Chapter 1109: Lu Yin And Shang Qing

  God Taiyi’s face grew solemn when he heard this piece of news, as he had also participated in the Cosmic Sea battle, and he was aware of just how terrifying Liu Tianmu was. If not for Zhi Yi being held back by the Arbiter while the others fought for the Champions’ Stage, the battle’s outcome might have been very different. However, such a powerful person had actually been defeated, and her sword technique had actually lost. The people from the Hall of Honor this time around were truly terrifying. 

  Although the differences in strength between the Ten Arbiters had never been determined, Liu Tianmu was definitely one of the most powerful among them. Thus, her defeat had caused a shadow to hang over the other Arbiters, including Lu Yin. 

  “Liu Tianmu lost? Inconceivable!” Xing Kai’s first reaction to the news was complete disbelief.

  Liquor Hero burped. “I feel like I can handle another bucket. I’ve got the money.”

  Was the Hall of Honor’s hidden strength really that powerful? The peerless nature of the Tri-Yang Technique battle technique did not even need to be mentioned, but the other battle techniques second to that technique definitely were not weak either. Everyone had constantly been staring at Shang Qing, and so they had forgotten the other Honor Chosen.

  Speaking of which, Lu Yin suddenly remembered that he himself was also an Honor Chosen. 

  Who knew what the other Arbiters thought of this development.

  “Bro, you’re out?” Someone shouted in the distance.

  A man emerged with a bitter smile. “I was lucky. It’s a mess in there, and some unknown person is leading everyone to eliminate the Innerverse’s Ten Arbiters. There are battles taking place everywhere, and Honor Chosen Shang Qing is fighting everyone he sees. Thus, staying inside would just be asking for it.”

  “It’s not just that—the Ku family’s Ku Lei has gone nuts, and he’s sworn to capture those two brats from Eversky Island, and he’s been chasing after them all over the Mountain and Seas Zone ever since,” someone said.

  “Speaking of which, just what did those two brats do? Many people in the Mountain and Seas Zone are chasing after them.”

  A ways away from the conversation, Lu Yin stood up. “Sorry, but I’ll need to head out first.”

  Liquor Hero raised a hand. “Can I get another barrel?”

  God Taiyi felt puzzled. “Brother Lu, you want to go inside the Mountain and Seas Zone?”

  Lu Yin did not even turn around. “I’m Eversky Island’s nominal disciple.”

  And with that, he left Azure Mansion.

  Gu Xiao’er, God Taiyi, and Xing Kai were all dumbfounded, as they had not been privy to this information.

  On the Mountain and Seas Zone’s continent, a figure appeared from a distortion in the void that quickly returned to normal.

  Lu Yin looked around and saw that there were five tall mountains standing in five different directions. Was this the place that held the mountain and sea inheritances? 

  Off in the distance, star energy erupted and swept out along with a strong wind.

  Lu Yin looked all around him, and he saw rune lines everywhere, making it difficult for him to find Black and White.

  Although he did not know those two very well, they were still from Eversky Island, and he could not just leave them alone.

  He saw the most runes in the north, so he started heading that way.

  Along his way, he saw quite a few cultivators in groups of two or three, and he also passed by several fights. 

  There was no need to wait for the contest for the Astral Tower to begin, as even this period could be considered a part of the competition. Naturally, there were quite a few people who wanted to eliminate some opponents early. 

  Lu Yin’s luck was not very good, and he did not go too far before running into Shang Qing.

  Shang Qing did not recognize Lu Yin, and Lu Yin had suppressed his aura rather well. Thus, at first, Shang Qing did not pay any attention to Lu Yin. That is, until Tai Yuanjun spoke up.

  “Lu Yin? Why are you here?” Tai Yuanjun was surprised.

  In front of him, Shang Qing turned around to look. Lu Yin?

  Lu Yin frowned, as he had seen Shang Qing before, and he did not want to get caught up with Shang Qing. Those three qi flows were horrifying, though Lu Yin had never imagined that Tai Yuanjun would be following the First Honor Chosen. 

  “You’re Lu Yin?” Shang Qing looked over, and a clear desire to fight filled his eyes.

  Lu Yin casually nodded. “You’re the First Honor Chosen, Shang Qing?”

  Shang Qing’s lips curled up. “You defeated the Ten Arbiters’ Lan Si and Zhenwu, and I watched your fight with Arbiter Zhenwu. Not bad.”

  Lu Yin’s gaze grew sharp.

  “As one of the Honor Chosen of my Hall of Honor, you have the qualifications to succeed, so I hope that you’ll do your best during the Astral Tower contest. Lei Nü can fight for one place, and I hope that you’ll do your best to take another. That way, we can control three of the seats for the Cosmic Five,” Shang Qing continued.

  Tai Yuanjun spoke up, “Lu Yin isn’t just an Honor Chosen, but he’s also one of the Ten Arbiters, and people even call him Arbiter Lu. Didn’t you want to find the Ten Arbiters?”

  A stream of qi swept out from Shang Qing’s body and slammed into Tai Yuanjun to smack him away. Shang Qing coldly ordered, “Just do your job. Your scheming will only cause me to despise you.” 

  Tai Yuanjun spat out a mouthful of blood, his face pale. He no longer dared to even look at Shang Qing. 

  “You’re very confident,” Lu Yin commented.

  Shang Qing calmly responded, “My confidence is different from Arbiter Zhenwu’s, and it comes from winning one battle after another. To prevent you from making trouble for me in the future, I can let you understand.”

  Shang Qing then raised a hand and sent a qi flow streaming towards Lu Yin.

  Close behind, Xie Xiaoxian looked excited, as Shange Qing was fighting again. This person was someone who she could not recognize at all, but he had managed to get Shang Qing to act. Thus, he had to be another one of the Ten Arbiters! 

  Lu Yin’s expression changed. This stream of qi was the Tri-Yang Technique, and he raised a hand and instantly attacked with a Vacuum Palm. An invisible palm print tore through the void and slammed against the qi flow, easily dispersing it. However, the qi flow quickly reformed and continued shooting at Lu Yin again. His body flashed as he evaded the attack, but the qi flow also pierced through the void, not any slower than he was moving. He turned around and 520 stars revolved around his body: Cosmic Art. 

  In the distance, Shang Qing’s eyes went wide; this person actually used Cosmic Art?

  The qi flow entered within the range of the revolving stars, and in Lu Yin’s eyes, the qi suddenly began moving slower, and he was able to clearly track its path. He made a move and struck out with a palm, using the Overlaying Stacks Path to disperse the qi flow once again. However, it merely reformed and continued to shoot towards him.

  Nine lined battle force appeared on Lu Yin’s body, and he intended to forcibly endure the qi flow’s attack. In his eyes, this qi flow did not have too many runes.

  However, the next moment, right when the qi struck him, his stomach fell as he watched his nine lined battle force quickly start disintegrating. His pupils shrank, and they transformed into runes as he immediately tried to erase some of the incoming attack’s runes. However, he was astonished to see that the attack could not be weakened. This was the first time that Truesight had failed him. 

  Lu Yin raised his hand, this time to use the Yu Secret Art in order to divert the qi flow a bit, but as soon as it was diverted away, it returned towards him at full force.

  Lu Yin looked down. The nine lined battle force protecting his abdomen had actually been effortlessly broken; just how had Shang Qing done that? Not only could that flow of qi resist Truesight, but it had also easily disintegrated Lu Yin’s nine lined battle force. Could it simply disregard all defenses? 

  The qi flow sped up behind Lu Yin once again. This was a very simple attack, but it caused Lu Yin’s hair to stand on end. 

  He raised a hand and launched a Vacuum Palm directly at Shang Qing.

  Another qi flow appeared in front of Shang Qing’s body to defend him from the attack. The qi flow that should have been easily dispersed turned out to be rather sturdy, and it actually managed to resist a Vacuum Palm.

  Lu Yin stepped onto the ground and unleashed Night Advent. A wild spiritual force swept out to suppress Shang Qing. 

  As the spiritual force attack passed by, Tai Yuanjun fell unconscious and collapsed onto the ground. 

  Xie Xiaoxian’s expression changed, and she immediately retreated. This was an overwhelmingly powerful spiritual force attack, and it should be a Daynight clan battle technique. Was this person from the Daynight clan?

  Shang Qing’s brows furrowed, and he allowed Night Advent to fall upon him. His vision went utterly dark. This sort of spiritual force attack could only be resisted by one’s own spiritual force, and Lu Yin had assumed that Night Advent would at least be able to make Shang Qing uncomfortable. Then, he would then be able to grasp an opportunity to strike out with a Dream Finger. However, Shang Qing did not seem to tremble at all, and Night Advent seemed to be completely ineffective.

  Shang Qing’s spiritual force might not be at Nightking Zhenwu’s level, but it was still enough for him to disregard Night Advent.

  Lu Yin frowned, as this opponent was too difficult to deal with. The qi flow whistled as it flew behind Lu Yin and tried to smash him again. His body flashed, and he consecutively unleashed six Vacuum Palms, all aimed at Shang Qing. Unfortunately, they were all stopped by the qi flow revolving around Shang Qing’s body and were unable to pass through.

  Lu Yin felt helpless as he used the Yu Secret Art to forcefully divert another attack from the qi flow before fleeing. 

  He was not able to deal with the Tri-Yang Technique, and he could not even touch Shang Qing. Thus, before he found some way to deal with them, it would be best if he avoided crossing paths with Shang Qing. 

  Fortunately, the attacks of these qi flows could be diverted with the Yu Secret Art. In the past, the speed of Lan Si’s Vacuum Palms had been so fast that Lu Yin had been unable to divert them while Nightking Zhenwu’s battle techniques that had been inherited from the Arrow Progenitor had been too powerful for Lu Yin to divert. However, this Tri-Yang Technique could unexpectedly be diverted, though Lu Yin did not feel that this was a wonderful thing. 

  Since it was referred to as a peerless battle technique and the premier miracle of the universe, how could the Tri-Yang Technique be that easily dealt with?

  Shang Qing’s expression turned solemn as he watched Lu Yin leave. He then looked towards the qi flow in front of him. “His attack was the strongest out of everyone we’ve met so far. In the entire Mountain and Seas Zone, you can be considered one of the most powerful experts here. There’s hope for you to take one of the seats of the Cosmic Five.”

  He then looked into the distance and saw Xie Xiaoxian.

  Xie Xiaoxian was staring at Lu Yin’s vanishing figure, her eyes full of admiration. She had experienced the power of Vacuum Palm in the exchange just now, and she had been truly surprised. If that palm had landed on her body, then she would have struggled to endure even one strike. Apparently, that person was known as Lu Yin.

  People had assumed that all of the most powerful experts had already arrived, but nobody had considered this person. Also, if she had not judged incorrectly, Lu Yin had used the Yu Secret Art.

  The battle between Lu Yin and Shang Qing had been very short, yet there were still witnesses, so word of it spread out.

  Of course, the news naturally revolved around Shang Qing’s peerless abilities, and Lu Yin ended up as just a side character.

  Without personally facing Lu Yin’s attacks, outsiders would only see Lu Yin run away as a qi flow chased after him. Not many had realized the power of Lu Yin’s Vacuum Palms, so they believed that Lu Yin had just been another passerby.

  However, Lu Yin’s name still spread.

  In one corner of the Mountain and Seas Zone, Lan Si and Ling Gong were traveling together, and when they heard people mentioning Lu Yin’s name, both of them were left stunned.

  They had never thought that Lu Yin would come to this place.

  “So he’s really still around,” Ling Gong commented.

  Lan Si smiled, “He’s here, so things will definitely be interesting.”

  “He can create trouble so easily,” Ling Gong responded coldly.

  Lan Si smiled, but he did not reply.

  In another place, when Starsibyl heard that Lu Yin had arrived, she smiled. “Sure enough, he’s here.” 

  In a green meadow, Yuhua Mavis closed her book as a strange look appeared on her face. “Lu Yin? That’s definitely someone interesting.”

  Up until now, the stutterer had been following behind Little Leaf King, as he had felt that Little Leaf King was very indifferent. Also, very few people dared to provoke him, so there was some sense of security in following behind Little Leaf King. 

  Reality proved that the stutterer was rather smart; sure enough, nobody dared to provoke Little Leaf King. The cold attitude that he gave off ran deep, and aside from the top-tier experts, nobody dared to cause any trouble for him. Also, his luck proved to be rather good, as he had not really encountered any trouble. 

  When the stutterer heard that Lu Yin had arrived, he grew excited. “Meat- meat- meat is here!”

  Little Leaf King paused. Lu Yin?

  There were not many in the Neoverse who knew about Lu Yin, but everyone in the Innerverse and Outerverse had heard of this name. Once Lu Yin started cultivating, his name had slowly spread further and further out.

  After all, since ancient times, Lu Yin had been the only one to ever unite the entire Outerverse.