Chapter 1342: The Little Ancestor Becomes A Great Healer

  "Even saint-grade water is hard to find, let alone god-grade water," said Dong Ziwan with a sigh.

  She was right. Even top-tier saint-grade water was extremely hard to find. As for god-grade water, it was something that would only exist in legends. How could they find some so easily?

  "Just because it's rare does not mean that I can't find any. Come with me to the Ziling Sect after this trip to the Saintforce Realm is over. I promise you a full recovery. No, I promise you'll look even better than before," said Xiang Shaoyun solemnly.

  "Are you sure?" Dong Ziwan was somewhat skeptical.

  "Of course. Let me show you some of my abilities. I'll heal your scars partially. Relax and don't resist," said Xiang Shaoyun.

  Dong Ziwan nodded and shut her eyes, allowing Xiang Shaoyun to do as he wished. As Xiang Shaoyun rested his palms on Dong Ziwan's face, his aura stirred as a green radiance surged out, followed by a blue and white radiance that completely surrounded both of them.

  The three different powers twisted and fused together, emitting a rich life force that seemed powerful enough to even revive the dead. All the surrounding people sensed the rich life force.

  "This power……is it the profundity of wood? It feels so comforting."

  "There—green, blue, and white. Those are the powers of wood, water, and light. Who cultivated all three of those powers? They had even managed to fuse them. This is inconceivable."

  "It's Xiang Shaoyun. It's rumored that he cultivates nine different powers. His fusion of these three powers seems to have created a new power. That fellow truly can't be underestimated."

  "I know what power it is. That's the profundity of life. How did he comprehend such an abstruse power? This is a power that very few have comprehended. Just how heaven-defying can that fellow be?"

  "The profundity of life is a power that can even revive the dead. It is much better at healing than even the profundity of wood. Someone actually comprehended it?"……

  When the surrounding people learned that Xiang Shaoyun was utilizing the profundity of life, their eyes became filled with reverence when they looked at him. The profundity of life was a top-tier power, comparable to the profundities of yin, yang, and primal chaos. If one could fully utilize the profundity of life, one would basically gain an undying body.

  They were filled with envy toward Xiang Shaoyun, who had grasped such power. Devil Concubine, Yu Caidie, and the others hurriedly surrounded Xiang Shaoyun and stood guard for him. They did not know what Xiang Shaoyun was doing, but they knew that he couldn't be interrupted. The moment they approached Xiang Shaoyun, a comfortable sensation flooded their bodies. Every cell in their bodies seemed to be cheering.

  "The little ancestor has become a great healer?" Xiang Feidian exclaimed in astonishment.

  "Yeah. When you're beaten half-dead, the little ancestor will be able to save you," said Xiang Keren.

  "Uncle, are you cursing me?" said Xiang Feidian unhappily.

  "Keep the noise down. Don't disturb the little ancestor," said Xiang Chenxi.

  With that, they held their breaths and remained silent. Meanwhile, Dong Ziwan, surrounded by Xiang Shaoyun's energy, felt so comfortable she almost moaned. Ever since her face was ruined, her face had been tormented by an itchy sensation at all times. Even after her master had suppressed the poison, the suffering would not stop unless she fully cleared the poison.

  At present, she could clearly feel the abundant life force on her face. The life force seemed to have erased her discomfort. It had been a very long time since she felt so good. She could finally feel that her face still existed, causing her heart to be filled with joy.

  Xiang Shaoyun had only recently grasped the profundity of life. He did not know how effective it would be for Dong Ziwan, but he was confident it would at least help her feel better. When he was done, he removed his hands to find that Dong Ziwan's scars had receded considerably. She no longer looked as horrifying as before.

  "It's actually so effective?" Xiang Shaoyun exclaimed in shock.

  He knew how powerful the profundity of life was, but he had not expected it to be able to suppress the powerful poison Dong Ziwan was suffering from.

  "Why? Did I turn ugly again?" asked Dong Ziwan nervously.

  "Hehe, take a look for yourself." Xiang Shaoyun smiled as he formed an ice mirror before Dong Ziwan's face.

  When Dong Ziwan saw that her scars had really receded considerably, she hugged Xiang Shaoyun and started crying.

  "Don't cry. It looks like my power is capable of helping you recover," comforted Xiang Shaoyun.

  "Um. Thank you, Shaoyun," said Dong Ziwan. She was greatly touched by what he did for her.

  "There's no need to be so courteous to me," said Xiang Shaoyun.

  He tried using the profundity of life on her several more times, but unfortunately, he was unable to fully remove the scars. After all, some of the poison couldn't be cleared by even the profundity of life.

  "Stop trying. I'm happy enough with this," said Dong Ziwan when she sensed Xiang Shaoyun's exhaustion.

  Xiang Shaoyun patted his own forehead and said, "How can I forget the top-tier lightning liquid? That thing is the nemesis of all poison. If it could remove the poison on your face, you will fully recover."

  He took out some top-tier lightning liquid and said, "Use this. Your face will definitely heal."

  Dong Ziwan looked emotional as she nodded and used the lightning liquid. The top-quality lightning liquid was a saint-grade liquid. It contained the power of extreme yang and was the bane of all poison. It could easily remove Dong Ziwan's poison. Without the poison, Xiang Shaoyun's profundity of life could easily help her fully recover.

  Sure enough, the lightning liquid immediately worked on her face, causing her to feel even better than before as some jet-black poison was forced out of her pores. When Xiang Shaoyun saw that, he knew that there was hope for Dong Ziwan's face. 

  After an indeterminate amount of time, Dong Ziwan opened her eyes and said, "I can feel that all the poison on my face has been cleared."

  Xiang Shaoyun smiled and said, "Um. Let me use my power on you one more time. This time, you'll regain your flawless face.

  He once again used the profundity of life, fully stimulating the life force on her face. The dead skin on her face was peeled off and replaced by a layer of new skin. Before long, an enchanting face appeared before his eyes.