One hundred and fifty-two meng, Li Yan's combat power

  First shift——

  When Li Yan arrived at the battlefield, the situation wasn't too good, but it wasn't too bad. The Central Plains martial arts side was inferior to the Mongolian martial arts practitioners in terms of individual ability, but there were more of them, and the fraction of three to five people surrounded one of the opponent's masters, barely maintaining an undefeated situation, but actually it was already a bit precarious.

  For example, the East Evil, West Poison, North Beggar three people teamed up against the Evil King Shi Zhixuan, it is quite difficult.

  If the martial arts training alone, Shi Zhixuan at most and any one of the five extremes almost, but the master of the Devil's Palace is not a single cultivation of martial arts, they almost all also learned a "mysterious gong", the evil king Shi Zhixuan gong called "immortal seal method", which is This is a kind of illusion from the magic gong method, is concerned with "not in this rock, not in the other shore, not in the middle", with a strange philosophical ideas.

  It can transform the enemy's true qi into anger and restore one's own blood qi, so that one's true power will never be exhausted.

  This kind of thing is completely not martial arts can understand the Fan chip, therefore, even if East Evil, West Poison, North Beggar three are already martial arts masters, but in the face of "immortality seal method" this strange thing, still difficult to start. Obviously east evil has shot Shi Zhixuan a palm, but he seems to have not been hit as if, half not hurt, but take advantage of the opportunity to attack the west poison, so that the north beggar rushed to support.

  Three people into a mess, nearly unable to fight, hurriedly leap backward to reorganize its flag, Shi Zhixuan laughed loudly: "Chinese experts, but so …… except a Xiao Qiushui can fight, the other people are not enough to fear."

  Indeed, of this large group of people. Only Xiao Qiushui has stepped into the realm of "Heaven's Will cannot be taken away" with the Forgetfulness Heavenly Book. The rest of the experts are not. In the case of Yan Fanatics, although she was a martial artist, she was only a simple martial madman who had not stepped into the heavenly path and grasped the mystery, and was not as strong as Xiao Qiushui when she fought with the people of the Demon Master Palace.

  While Shi Zhixuan was laughing in triumph, a cold hum suddenly sounded next to him: "I don't think so. Who says there is only one Xiao Qiushui in the Central Plains?" This voice was clearly from a distance, but somehow it sounded like it was ringing in Shi Zhixuan's ears.

  Shi Zhixuan frowned slightly, his heart was awe-inspiring, he already felt it, this is not some "voice into the secret" kind of martial arts, but a very mysterious state of mind, the person who said this sentence has obviously reached the "thousands of miles apart, as in front of the eyes" realm, absolutely not Ordinary martial artists can reach.

  Shi Zhixuan suddenly turned his head and looked to the south. See the sky of the rain, there is a young man stepping in the air. Oh, can't exactly say into the air, but the person can fly dozens of feet with a light leap, every time the tip of the foot to the ground, you can instantly move forward a large, seemingly extremely far, but in the blink of an eye to the front, the person is naturally Li Yan.

  The southern corner of the war circle, the Devil Master Palace expert Fu Nantou is fighting with Yan Mad Tu, Fu Nantou nicknamed "Tianzhu Mad Monk", to the Buddhist mystical kung fu "burn me as one" laughing proudly in the Tianzhu, to the strong hands of the Devil Master Palace is also considered one of the best. His every move and every style are implicitly Buddhist theory, with a mysterious and mysterious power. Although the Yan Mad Tu martial arts skills, but this hand of mysterious power can not do anything, was forced by Fu Nan Tuo defeated, looking like defeat.

  Li Yan ran to the side of the battle circle of Fu Nan Tuo and Yan Fan Tu stopped and called out, "Yan sister, please take a rest, this enemy to me to deal with." If it were any other sister, Li Yan would have taken action directly, but Yan Fanatics is different, she is more proud and does not like others to interfere when fighting against the enemy, so she must say hello first.

  Yan Fantao "huff" gasped, if another person wants to help her, she absolutely refused, rather than die than lose face. But Li Yan to help her but no problem …… this reason can not say, always know is not Li Yan as an outsider. Yan Madman leaped backward, out of the battle circle, shouted: "You be careful, this monk is bizarre."

  "He's weird, but I'm not?" Li Yan gave a loud laugh and suddenly drew his sword and rushed towards Fu Nan Tuo.

  When he saw that he had changed his opponent, he didn't care, he made a Buddha seal with both hands, waved his palm forward, and a big wind rose up, and a shadowy golden Buddha seemed to fly out in mid-air, pressing Li Yan headlong.

  Li Yan laughed and flew towards the golden Buddha with his sword, and immediately launched the main meaning of Taixuan Sutra. It is said in the preface of the Xuanshou that "Yin and Yang participate, multiply one Yang by one unity, and all materials take shape". The Tai Xuan Sutra is a magical technique that takes the strengths of Confucianism, Taoism and Yin and Yang, and can recognize the origin of all things.

  Li Yan passed through the light and shadow, and stabbed his sword into the shoulder of Fu Nan Tuo.

  Yan Fanatic was astonished, when did Li Yan become so powerful? I struggled to fight the enemy, Li Yan actually used only one sword to break it, he went to the chivalrous island, actually become so powerful?

  The sisters who didn't participate in the battle next to me also let out a gasp of surprise.

  Fu Nan Tuo spat out a mouthful of blood and retreated backwards, no longer able to fight.

  Li Yan ignored him and leaped to the next circle, this side is the little devil master Fang Yeyu is fighting with the Southern Emperor, Fang Yeyu's understanding of Xuan Gong is still shallow, has not yet entered the threshold of martial arts cultivation, now can only be considered a martial arts master, facing the powerful Southern Emperor, was a bit overwhelmed, Li Yan passed by the side, casually kicked out a kick, just to seal Fang Yeyu's steps. The Southern Emperor took advantage of the opportunity to move a one-yang finger, pointing Fang Yeyu down to the ground.