pulled behind, but see the air in front of the brush jumped out of a woman, this woman's body is superb, just like the street fighter Chun Li there muscle solid, elegant lines. Of course, this is not the point.

  The point is that the girl's body is wearing a set of clothes worn by the latter-day talent, the military's small leather wallet. Camouflage pants, a pair of military leather boots. Boots also inserted military daggers, it is clear that this woman is a female special forces, or female SDU type of thing, typical killing machine, the whole body is permeated with the killing atmosphere.

  "Post-apocalyptic people?" Li Yan suddenly burst into tears, wow, our book finally from a single wear into a double wear, the gods of the realm sent me a post-apocalyptic girl, this finally have a common language people. If you send a few more over to become a group wear, that's the way to go ……

  The female special forces girl obviously has not yet adapted to crossing, she looked around blankly, then her eyes locked on the nearest Li Yan, walked up to Li Yan, thought for half a day and actually performed an arch salute used by the ancients: "May I ask this brother, what era is it now?"

  Very good, very consistent with the identity of the travellers, traversing to ancient times first to ask the first question must be this! Li Yan still remembered that when he came to this realm, he caught a passer-by uncle asking the same question.

  Li Yan straightened his shirt and laughed: "It is now the year of Jingkang of the Great Song."

  The special soldier girl immediately frowned: "No, I was meant to wear to the Qin Kingdom, is there something wrong with the time machine? I can make guns, cannons, soap, poems, words, military books, assassinations, sneak attacks, beheadings …… nothing I can't do! It's up to me to save the Great Song from peril …… people in future generations write a book with my deeds, and call it "The Search for Song."

  Li Yan: "……"

  As the saying goes, heroes see the same thing, this girl wears to the other world to say the first sentence actually and Li Yan as the same thing.

  The special soldier girl obviously has a lot of experience in crossing over, I guess before crossing over not much to read the crossing over historical novels, deep after crossing over must find a backer to hug a thigh, now standing next to Li Yan is obviously a thigh, she clasped her fist to Li Yan and said: "This brother, see you dressed in fancy clothes, obviously very high status, are you interested in recruiting a bodyguard or steward, my sister My name is Xiang Shaolong, although she is a woman, she has strong military education and is also very good at business, if you are willing to take me in, you will not be disappointed."

  Li Yan covered his forehead with his hand: "Xiang Shaolong?"

  The special forces girl nodded: "Strange, brother seems to have heard of my sister's name? This can't be right …… I just wore to this realm ah."

  Li Yan smiled bitterly and wiped a sweat: "OK, I'll take you in, in the future you are the director of the General Administration of Weapons Manufacturing of the Great Song, you are responsible for the development of military technology and technological progress of the country, how about it?"

  "What?" The special forces girl was surprised: "You …… actually …… promised me such a big official in one breath? Who exactly are you?"