Book 8, Chapter 21 - Welcome to Star Capital

  Lucifer was in a silver, glittery vest. It gave him the convenience to spread his wings on his back. He was wearing a cool, black eagle-like necklace over his chest, looking dignified and cool. He was like an eye-catching, energetic rock star. 

  His long, Snow White hair was tied at the back of his head, which made him look rather high-spirited.

  Lucifer had yet to realize that He Lei was only a holographic image. He pounced in the air and stumbled. He fell through He Lei’s figure like He Lei was a ghost. He Lei was stunned, looking at Raffles when he asked, “Lucifer?”

  Raffles and Harry nodded, grinning widely.

  “It’s a pity that you aren’t here. I’d really like to see him press your down.” Harry said, mimicking Lucifer’s pout, “Muack, muack, muack.” Harry continued, “It would be delightful to see him kissing you crazily. Do you know that he did that to all of us?”

  He Lei looked shocked. It seemed that he hadn’t believed it when Raffles had told him earlier.

  Lucifer caught nothing and he backed off from He Lei’s figure. He clawed at He Lei’s face, looking disappointed. He said, “It turns out that it is an imaging device. Brother He Lei, when are you coming back? You’re the only one who I have yet to kiss.” 

  He Lei blinked his eyes, coughing into his fist. He replied, “I think…… I’d better not return anytime soon.”

  “Hahahaha!” Harry, Ah Zong and Raffles burst out in laughter.

  “What’s so funny?” Gehenna’s voice resounded from the other side. “Wow! Sissy, you found yourself another beautiful young man!” Gehenna said, wriggling his eyebrows. He looked so excited that it seemed like he was the one who had found himself a beauty.

  My face grew grave. Why do I give the others a strange impression? As soon as a handsome, foreign man stands by my side, these people see him as my husband. It feels as though I am more of a pervert than Gehenna. 

  “Uncle Gehenna!” Lucifer ran to give Gehenna a huge hug.

  There were different levels of intimacy. Lucifer kissed the ones he liked the most and hugged the ones he simply liked. No way…… Why did he only kiss me on my lips? 

  It seemed that he treated men and women differently. I was too slow. I was used to kissing Lucifer and I didn’t feel it when I was taken advantage of. Was it like how Harry and the others said? Was it Lucifer’s scheme?!

  “You are……” Gehenna asked, looking at Lucifer in confusion. He probably found him familiar.

  “He’s Lucifer,” I replied, smiling.

  Lucifer let go of Gehenna happily and looked at Napoleon and greeted, “Uncle Napoleon.” Lucifer didn’t hug Napoleon but he seemed equally excited and happy.

  Napoleon looked astonished and commented, “Oh. It seems like our little Lucifer has grown-up from a beautiful young boy to a handsome man.” Napoleon looked at Lucifer smilingly.

  Lucifer was proud of himself. He patted his chest, smiling at Napoleon, “I am a man now. I will no longer be treated as a child.” He then turned to look at me and chuckled. There was innocent pride in his bright and clear marble-like eyes. However, the gaze differed from before. Something in his gaze seemed to have changed, causing a rise in temperature and an increase in heart rate. 

  I didn’t know how to look him in his eyes.

  “Daddy!” Suddenly, there was a child’s bright voice.

  Gehenna immediately revealed a loving father’s dotting smile as he turned to look at the long corridor behind him. There was a child running in the glass tunnel… Oh wait, five or six children! There were boys and girls.

  Are they… Gehenna’s children?

  Just as everyone was wondering, the children pounced at Gehenna, calling him “daddy.” Then, there were a few women walking out of the tunnel cautiously. They looked at me in reverence, moving to the side with their heads hung low.

  Then, Vanish and the other men walked out. There was a bashful woman standing next to Vanish. She was hanging her head low too. She didn’t dare to lift her chin to look around. She was holding a boy in her hand.

  Then, there were Earl and the rest. They had brought along their wives and children!

  I went forward happily and stroked a child’s head. She hid into Gehenna’s embrace as she called, “Daddy…”

  “Don’t be scared. Call her Queen,” Gehenna said, rubbing their head.

  Some of the children were slightly above ten years old while some were merely about the age of four or five.

  “I am surprised that you have so many children,” I said, looking at Gehenna in surprise.

  Gehenna was proud of it. He carried the youngest who was still sucking on his fingers and said, “Some are and some aren’t. But they are all my children. There’s no difference.” I saw Gehenna in a new light after I heard what he said.

  I used to bully him all the time in the past, but I really admired and respected him from the bottom of my heart then.

  “Children, she is the Queen I was telling all of you about. All of you have been wanting to see her. Hurry up and call her ‘Godma’,” Gehenna quickly said, wanting me to fall in with his wish.

  “Godma!” The children were thrilled with excitement. The girl who was afraid earlier was no longer scared. She quickly came forward to hold my hand. She looked at me excitedly, calling, “Godma, Godma!”

  “Good girl.” Fine. I will take all of them in.

  I looked at the women behind him who still had their guards up. Then, I looked at Vanish, Earl, and the other men and said, “I’m glad that you brought all your family members here.”

  The women became emotional as I spoke. I saw the girl that Vanish was crazily in love with. She was really blessed. Their child stood in between them, leaning close to them. He was an extremely cute young boy.

  “Your Highness,” Vanish came forward and bowed and apologized, “We are sorry that we brought our family members without informing you.”

  “What’s there to be sorry about?” I replied, looking at them happily. The women seemed to be cautious because it was their first visit. I chuckled and comforted, “Don’t just stand there. Ah Zong, Raffles, bring them to tour around.”

  “Sure. Follow us,” Ah Zong and Raffles’s friendly and handsome appearance made the women more relaxed, as they followed closely next to their men.

  “You go ahead too. Take the children around,” Gehenna said, smiling gently at his women. They immediately came forward to take their children and follow Ah Zong.

  “I want to help too!” Lucifer quickly followed enthusiastically. His enthusiasm won over the children’s favor very soon. 

  I looked at Napoleon who had only brought along his henchmen and asked, “Napoleon, why didn’t you bring your family?”

  Napoleon smiled, saying, “They are my children too.” He pointed at the twins behind him. They looked proud and touched when they heard what Napoleon said.

  Gehenna put his arm around Napoleon’s shoulders and wriggled his eyebrows at me, saying, “Can’t you tell? Sissy, Napoleon is secretly loose…… He obviously likes……” Gehenna rubbed Napoleon’s chest, looking rather frivolous, just like Harry.

  Harry and Gehenna were the same, loose and flirty.