Chapter 1106 - Conflict

  Spring Breeze 13th Madame could definitely be regarded as ‘beautiful and sultry to the bone’. In terms of appearance alone she might not be the best, but when it came to seduction, few could match her.

  Let alone with her current appearance. She seemed drunk and weak, as if she would pour herself into the arms of any man that approached her.

  But Cloud Billow wasn’t a man. She furrowed her eyebrows and raised her arms, using some strength in her palms to push Spring Breeze 13th Madame away.  

  13th Madame went flying with a cry. As she gave an ear-splitting screech, her long skirt tore apart to reveal shocking amounts of pale white skin.

  “How bold! You dare to bully my woman!?” With a roar, several figures rushed over.

  Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrows. He wasn’t a stranger to this voice – it was that boy Blue Wave. Did he not know of Cloud Billow’s status?

  No, something was wrong. Spring Breeze 13th Madame wasn’t a genuinely weak and feeble woman, nor would she get drunk in such a situation. Moreover, Cloud Billow had only pushed her away and hadn’t ripped her clothes.

  And with Blue Wave who just came out after that accident…could it be they came for Cloud Billow?

  These people were actually considerably courageous. Even if City Lord Blue Sea was standing behind Blue Wave, did they not fear retaliation from the old King’s lineage? Or, could it be said that they had completed their preparations and felt no fear at all?

  “Go, seize them!” Blue Wave breathlessly roared out, rage etched on his face.

  Several demons from behind him leaped forward. Their auras weren’t weak, but they couldn’t pose any threat to Cloud Billow.

  Even if her current injuries hadn’t yet healed, it was still easy for her to deal with these people.

  With a flick of her sleeve, space shook and demonic energy swept outwards. The several demons plaintively cried out as they were sent tumbling backwards.

  Although this was just a corner of the great banquet hall, since fluctuations of demonic energy appeared, everyone instantly sensed it.

  Eyes gathered over and complexions changed. Just which idiot dared to attack Cloud Billow?

  After the incident of Nine Nether Pagoda, Cloud Boundless almost tore apart all pretense of face and was heavily arguing with the Clan Elder Assembly. Anyone who dared to show any ill intent towards Cloud Billow would cause that old freak to go crazy.

  As for Blue Wave, he was a stranger in their eyes. They had never seen him before.

  But the stranger this situation was, the better it was. Since they weren’t related they wouldn’t be implicated. Cloud Boundless had been angry recently with no place to vent his anger. They didn’t want to be collateral damage.

  Shua –

  Shua –

  Several City Lord Mansion guards raced into the grand hall like lightning. Their auras covered every corner of the hall.

  “Sir Blue Wave…”

  After seeing both sides, the complexions of the guards changed. They subconsciously cried out in alarm, revealing anxious looks. They never imagined that the one coming into conflict with Cloud Billow would be him.

  The looks of the crowd started to change. It was mentioned before that the Adversity Peak City Lord was not some nobody, and he possessed an important status within the Nightmare Clan.

  In particular, with the competition for the throne of the new King about to open up, everyone was subconsciously paying more attention to the City Lord Mansion.

  Many people knew that City Lord Blue Sea sent subordinates to cross dozens of layers of the abyss to bring his only younger brother back to Adversity Peak City.

  This showed how highly he valued him.

  Now, Blue Wave came into conflict with Cloud Billow…although this didn’t seem like much, who could guarantee there wasn’t another reason behind it?

  “What are you all standing around for? Capture him!” Blue Wave roared between clenched teeth.

  Qin Yu glanced around. This boy’s acting skills were quite good; he couldn’t see any flaws on the surface. But, why did he come out here today?

  This was likely the plan of the solemn Adversity Peak City Lord. Even if he expressed his stance, did he still need to do something like this? It seemed far too petty.

  As for whether or not they would truly harm Cloud Billow…hum hum, although he didn’t want to admit it, with that old freak Cloud Boundless in the city, the City Lord Mansion wouldn’t be so bold.

  And since they were in full view of the public, they couldn’t play any tricks.

  Qin Yu felt a bit curious. Since things were well within control, he quietly took two steps back, completely hiding in the shadows and letting Cloud Billow deal with this herself.

  Of course, Qin Yu had to acknowledge that deep in his heart, he also had some dark thoughts.

  For instance, because of this matter, the City Lord Mansion might develop a grudge against the old King’s lineage.

  An enemy of an enemy might not be a friend, but it was easier to be closer and friendly.

  Although he had never met the Adversity Peak City Lord, with Feature’s actions before and also the fact that Blue Wave was still alive, it shouldn’t be difficult to meet him.

  Still, that was just a thought. At the very least, this matter today had nothing to do with Qin Yu. For now he could sit back and enjoy the show.

  The several guards all stiffened like blocks of wood, and they almost cried when they heard the orders. They thought, young master, you really do know how to cause trouble.

  Do you know who this is? He is the successor to the old King’s lineage and one of the potential candidates to the new King’s throne. As for us? We are just minor background characters that could be crushed with merely a wave of the hand!

  If you want us to capture him, why not just kill us instead and give us a happy ending? At least this will prevent disaster from reaching our families.

  A guard gulped and said, “Young master…this matter…maybe there is a misunderstanding…”

  “Misunderstanding!?” Blue Wave’s voice rose by several decibels and he pointed a finger at Cloud Billow. “This damned bastard just touched my woman! I saw it with my own eyes, so how can it be fake!?”

  Spring Breeze 13th Madame sobbed on the ground. She pulled her skirt as if trying to cover herself, but the more she tried the more she revealed, making her seem even more alluring.

  In addition, with her profile…tsk tsk, she really was a beauty.

  It was said that Cloud Billow was someone who wholeheartedly focused on cultivating and ignored all female attraction. Could the rumors be wrong?

  No, that wasn’t right. Even if the rumors were true, after the last assassination attempt it would be normal if he underwent a change in personality. Coupled with some drinking and encountering such a beautiful woman…

  Hum hum, this wasn’t a good look at all. No wonder Blue Wave’s anger soared to the heavens. With his background, how could he endure watching his own woman be humiliated?

  Of course, even if this were true and Blue Wave’s status in Adversity Peak City wasn’t low, he had no choice but to lower his head today.

  Let alone that Cloud Billow had just taken a touch, even if he snatched Blue Wave’s woman and threw her onto his bed, was he supposed to become enraged at the old King’s lineage because of this?

  Don’t talk nonsense. Not everyone here was an idiot!

  Cloud Billow frowned, a cold light in her eyes. She knew who Blue Wave was and never thought she would come into conflict with him. Right now, the old King’s lineage was trying to win over Blue Sea so that he threw in his vote for them.

  At such a time, it wasn’t good to come into conflict with his little brother. She took a deep breath and said, “Sir Blue Wave, it is better if you clearly investigate this matter first. I did not touch your woman.”

  After hearing this, everyone knew that Cloud Billow was trying to maintain the peace and let Blue Wave keep some face. Otherwise with his status, there would be no need to be polite.

  Qin Yu glanced at her. Did this woman not realize that the other party had done this intentionally? No…although they hadn’t come into contact for long, he knew Cloud Billow was someone with brains.

  In other words, had she realized it and was carefully bearing it? With the strength and status of the old King’s lineage, they still needed to be careful of the Adversity Peak City Lord?

  Qin Yu’s eyes sparkled. It seemed that he had underestimated the strength that the City Lord controlled.