Chapter 1927: Long Live Our Heroes!

  The military officials didn't say anything, but one big screen was switched on after another, and an image was presented to the soldiers.

  "Greetings, esteemed troops fighting on the front lines, I am federal senator Mo Lan. Firstly, I'd like to thank you for your hard work and sacrifice on behalf of the federal government."

  Indeed, it was Mo Lan's image that had appeared on the big screens, and her pleasant voice finally drew some attention from the soldiers present.

  "The federal government already knows about everything that's happened on the front lines, and we are all aware that you've done everything in your power. You protected the federation with your blood and your lives; every single one of you is a true hero. I have something that I would like to show you as I want you to know that you're not fighting alone."

  As soon as her voice trailed off, the image switched to the Central Plaza of Bright City.

  This was renowned as the largest plaza in the Douluo Federation, boasting a massive area, yet every square inch of it was currently filled.

  Thunderous cheers immediately rang out across the entire barracks.

  "Long live the Douluo Federation!"

  "Long live the Tang Sect, long live Shrek Academy!"

  "Long live the Spirit Pagoda, long live the Battle God Hall!"

  "Long live the Northwestern Legion, long live the Western Legion!"

  "Long live our heroes!"

  "You are the pride of our federation! Please continue to protect us!"

  "As long as all our hearts are united as one, a miracle is sure to come; we are your staunchest supporters!"

  An elderly woman was looking up at the big screen with tears streaming down her face, and the image zoomed in on her as she sobbed, "My son, your mother is waiting for your safe return. I am so proud of you, my son; regardless of whether you're dead or alive right now, you are a hero in my heart. If you're alive, then I hope you can see me and everyone else right now. So many people are cheering you on, and I'm waiting for you to come back."

  A woman holding a child also had tears streaming down her face as she cried, "Come back to me, my love! Beat those bastards for our child and come back alive!"

  One heartfelt voice after another rang out, reflecting a unified will.

  The image transitioned to Eastsea City, where thunderous cheers could be heard on every single street.

  The same thing was happening in Sky Dou City, where countless vigorous voices could be heard among the throngs of buildings that were being reconstructed.

  All of the residents of all of the federation's cities were cheering on the troops on the front lines with all their might, and slowly, a gleam of life returned to the dead and hopeless eyes of the soldiers.

  Tears came immediately after, and many of them broke down into sobs.

  The cries of the people told them that there was a purpose to everything that they were doing, which was to protect all of the people that were cheering them on.

  They were protecting the federation and their loved ones, and every single one of them was a hero.

  In this dire situation, they were suddenly greeted by the unified cries of the entire population, and blood that seemed to have stagnated in their veins began to flow with renewed vigor.

  All of the emotions that had been repressed in their hearts erupted forth in a frenzy, and all of a sudden, someone yelled, "Long live the federation!"

  The cry was immediately echoed by countless troops, and their voices instantly spread across the entire northernmost region.

  At the height of their fear and despair, courage and hope had arisen, instilling everyone with an indescribable sense of drive and energy. In that instant, every single one of them was willing to lay down their life without any hesitation.

  Standing behind them were all of their loved ones, who could see everything that they had done.

  They had never been alone; everything that they were doing made them worthy of the title of hero!

  What were they fighting for? For the federation, for their families, and for a future!

  The morale in the human army had fallen to the very bottom of a trough, but all of a sudden, it had spiked up to an unprecedented peak!

  The cheers of the people continued to ring out from the big screens while the image transitioned back to Mo Lan.

  "Soldiers on the front lines, what we want to tell you is that all of us stand with you. We will cheer you on with all our might and provide you with everything that we can; we will support you until the conclusion of this battle, and if you win, you will be creating a glorious miracle, a grand tale that will be told for generations to come. You will be met with the warmest of welcomes, and this battle will become the greatest source of pride in your entire lives. Even if you lose, we will bear the consequences with you; the entire human race and the Douluo Federation will stand with you until the very end!"

  The cries among the troops became even louder and more emotional.

  Fuelled by the cheers of countless brethren, every single soldier was now more determined than ever to see this battle through until the very end.

  This was the first time in history that the entire population of the federation had gotten involved in a war.

  No one knew if this would be the final chapter of human history, but in any case, they had to give it their all so that they wouldn't be left with any regrets.

  Right at this moment, the sound of a rumbling heartbeat suddenly rang out.

  "Lub-dub, lud-dub, lub-dub!"

  The roaring troops immediately fell silent and reflexively turned their attention toward the abyssal passageway.

  However, they quickly discovered that the sound wasn't coming from the abyssal passageway. Instead, it was coming from a mountaintop.

  There, scorching reddish-golden light was erupting into the heavens like a reverse waterfall. A giant golden rose up into the sky, and it was like a golden sun that was giving off a radiant aura, illuminating heaven and earth.

  The golden dragon spread its wings and let loose a thunderous roar, sending violent soundwaves surging toward the purple sun in the sky, and it was as if the entire northernmost region had become brighter.

  At the Central Plaza.

  Just as the troops on the front lines could see them, they were also able to see everyone on the front lines through the big screen.

  As the giant golden dragon rose up into the air, the crowd also fell silent as they didn't have any idea what that golden dragon was, either.

  "That's the Golden Dragon King! Our Dragon Emperor Douluo, Tang Wulin, has recovered and become even more powerful! I'm rooting for you, Wulin!"Mo Lan was so excited that her voice was trembling slightly.

  The severely wounded Dragon Emperor Douluo had recovered?

  In the next instant, even more exuberant cheers rang out across the entire Douluo Continent.

  Immediately thereafter, a massive silver dragon rose up into the air behind the golden dragon, and their golden and silver radiance complemented one another to perfection, completely outshining the purple sun in the sky.

  It was Silver Dragon Princess Gu Yuena! 

  It was the two of them who had defeated one formidable foe after another and allowed the human army to last until this point. As long as they were still alive, there was still hope!

  At this point, Tang Wulin's four-word battle armor had already completely repaired itself, and he was clad in his suit of battle armor as he looked down from above.

  His blood was also pumping in his veins as he had also seen and heard everything that the troops had.

  Standing behind them were countless fellow brethren who needed their protection. Regardless of how powerful the enemy was, they had no right to cower; all they could do was defeat the enemy at all costs.

  A greenish-golden halo slowly emerged around Tang Wulin, and he and Gu Yuena were immediately basked in a layer of greenish-golden light.