Book 8, Chapter 22 - Harmony

  Napoleon grabbed Gehenna’s hand and pushed it off harshly, yet politely. He smiled at me, saying, “The Great Ghost King should be here, right?”

  I was surprised, “Do you like the Great Ghost King?!” I didn’t know why I was so out of control and blurted it out impulsively.

  Napoleon’s smile became awkward. Even his twin bodyguards behind him were stunned.

  Gehenna reacted in surprise. “It turns out that the one you like is the Great Ghost King!” He said it out loud in a clear and bright voice for everyone to hear. He obviously did it on purpose.

  “Er……” That was awkward. Even Harry, who was standing next to me, let out a peal of stifled laughter. 

  I quickly covered up my previous mistake. I tried to be stern and said, “I’m just joking. I am trying to loosen up the serious mood.” Actually, the mood became worse after I said that.

  I turned sideways, saying, “The Great Ghost King and the Queen are touring around Star Capital. Follow me.” I turned and walked away in embarrassment while Harry continued to snigger next to me. He only stopped when I pinched him hard.

  “Sissy, I think you should guard against the Great Ghost King,” Gehenna and Napoleon exhorted, walking next to me. I led them out of Star Palace, saying, “I’m on good terms with the Great Ghost King, thanks to the Queen’s assistance.” I looked at Gehenna after I said that, and both of them were gawking at Star Capital ahead of us.

  The sunlight shone through the long glass stairs that spiraled down from our feet, connecting to Star Capital below. There was a flower bed on one side of the walkway, while the other side was a gurgling river.

  The women and the children were next to the flower bed. Vanish, and the other men were plucking the flowers for the women they loved. The children were chasing the first batch of butterflies nurtured among the flowers.

  “Wow!” Gehenna repeatedly wowed, from loud to soft. His mouth was hanging the whole time.

  “This place looks more beautiful than the Queen Town…” Napoleon gasped in admiration.

  I led them onto the glass stairs, and the stairs began to move, sending us down. The further scenery disappeared at the end of our sight, and it was replaced by magnificent tall buildings. The three lofty, tall buildings shimmered under the sunlight, like God’s palace.

  “I really want to rebuild my city like this too,” Napoleon said enviously. He was a person with good taste. I reckoned my designs here would suit his liking.

  “You will, but first, you have to transform your people.” I advised Napoleon, “You are no longer a Ghost Eclipser. You need to prioritize your people. If you do not resolve their survival issues before rebuilding your city, you will lose their loyalty.” 

  Napoleon listened and nodded in agreement, “You’re right. We really need to change the way we do things.”

  I continued, “After our National Day celebration, I will send Harry and Ah Zong to return with you as the special envoys of Radical Star. They will help you in transforming your habitable zones. They will bring a batch of resources with them too.

  “That’s great! That’s great!” Gehenna was excited, and Napoleon looked grateful too.

  As we spoke, we arrived at the lift. The women and the children were far away from here.

  “Let’s meet the Great Ghost King first.” The Great Ghost King was once the King. As we settled our grudge, I would respect him. 

  The flying vehicle brought us to where the Great Ghost King was staying. Napoleon let the twins off to play too.

  As the flying vehicle shuttled through the tall buildings, the lofty arch door, and my… er… statue, we landed on the tenth floor of the hotel.

  There was a parking spot for a flying vehicle every few floors. It was a suitable transportation mode back then. So, the parking spots were catered for tourists from various places. 

  When we unearthed the mountain hotel, we could see that the design of every parking spot showed great ingenuity, corresponding to the theme of the hotel room on those few particular floors.

  Some were elegant and exquisite. Some were futuristic and cool. Some were eerie and ghostly. Some were magical and fairytale-like. Some were brilliantly colored. Some of them were damaged from the shattering mountain rocks, while some survived. Our robots were still busy repairing the damage to restore the hotel’s splendor.

  When we arrived, we entered the garden next to the walkway. We then saw the figures of a family of three. 

  The Great Ghost King and the Queen were standing behind Xing Chuan’s wheelchair. The Queen leaned on the side of the Great Ghost King while the Great Ghost King held the Queen’s shoulders. They had placed their hands on Xing Chuan’s wheelchair.

  The warm sunlight engulfed them within. Just then, Su Yang and the Queen turned to face each other. Their gazes met, and Su Yang looked at the Queen’s face that was lifted. What surprised me was that they weren’t wearing any masks. The beautiful side view of Su Yang’s face was tainted with unprecedented warmth, making him look similar to Su Yang on Hagrid Island. 

  I was surprised. When I looked at Gehenna and Napoleon, they looked equally surprised. But Gehenna was looking at the Queen while Napoleon was looking at Su Yang.

  Su Yang seemed to notice something and turned to look at us. The Queen turned and smiled at us too.

  “You…” I said, pointing at my face. The Queen looked relaxed, replying, “We are not wearing them anymore. It’s so suffocating."

  Su Yang looked at the Queen gently, saying, “As they are your people, they should know my identity.” He then turned to look at the shocked Gehenna and Napoleon. His gaze turned cold as he said, “I am no longer your King.” Then, he turned around and pushed Xing Chuan into the palace with the Queen.

  Xing Chuan nodded at Gehenna and Napoleon, coughing lightly.

  I looked to both sides, and I didn’t see the fourteen Ghost Messengers. Besides Flurry among the fourteen Ghost Messengers, there shouldn’t be anyone else who knew the Great Ghost King was Su Yang.

  “The Queen is so beautiful…” Gehenna gasped in astonishment after they left.

  I rolled my eyes at him, teasing, “Are you going to pay close attention to the Queen from now on?”

  Gehenna’s expression became awkward. He replied, “Er… It seems like there’s nothing for us to do here.” Gehenna spread his hands, smiling as he asked, “Is this really okay? The Great Ghost King doesn’t look too happy.”

  “He only wants Silver Moon City,” I said, looking in the direction where they left. Then, I turned to look at Gehenna and Napoleon, who were still shocked. I invited, “Come on. I’ll bring you around Radical Star.”

  “Sure! I happen to miss my children too!” Gehenna accepted my invitation happily. He smiled widely, showing his dotting love and favor towards his children.

  Gehenna and I took a few steps and realized that Napoleon didn’t follow us. We turned and saw that Napoleon was still in deep thoughts. I wonder what he was thinking about.

  Gehenna blinked and did a funny face at me in secret. He joked, “Did you get it right earlier?”

  According to their age, Napoleon and Gehenna should be the generation between the Great Ghost King and I. They were about ten years younger than the Great Ghost King and ten years older than me.