Chapter 1343: Saintforce Realm Opens

  Dong Ziwan used to be an absolute beauty. After her face was disfigured, she no longer dared to show outsiders her face. Now that Xiang Shaoyun healed her face, she revealed a beauty that could shake one to the core. The combination of her luminous pupils, exquisite nose, and tender lips formed a flawlessly beautiful face. With her looks and hourglass figure, no man could remain indifferent before her.

  In the past, Dong Ziwan might be slightly lacking in terms of looks when compared with Devil Concubine and Yu Caidie. But with the healing of her scars, her cheeks were as tender as an infant's skin. Her peak Sovereign cultivation level further added to her temperament, giving her the feeling of a mature peach ripe for picking.

  Xiang Shaoyun's heart thumped as he looked at the beautiful face before him. "Wan'er, you're truly beautiful."

  "H-has my face healed?" asked Dong Ziwan nervously as she touched her face.

  "Take a look for yourself," said Xiang Shaoyun as he formed another ice mirror.

  When Dong Ziwan looked into the mirror, she started shedding tears of joy.

  She then jumped into Xiang Shaoyun's embrace and cried bitterly.

  "Cry to your heart's content, but this will be the last time," said Xiang Shaoyun as he gently stroked Dong Ziwan's back.

  After an unknown amount of time, Dong Ziwan stopped crying. She wrapped her arms around Xiang Shaoyun's neck and planted a kiss on his lips. She was inexperienced, but the kiss was so intense Xiang Shaoyun felt his lips hurt. Despite that, he was still filled with joy. With such a woman by his side, what was there for him to be unhappy about?

  At present, the two weren't wrapped in a layer of energy. Thus, their actions were visible to all the surrounding people, causing them to be filled with envy toward Xiang Shaoyun. Due to this incident, Xiang Shaoyun became known as a womanizer. By the time their lips separated, Dong Ziwan's entire face was flushed red. She lowered her head, not daring to meet Xiang Shaoyun's gaze.

  "Haha, come with me, Wan'er. Let me introduce some people to you," said Xiang Shaoyun cheerily.

  He then introduced Dong Ziwan to Devil Concubine, Yu Caidie, Xiang Keren, and the others. They knew that Dong Ziwan had been disfigured and Xiang Shaoyun had been helping her heal. They were all shocked upon seeing her healed face. They did not expect Dong Ziwan to be such a beauty. It was no wonder that she could obtain so much attention from Xiang Shaoyun. 

  Xiang Shaoyun explained to them that he had known Dong Ziwan for a long time. Due to some circumstances, they were separated. But now, they were finally reunited. His explanation helped Devil Concubine and Yu Caidie feel better. After all, it was only normal that they weren't happy seeing their man acting so affectionate with a different woman. But since Dong Ziwan had known Xiang Shaoyun before them, they had nothing to say……

  After arriving at the Heavenly Snow Mountain for about half a month, the Saintforce Realm was finally going to open.

  Without anyone realizing it, an old man had appeared above the flag. He lifted the flag and said, "The Saintforce Realm is opening. Get ready."

  At that announcement, the crowd grew excited. This was the moment they had been waiting for. The old man flew to the top of Heavenly Snow Mountain. As he waved the flag in his hands, the air above the Heavenly Snow Mountain was torn apart as though a tunnel was opening in the sky. 

  Instead of the chaotic spatial energy that regular spatial tunnels would emit, this tunnel emanated thick astral energy. It was as though a single breath of the air from the tunnel was enough for one's cultivation to soar rapidly.

  "What are you waiting for? Enter!" said the old man.

  One Sovereign after another rushed toward the tunnel. Each of them was filled with excitement. For them, entering the Saintforce Realm was the same as becoming a Saint. However, when the faster ones among the crowd reached the tunnel, they were stopped by a powerful force that pushed them backward.

  "What's going on? Why are we being pushed away?" complained someone unhappily.

  "That's right. We have already obtained the qualification to enter. Why are we stopped?" asked someone else.

  "Trash. Just break through the restriction if you want to enter," said an arrogant Sovereign as he forcefully blasted a way into the tunnel.

  With someone taking the lead, the others followed suit and started attacking the tunnel. None of them wanted to fall behind others. However, not everyone could break through the restriction. It turned out that the restriction was also a trial for those wishing to enter.

  Xiang Shaoyun and company had also arrived before the tunnel. Instead of attacking, Xiang Shaoyun waited for his people to attack. It wouldn't be too late for him to enter after they all entered.

  "Little ancestor, I'll be heading in first," said Xiang Feidian as he transformed into a lightning panther and charged ahead. He valiantly charged right into the tunnel. 

  Next, Xiang Keren also charged forward. With a jab of his finger, a bolt of lightning opened a path for him. He then nimbly entered the tunnel. 

  Xiang Chenxi wasn't willing to be left behind. He gathered all his strength and charged ahead with countless lightning currents swirling around him. He was a peak Sovereign, but unfortunately, he was unable to break through the restriction.

  "Open!" Xiang Chenxi roared in an unresigned manner and attacked again. Alas, he was still unable to break through.

  "Chenxi, only those with the strength of a pseudo-Saint can get through. Use your saint weapon," said Xiang Shaoyun.

  Xiang Chenxi stopped being stubborn and attacked with his saint weapon. Finally, he was able to enter the tunnel.

  Just as the others were about to attack, Xiang Shaoyun said, "Just come with me. Don't waste more time."

  His aura wrapped around all of them before he stepped forth. The aura of a Saint burst out from his body and tore through the restriction, allowing them to easily enter the tunnel.