One hundred and fifty-one meng, the opening of the Armageddon

  Second shift——

  Li Yan frantically searched around the harem, there were empty palaces everywhere, not even a few palace maids left in the Palace of Moving Flowers. He could not easily find the female emperor Zhao Gou, Zhu Yuanzhang, Chen Yuanyuan and Ah Ke, two mothers and daughters, in a quiet little bedchamber, and the four of them were drinking tea and chatting, which seemed to be full of peace.

  Li Yan hurriedly asked, "Where is everyone? Where did they go?"

  The empress hummed, "I won't tell you!"

  Li Yan did not care about this woman, turned his head to look at Zhu Yuanzhang, this woman must know.

  Zhu Yuanzhang laughed: "Your Majesty, don't be anxious, the sisters didn't have any accidents, they went out to fight."

  "Fighting?" Li Yan's face twitched, "Why should all the women of the harem go out to fight? The monsters here can just send one or two out and they can roam the Central Plains."

  Chen Yuanyuan's face with a touch of worry: "A few days ago, Xiao Qiushui sister stationed in the northern border sent a pigeon transmission back, saying that the Mongols have started to move, a group of experts from the Devil Master Palace to come to attack and kill our important people in the Great Song, the Mongolian army will also go south in the next day."

  Zhu Yuanzhang snatched the words over and said, "I am not worried about the Mongolian army, with Xu Da and Chang Yanchun leading the army, the Mongolian army is unbeatable, the two of them are specialized in fighting Mongolia. I am more worried about the Mongolian martial arts experts, I heard that the master of the Magician Palace is completely different from the Chinese experts, they have the ability to open up the sky and earth, martial arts practice to the depths can also break the void and go, bizarre very. I heard that Xiao Qiushui and the enemy experts sparred a sword, actually was recoil was slightly injured …… can hurt Xiao Qiushui, this is really remarkable. So the sisters in the palace will martial arts all went north."

  Li Yan sat up as soon as he heard this. Fortunately, Xiao Qiushui. In other people, I'm afraid it's not a recoil injury, maybe even to lose their lives, I did not expect the monsters in the Huang Yi book finally to move out. Those guys are all martial arts practitioners, with martial arts simply can not stop. No, must hurry up north to help them.

  First assigned Xiang Shaolong's job, let her receive a position of director of the Bureau of Scientific Research, own civil officials to take charge of the arrangements. Li Yan hurriedly took the Chivalrous Island girls north——

  The body of the overturned rain sword wave turned to the left a little. Evaded the water moon sword of the magic master palace teacher Shui Yue Da Zong, and then returned the sword.

  Mizuki Daizong came from the East, the chief sectarian of the Shogunate of the East, a typical warrior of the East, and his sword was very narrow, with a blade and hilt half as long as those of the Middle Kingdom. His martial arts skills were so high that he could no longer find a rival in the East, but for everyone in the swordsmanship, no rival meant no more progress, so he came to the Middle Kingdom. And served as a teacher at the Magician's Palace.

  Now he's met his match! Wave turn cloud is a very good enemy, is the water moon great clan can not even imagine the master. No matter how much he tried to use his sword. Can't touch the wave turn cloud half with a hair …… but nearly injured in the over rain sword.

  The "poisonous hand" Qian Luo saw that the water moon grand clan into the wind, rushed up to help, Qian Luo is one of the black list of experts, martial arts is very high, in the strong hands of the magic master palace also has a place, the two teamed up double battle wave flipping clouds, actually still fell in the wind ……

  On the other hand, Xiao Qiushui faced the enemy is the "martial arts master" Bi Xuan, this person is the East Turkic martial arts master, make a moon wolf spear, and Xiao Qiushui fought fiercely, the two can only fight a tie, no, should be said that Xiao Qiushui slightly advantage.

  Yangzhou Double Dragon was fighting against Yu Wenhe.

  Feng Xinglie was seriously wounded, Qin Mengyao was seriously wounded, only Han Bo and Qi Changzheng were left with some fighting power, but they were facing the slowly approaching "Dancing on the Palm" Yi Yanmei, "Heart Breaking Abduction" Ge Ba, "Throat Sealing Blade "Xie Qianpan, look a little powerless.

  The "Thief Buster" Chi Zunxin stood on the side watching the battle and said coldly: "I think you should surrender, obediently return to the Devil Master's Palace with us and wait for the Devil Master's sentencing, rather than resisting here."

  Qi Changzheng gave a "bah" and said, "If you're not free, you'd rather die!"

  "Then die!"

  "Palm Dance" Yi Yan Mei, "Heart Breaker" Ge Ba, "Throat Sealer" Xie Qian Pan pounced down at the same time, and the three poisonous weapons brought up a strong wind to the face.

  At that moment, three figures suddenly pounced out from the side, and three fists bombarded Yi Yanmei, Ge Ba and Xie Qianpan. These three figures are excellent lightness, internal strength is very profound, the strike is heavy and heavy. Yi Yan Mei three people jumped, in haste can only retreat, fixed eyes to look at the people, only to find that the three strikes are women, one of them wearing a snow-white palace dress, looks like a fairy from the Moon Palace, another is a strong suit wearing athletic woman, beautiful eyebrows fly into the temples, eyes have a great ambition. The third person is a royal lady, looks very arrogant, a picture of the world's oldest arrogant attitude.

  The third person announced his name: "Flower Shifting Palace Inviting Moon, Power Gang Li Shenzhou, Blackwood Cliff Ren I Xing."

  Yi Yan Mei was taken aback: "The head of the martial arts school in the Central Plains?"

  "The Mongols ran to our Song territory to chase Song people, seems a bit inappropriate, right?" Ren I Xing coldly snorted, "It is too much to put our heroes and heroines of the Great Song in the eyes."