Chapter 0343: Golden Dragon Qi

  With Li Luo happily patting his head, Ji Sun was so infuriated, his veins could be seen throbbing on his head. Directing a dark stare at Li Luo, he finally decided to speak. "Who would have expected that I, the great Ji Sun, would have my aspirations sunk due to an unseen ditch!"   

  "Huh? What do you mean ‘unseen ditch?’ We're clearly a huge river! Are you blind?" 

  Ji Sun snorted and couldn't be bothered to argue any further. "So what if you won? Do you think this is over? Your troubles have only just begun!" 

  Li Luo gave him a meaningful look, but he also had a grin on his face. "So you DO know something…… Friend, why don't you explain further?"

  Ji Sun remained as indignant as ever, refusing to even catch his eye. "Who do you think you are? What should I tell you? It's not like you can kill me!" 

  "Why don't you help a friend in need? There's no need to make things difficult. Can't we settle this harmoniously?" Li Luo sighed as he stroked his chin.

  His invitation was met with a cold harrumph and a lack of a response.

  As though part of a prearranged play, Qin Zhulu's gaze turned a little fiendish. "Let's break his arms and legs first, perhaps he might want to loosen his lips then." 

  "What an ignoramus. So long as I receive a serious injury, I will immediately be placed in a state of suspended animation. I might be considered eliminated, but you definitely won’t be able to harm me." 

  Hearing his disdainful reply, Qin Zhulu was absolutely seething with fury. This dogshit Golden Dragon Dao Fields was such a pain! All the participants were too well-protected. How could this be fun? 

  Li Luo grabbed Qin Zhulu. "Now, now, there's no need to be so rude. What's wrong with you? Why are you always trying to beat people up on a whim, or worse still, kill them! Anyway, I saw some Amorous Blossoms on the way here. Why don't you find them and feed him some?" 

  "Amorous Blossom?" Qin Zhulu was left in a daze upon hearing this idea. This was a herb that spirit beasts liked to chew on when it was mating season as it aided them into heat.  

  Lu Qing'er blushed and bit the corner of her mouth upon hearing this diabolical idea.

  Ji Sun's stoic expression finally softened up as he shouted, "What are you trying to do?"

  "Hey, don't worry. We won't harm you. After we feed you some Amorous Blossoms, I will find you a spirit beast for a companion. Don't worry, don't worry…… I'll do my best to find a female one!" Li Luo consoled

  Ji Sun's face turned green. Damn it! What did he mean by trying to find a female spirit beast for him?

  "Damn it! You won't have a good death!" Ji Sun swore. This bastard was too much—nothing was too low for him!

  "I'll give you three seconds to decide." Li Luo smirked as he raised his fingers.


  "Brother…… Please! Just ask away!" Before Li Luo counted to two, Ji Sun quickly spoke out with utmost sincerity.

  At the sight of this change of heart, Qin Zhulu scolded, "How lowly!"

  This worm wasn't worried about his bones being broken and seemed so determined to take the secret to the grave. Yet upon hearing Li Luo's wondrous idea to feed him an Amorous Blossom and trap him with a spirit beast, he lost all sense of dignity and even tried to forge rapport with Li Luo by addressing him as “brother!” The world truly was pragmatic!

  Ji Sun's expression seemed a little forced, but he no longer bothered with Qin Zhulu. He had wanted to resist further, but this bastard had no qualms with taking things to the extreme! One would prefer to be grievously injured than be subject to Li Luo's imaginative ideas! At least physical injuries could be cured. Maladies of the mind were a different sort altogether.

  With a beaming smile on his face, Li Luo nodded in agreement. "Friend, you truly are an outstanding talent even amongst peers! Perhaps you might want to explain just what is happening?"

  Even Lu Qing'er looked over. Anyone would be curious as to why they were so lucky.

  Ji Sun glanced at Lu Qing'er briefly before speaking dejectedly. "Am I right to say that this girl here is from the Golden Dragon Bank?"

  Li Luo nodded simply.

  "Then how did none of you do your homework on the Golden Dragon Dao Fields? You should have been able to guess the reason why." 

  Li Luo and Qin Zhulu were not from the Golden Dragon Bank and hence were definitely not privy to the secrets of the Golden Dragon Dao Fields.

  At this point, Lu Qing'er's turned a little red in embarrassment. She was only here to gallivant and sightsee amongst the fields! Why would she do any homework? This Ji Sun was truly hateful, touching upon her sore spot. She truly wanted to freeze his mouth shut at this point.

  "If I'm not wrong, she is exuding Golden Dragon Qi," Ji Sun explained as he stared at Lu Qing'er with unconcealed envy.

  "Golden Dragon Qi?" Li Luo asked, his eyebrow lifted in interest.

  "Simply put, when she entered the Golden Dragon Dao Fields, she could have formed a resonance with the space, or maybe she possesses a high degree of affinity with this place. As a result, a trace of Golden Dragon Qi must have itself attached to her. You can think of this ephemeral qi as a blessing, providing all sorts of lucky encounters to the individual. Although it has no effect outside of the dao fields, it is a separate matter altogether within the dao fields. She will become a lucky star—wherever she goes, fortune will follow. Any natural or rare treasure will fall into her hands," Ji Sun explained. 

  "Someone attracting Golden Dragon Qi is rare but not impossible. However, this is the first time I've seen it in person."

  Lu Qing'er, Li Luo, and Qin Zhulu exchanged glances. The Golden Dragon Dao Fields were truly mysterious, able to create such strange miracles. 

  Simply put, Lu Qing'er was now a beacon of fortune. Anywhere she chose to go would inevitably cause treasures to fall into her lap.

  Li Luo paused and muttered something to himself. Instead of excitement, his eyebrows furrowed into a frown. This Golden Dragon Qi might bring numerous benefits, but in this world, having too much treasure was a crime if they could not protect it! It would attract unwanted attention. 

  Furthermore, the strength of their group was not top-tier in the Golden Dragon Dao Fields. If they caught the eye of covetous leeches, it would be practically impossible to defend themselves.

  At that point in time, the stronger groups might even capture Lu Qing'er and turn her into a treasure-seeking compass!

  Being forced into such a role would inevitably be a terrible experience.

  Lu Qing'er evidently came to the same conclusion as her expression darkened.

  Qin Zhulu did not comment either. Although his personality made him yearn for opportunities to engage in exhilarating combat, the one who would be the focus of attention would be Lu Qing'er and not him. Thus, he would not get the chance he desired.

  Lu Qing'er took the initiative to suggest, "Why don't we hide here for a bit?

  "So long as my Golden Dragon Qi is not exposed, it should not lead to any further trouble……"

  Li Luo stopped to consider. Temporarily taking a strategic halt would be a good idea. They could take the opportunity to understand how the Golden Dragon Qi worked and could then take precautions to prevent it from being revealed. At that point, they would be safer. 

  It was then where he noticed that Ji Sun was looking at him with a strange expression. As though remembering something, Li Luo felt as though he was struck by a bolt of lightning. He slowly turned to face him and asked in the most polite of tones, "Hello, friend. By any chance, did you happen to spread news of this?"

  Ji Sun gave a forced smile. "Of course not."


  Leering at him for a couple of seconds, Li Luo cautiously asked, "It looks like our dear friend here wants to have a taste of the Amorous Blossom……"

  Ji Sun's expression changed in fright, hurriedly returning to his previous honest and sincere appearance. "Actually…… When I was tailing you in secret, I wanted to be cautious in dealing with your team. Thus, I captured all three of your appearances and wrote down the news of the Golden Dragon Qi into the Polar Wolf Kingdom's Flying Wasp Scroll. I sent it to another group from my kingdom……"

  The atmosphere immediately turned heavy as Li Luo and Lu Qing'er glared at him with unkind gazes.

  Unable to control himself, Li Luo scolded, "Is there something wrong with you? You had such a wonderful opportunity to yourself, but you decided to share it with another group? Jeez!" 

  "Well the other group leader is my close brother…… If something unexpected did happen to me, then this lucky break could then be secured by them…… Why would we let outsiders benefit from this?" 

  Damn him and his generosity! What nonsense was he babbling about, preventing outsiders from benefiting!?

  Li Luo viciously glared at Ji Sun right at this juncture.

  Ji Sun could feel a chill go down his spine. "Friend…… Please honor your words. Please don't give up on your humanity……"

  Gritting his teeth and holding down a belly full of fury, Li Luo waved his hand.

  "Drag those two other buggers over and let's send all three of them on their way!"