Chapter 1344: The Magical Saintforce Realm

  The Saintforce Realm was an independent space created by some ancient experts. The place had no danger and contained incomparably pure spiritual energy. Nine stars of different energies hung in the sky, akin to nine suns. Each star had a different color, such as gold, red, and green. When one looked up at the stars, one would have a sensation that one only needed to reach out and the stars would be within reach.

  All the Sovereigns who had entered could sense they were surrounded by thick astral energy, causing them to feel incomparably comfortable. The stars within their bodies seemed to have come alive as they absorbed the energy around them to increase their cultivation.

  The first thing one would do upon entering was to select a suitable spot and start cultivating. Nobody was willing to waste even a second upon entering the Saintforce Realm. Cultivating for a year within the realm was akin to cultivating for ten years outside.

  That was why everyone tried so hard to get into the Saintforce Realm. The rapid increase in their cultivation would allow them to greatly surpass their peers. 

  Xiang Shaoyun's group also noticed the thick astral energy upon entering. After a momentary shock, they looked for their respective cultivation spots.

  "This place contains all nine major energies. No wonder this place is known as the cradle of Saints. Go and pick your cultivation spots based on the energy you cultivate," said Xiang Shaoyun.

  "Overlord, why don't you come with me?" invited Devil Concubine.

  "Overlord should come with me instead," said Yu Caidie.

  Dong Ziwan did not say anything, while Han Chenfei left silently.

  "I'll be going first, overlord. See you in a year," said Ouyang Chuanqi before leaving as well.

  "Alright, stop following me. The spot I pick won't be suitable for any of you. Take care," said Xiang Shaoyun before leaving alone.

  The two women had no choice but to leave without Xiang Shaoyun. Dong Ziwan did not try to follow Xiang Shaoyun. She alone headed for the green star. The Saintforce Realm wasn't small, being as big as a province. The nine stars were spread throughout the realm. The nearer one was to the stars, the easier it would be for one to absorb the astral energy from the stars.

  As Xiang Shaoyun cultivated all nine powers, his situation was different from everyone else. Thus, he had to select the realm's most central location. Only then would he be able to absorb all nine astral energies at the same time.

  But before he could go far, he sensed a terrifying force coming from his back. He instantly moved aside and dodged the sneak attack. He then soared into the sky before turning around. Two Devil Saint puppets could be seen. The two puppets launched even more attacks toward him.

  "Which bastard dares to provoke this overlord?" Xiang Shaoyun roared furiously.

  However, the master of the puppets remained hidden while the two puppets attacked. These two puppets were even stronger than ordinary Devil Saints. It was clear how much the culprit wanted Xiang Shaoyun dead.

  It was impossible for Xiang Shaoyun to defeat the two puppets with his main body. He had no choice but to send his saint soul out. With the Radiant Saint Sword in hand, the soul charged the two puppets.

  At this moment, Xiang Shaoyun felt his cultivation rising again. Breakthrough was imminent, and he could no longer suppress it due to the thick astral energy in the Saintforce Realm. He had no way of suppressing his astral energies from growing.

  "I'll have to end this fast," muttered Xiang Shaoyun. He no longer hesitated as his soul moved rapidly and sliced the two puppets into pieces. At the same time, his main body turned invisible.

  He was clear that since these puppets were attacking him, someone must be watching him. For now, he had no choice but to finish breaking through before searching for his attacker.

  Not long after Xiang Shaoyun left, a figure walked out. Looking at the broken puppets on the ground, he sighed, "Not even Devil Saints can harm him anymore. It's getting harder and harder to kill him. If I want to ruin him, my only choice is to turn him into a public enemy. You better get as strong as you can during this year. A year later, you will be reduced into a stray dog."

  This person was none other than Xiang Shaoyun's old enemy, Di Lin. At this time, Xiang Shaoyun had arrived somewhere else. He stopped trying to suppress his breakthrough. Instantly, a large amount of astral energy surged toward him, forming a nine-colored cocoon around him. The nine energies flooded his body and the stars within him. As the energies circulated in his body like an unstoppable current, his soul foundation started spinning, and the fifth layer took form.

  Every cultivator would require a large amount of energy during breakthrough. It was also during the moment of breakthrough that one's absorption speed would be the fastest. The moment Xiang Shaoyun broke through, nine astral energies entered his nine stars, causing his cultivation to rise. The energies might not be as pure as origin energies, but they were comparable with what one could get from saint crystals.

  As Xiang Shaoyun entered the fifth stage, his astral energy capacity rose. Endless energy entered his stars, pushing his cultivation forward even after he completed his breakthrough. As he immersed himself in the sensation of breaking through, he completely forgot his surroundings, focusing only on absorbing the astral energies around him.

  His soul had long reached the Saint Realm. Furthermore, he had comprehended numerous profundities and possessed a combat prowess comparable to peak Sovereigns. Thus, breaking through wasn't a difficult feat for him. So long as enough energy was provided, he could smoothly complete his breakthrough.

  Soon, Xiang Shaoyun reached peak fifth-stage. The Saintforce Realm was worthy of its reputation as the cradle of Saints. With the realm's thick and pure spiritual energy, Xiang Shaoyun could easily continue breaking through.

  Eventually, he broke through the barrier of the sixth stage and formed the sixth layer of his soul foundation. Meanwhile, his saint soul also grew to third-stage Saint Realm. Additionally, even his devil cultivation seemed to be on the verge of breakthrough. His devil cultivation had been stuck at peak ninth-stage Devil Sovereign, a step away from Devil Saint. With his overall growth, his devil cultivation had started rising as well.