Chapter 1688 – A Hopeless Situation!

  The smile on Yang Tian’s face gradually vanished while seriousness slowly filled his eyes.

  At this moment, Yang Ye was quite stunned too. He hadn’t expected the wooden sword to be so furious. Moreover, it was so strong!

  In just a moment, Yang Ye came to an understanding.

  It was so furious because of what Yang Tian had said. It was an insult to the wooden sword!

  Lousy wooden sword….

  Even he would dare to say that about the wooden sword. After all, it could even harm the core of the Divine Yin Flame.

  The wooden sword flickered through the sky, and sword energy crisscrossed through the area. The formation was instantly sliced up into pieces. However, Yang Tian’s face was calm, and he showed no signs of panicking.

  Meanwhile, Yang Ye waved his hand, and the wooden sword immediately returned to him. Once the wooden sword appeared before Yang Ye, another white barrier of light appeared in the sky. The formation had appeared in the sky again.

  Yang Tian spoke abruptly, “So long as the core of the formation is intact, it’ll never vanish. But the core is being protected by a True Realm expert of my Yang Clan. So, Yang Ye, you can’t destroy the formation!”

  Yang Ye fell silent for an instant, and then he nodded, “Since I can’t destroy the formation, I’ll destroy you!”

  As soon as he finished speaking, his figure transformed into a ray of light that vanished on the spot.


  Space was like rotting wood before the ray of light and was instantly sliced open.

  Yang Tian’s eyes narrowed slightly. He took a step forward and launched a punch at Yang Ye’s attack.

  A wave of powerful energy surged out from his fist, and then the space in a huge area started rippling.

  Meanwhile, the ray of light had arrived in front of him.


  When the ray of light collided with the wave of energy, a moment of silence ensued, and then a huge gap was sliced open in the wave of energy. Yang Ye instantly sliced his way to Yang Tian.

  Yang Tian’s expression changed at the sight of this.

  He didn’t dare underestimate Yang Ye’s attack at all. He immediately clenched his right fist tightly and slammed it forward again!


  An explosion resounded, and then Yang Tian was blasted over 1km away. At the same time, his arm was sliced off halfway.

  Blood seeped out incessantly from the cut.

  Yang Tian looked down at his severed hand, and then he looked up at Yang Ye, “What sword is that?! Why is it so….”

  His pupils suddenly constricted because Yang Ye had transformed into a ray of light and shot at him again.

  Yang Tian was astounded. His profound energy surged madly, and then countless rays of golden energy surged into his left hand. After that, he slapped his left palm forward.



  The powerful force in his attack caused space to crack open. However, it was instantly torn open again when it came into contact with Yang Ye’s sword.


  An arm flew up into the air while accompanied by a pillar of blood, and Yang Tian’s figure was blasted over 10km away.

  Meanwhile, Yang Ye tapped his right foot down. In an instant, his figure transformed into a bolt of lightning, and the space in his path was instantly sliced open.

  Yang Tian’s expression changed drastically. He stomped his right foot down, and then a terrifying aura instantly swept out from him. However, this aura was sliced apart as soon as it came into contact with Yang Ye’s sword. In an instant, the ray of light arrived before Yang Tian!

  At this moment, Yang Tian’s face was ghastly pale.

  However, an old man suddenly appeared in front of him, and then the old man slapped his palm forward. His palm was covered in strands of golden light, and threads of golden energy shot forward like fine threads and instantly enveloped Yang Ye.


  Suddenly, a ray of sword energy tore through the threads of golden energy.


  A rumbling explosion resounded, and then both Yang Tian and the old man were pushed over 1km back. At the same time, cracks started spreading like a spiderweb throughout the space in front of them! It was an absolutely shocking sight!

  It didn’t take long for everything to return to normal here.

  Yang Ye looked up at the old man. He recognized the old man. It was the second ranked marshal amongst the seven marshals, Yang Shen. The old man had told Yang Ye to remember him when he saved one of the other marshals from Yang Ye that day! So, Yang Ye hadn’t forgotten him!

  Yang Ye sheathed his sword and said, “What’s this now? The young can’t do it, so the old have come?”

  Yang Shen gazed at Yang Ye for a long time and said, “You really surprised everyone. You….”

  Suddenly, Yang Ye raised his sword and pointed it at Yang Shen, “Cut the crap! I don’t have the time to listen to your nonsense. Just be frank!”

  Yang Shen’s eyes narrowed slightly. He gazed at Yang Ye for a long time and said, “The clan doesn’t wish to go too far. We can give you a chance to live. The precondition is that your bloodline is removed. So long as you don’t have the Yang Clan’s bloodline, then you won’t be a member of the Yang Clan, and the clan can let you live!”

  “No!” Meanwhile, Lu Lige suddenly spoke, “Don’t listen to him!”

  Yang Ye gazed at Lu Lige, “Why?”

  Lu Lige spoke solemnly, “They’re trying to indirectly cripple you. The bloodline is a person’s core. It’s like a person’s vitality. If you lose your bloodline, you’ll be like a tree without water. You won’t be able to grow.”

  He paused for a moment and continued, “Moreover, once you lose your bloodline, you’ll have to replace it with another’s bloodline. While it’s possible, a different bloodline will reject your body, and your body will reject the bloodline. At that time, you’ll face endless issues!”

  Yang Ye turned to look at Yang Shen, “Is that true?”

  Yang Shen spoke indifferently, “We won’t settle for anything other than that.”

  Yang Ye fell silent for a moment and said, “I won’t agree to losing my bloodline. Only one person in this world can make me give it up willingly. Unfortunately, she is dead.”

  He paused for a moment and continued, “However, I’m willing to leave the Yang Clan, and even never return.”

  “No!” Yang Shen continued, “If you have the clan’s bloodline, it represents that you’re a member of the Yang Clan. So long as you’re a member of the Yang Clan, the possibilities are limitless!”

  “Understand now?” Meanwhile, Lu Lige spoke abruptly, “They’re afraid you’ll rebel against them in the future, and they can only truly rest at ease when you’ve lost the Yang Clan’s bloodline. Because then even if you return to the Yang Clan in the future, you won’t be a member of the clan anymore. If you’re not a member of the clan, no one will help you.”

  Yang Ye nodded slightly, and then he looked up at Yang Shen, “I won’t agree to losing my bloodline. However, as I’ve said just now, I’m still willing to leave the Yang Clan and guarantee that I won’t interfere in your Yang Clan’s business. Alright?”

  Yang Shen gazed at Yang Ye for a long time before he said, “No!”

  Yang Ye nodded, “Then make your move.”

  Yang Shen said, “Yang Ye, are you sure? Your bloodline for your life. It’s a very good deal!”

  Yang Ye chuckled, “All of you are threatened by my existence. Even if I cripple my Dantian and lose my cultivation, all of you still won’t be satisfied. As far as all of you are concerned, you can only rest at ease when I’m dead. So, if I’m not wrong, even if I abandon my bloodline, you’ll still kill me. You just won’t do it right now, right?”

  Yang Shen fell silent for a long time before he said, “Since you’re unwilling to abandon your bloodline, then nothing I say will make a difference.”

  As soon as he finished speaking, he stomped his right foot against the ground, and he transformed into a ray of white light that shot towards Yang Ye. When he arrived just over a meter away from Yang Ye’s head, he clenched his right fist and slammed it at Yang Ye’s head!

  The powerful force his fist carried formed a vortex in the space around Yang Ye, and Yang Ye who was within the vortex felt like countless horses were pulling his body apart! It was extremely painful!

  However, Yang Ye’s face remained calm. A moment later, he raised his sword and swung it.


  An explosion resounded, and the space before him collapsed in an instant. After that, a ray of light flashed!


  Another explosion resounded, and Yang Shen was blasted over 3km away!

  As soon as Yang Shen’s figure stopped, his right hand was instantly sliced into half, and it fell off his shoulder!

  Yang Shen looked down at his arm that had fallen off to the ground, and then he looked up at the wooden sword in Yang Ye’s grasp, “What a powerful sword! Even I can’t resist it!”

  Meanwhile, Yang Ye turned to look at Lu Lige, “You leave first.”

  Lu Lige wanted to say something, but Yang Ye added, “Whether a person is your friend is seen through the heart, and I can sense that I’m a friend in your heart. There’s no need to suffer difficulties together and overcome death together in order to be considered as friends or brothers. Understand?”

  Lu Lige fell silent.

  Yang Ye continued, “Your strength isn’t bad at all. However, staying won’t make a difference. So, leave.”

  Lu Lige fell silent for a long time, and then he nodded, “Alright, I’ll leave!”

  He immediately turned around and left without any hesitation.

  He was very well aware that it was just as Yang Ye had said. He wouldn’t be able to make a difference by staying, and Yang Ye would have to worry about many more things while he was present here. So, leaving was the best help he could give Yang Ye!”

  Yang Ye gazed at Yang Shen and said, “Letting him go isn’t a problem, right?”

  Yang Shen’s eyes narrowed slightly.

  Suddenly, Yang Ye vanished on the spot. Yang Shen’s expression changed drastically at the sight of this. Meanwhile, Yang Ye had appeared behind Yang Tian’s heavily injured body, and then a sword was pressed against Yang Tian’s throat.

  Yang Ye shot a glance up at the sky, “Let him go and your Yang Clan’s guardian will live. The Yang Clan doesn’t have any capable young masters left. So, all of you definitely don’t want him to die, right?”

  Silence ensued for a short while, and then a voice resounded, “As you wish!”

  Yang Ye looked up at the sky. Lu Lige had left Heaven Void Continent.

  Yang Ye withdrew his sword and moved aside.

  Suddenly, 72 figures appeared around him.

  The 72 warriors of the Yang Clan!

  Besides that, another old man had appeared by Yang Shen’s side.

  Another True Realm expert!

  “Kill!” A voice resounded from the sky.

  A ferocious smile curled up on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth, and the blood vessels beneath his skin started to tremble slightly.