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Chapter 57

  “Are there any problems with that relationship, between the gods and Master?” Biyeon asked.

  “It’s fine for now. However, it’s a business relationship. The deal may be cut off at any time, and they’ll still have the means to control us. We have no choice but to find a way to live.”

  “Huh- The image is too different from the gods we’ve heard about and know. If what you say is true, is it that the Master in the north who’s expanding to the south?” murmured San as he twisted his lips to one side.

  “I’m not sure if it is the Master’s doing. Among the gods, the general consensus is that the Magical Dragon and Original Beings have allied together and are pushing their influence south. Dragons don’t usually interfere with the human world, but the Magic Dragon always wanted humans.”

  “Magic Dragon? Original Beings?" asked Biyeon while tilting her head.

  “I can’t confirm more than that. Anyway, they’ve been preparing for many years. They’re still gathering an army, and some powerful human beings have been released into the human world. Their average power is equivalent to those who achieved at least the second level of Awakening, based on human standards of awakened levels.”

  “What do these higher beings want from humans?” Biyeon asked with a hardened face.

  “Both body and mind, and a new order…” Dite answered in a low mutter.

  Planning – Chapter 3

  An intentional silence ensued. Each person was processing a large amount of new information. There would be many things that needed to be reorganized after this conversation. 

  The conversation was running towards a conclusion.

  “Then…” Dite spoke first.

  Her face was red. It became clear to Dite, and the goddess, that blackmailing these two, as originally planned, wasn’t going to work. At first, the goddess thought that she would have the upper hand in their meeting. She was 90% certain based on their recent hardships and general situation. However, she found that the two were overly cunning and immovably moral humans.

  This gave Dite good and bad news. The good news was that they were much more reliable than she originally thought, but the bad news was that most of the goddess’ hidden cards had become useless. Dite could taste something bitter in her mouth. The goddess’ power did not work on these two. Eventually, Dite and the goddess were forced to negotiate with San and Biyeon. Negotiate with humans!

  “Are you depending on us to stop the monsters in this vast area? Or do you have other requests?” Biyeon smiled and spoke first. Dite raised her head and looked at Biyeon.

  Dite fluttered her white fingers and bit her lips tightly. How could humans be so venomous with their words, pushing on her weak spot so directly?

  “For now… yes.”

  “For now… we refuse.” 

  Along with Dite’s answer, San answered almost simultaneously.


  “It’s too dangerous! We don’t have the ability to deal with the Sages yet. Furthermore, I don’t know anything about the Sages.”

  “You can’t avoid them anyway?” answered Dite as she hardened her face at San.

  “So, that’s why I said ‘for now’…”

  “What do you mean?”

  “We aren’t stupid. Did you say that the Sages are the Dragon’s vessels? We’ve met two Sages before. They looked exactly like humans. If what you said is true, aren’t the dragons planning to establish a stronghold here? Doesn’t that mean we have to fight the dragons to survive? Shall I make it simpler to understand? We’ll die a dog’s death if we were to contend against them right now.”

  San opened his eyes wide and looked at Dite.

  “Yes. That’s the essence of this problem. The dragons haven’t created nor joined a faction of power so far, but they’ve been increasing their population rapidly in recent years. The number of Sages will also increase explosively. This situation is not desirable for gods or humans. The fact is that both of you, too, will find it more difficult to hide in the future,” answered Dite, not backing down in the slightest. Their eyes were fixed on each other as if they were fighting.

  “Why do they bother so much? If a dragon has such powerful abilities, wouldn’t it be possible for it to just take over these lands directly? What weaknesses do they have? Or has something happened that requires them to be close to humans?” This time, Biyeon asked. This was a very important question for her.

  “It is… I can’t tell you yet,” Dite refused to answer, noticeably embarrassed.

  “If what you say will get you in trouble, you don’t have to speak. It’s hard to tell your business partner your own weaknesses. Now then, what can the Goddess of Hunting do for us? All we have to do is live our lives in hiding until we die. Is there any reason for us to take up such a dangerous offer?” asked San.

  “Don’t look down upon the gods. Gods dictate the overarching messages of this world. Therefore, we rule over information. You both know the power of information. We also have the power to create, distribute, and disseminate information. In all forests, in all lands, in all bodies of water…… no one can handle information as fast as gods. Information containing divine authority moves humans and moves the world. And… because that’s why!”

  Dite paused for a moment. Then she continued with an additional reason,

  “The directional flow of information could be beneficial or disadvantageous for you, right?”

  San and Biyeon’s faces distorted at the same time. San looked back up at the sky, glaring as if he wanted to kill Dite.

  “Sons of bitches. What they do here or there are all the same. Such ugly existences! The CEO’s who cheat with all kinds of legal structures, the information outlets who take care of only their own bellies while distorting the facts… In the end, is the existence of a god here also the same kind of bullshit? Do you want to earn people’s faith? Damn, I feel angry. Fuck!” San growled.

  After a moment, San and Biyeon looked at each other. They were staring at each other’s eyes for a long time. Countless alternatives and possibilities were being weighed. Biyeon opened her mouth to start negotiations, “Yes, we admit we don’t have much choice. Then, let’s say we agree to your terms. Let’s start negotiating in earnest. First, let me give you our terms. They’re something that we’re not willing to budge on. They’re prerequisites. If these fundamental terms are broken, all contracts are assumed to be canceled immediately. What do you say?”

  “I’ll tell you whether I accept it or not depending on what conditions. Depending on the degree of your requirements, our requirements will vary. A god is not omniscient. Actually, I don’t have much money…” Dite replied with a soft smile. 

  It seemed that she was feeling much more comfortable.

  “Based on what we see, we don’t think you gods have much of anything that we would want anyway. We have three terms. First, block all information about our position and movements from reaching our enemies, and if it’s difficult to block all information, disturb or mislead. Second, in a timely manner, provide us with information about the enemy, and do not disseminate information about our identity to the world without our permission. We don’t want to play heroes here. Third, make sure that the first request starts in at least 6 months. What do you say? Is this possible?”

  Dite looked surprised for a moment, then responded carefully.

  “Is that all your requirements…?”

  “Why is it too difficult? You’re really an incompetent partner, do you know that? Have we been misled about your powers?” San muttered as he looked toward Biyeon. Dite now looked at the two with clear eyes. Her plain eyes subtly shook. This was the first time she felt like this since being given powers from the goddess. Dite recalled the numerous human groups she could remember, including those that the goddess Diana allowed her to see.

  Some of the humans were quite moral and good, and some were pure evil.

  However, in Dite’s eyes, as a worldly person, most humans were boring and insignificant. They were no different from filthy lumps of protein that were filled with lustful greed, hidden intentions, shameless lies, and mean jealousy towards other people. Humans were absurd and irrational without exception. They wanted everything while offering nothing in return. Of course, thanks to that, faith was created, and the foundation of business amongst the gods was founded, but…


  Dite felt her heartbeat suddenly increase. This ‘feeling’ was a special kind. Dite knew the name, too. It’s a kind of wave that doesn’t just rattle on the surface but rattles vigorously into the depths of one’s soul. It conjured a very old memory and feeling. Wasn’t this ‘inspiration’? 

  She felt strange. What human would dare call a god ‘incompetent’ yet be so inspirational?

  ‘Anyway… what is this strange feeling?’

  “Then tell me your terms. These gods are complete grave robbers…” San’s vigorous voice rang out. His loud voice woke her from her thoughts. Dite laughed awkwardly.

  “I can accept all of your terms. It’s also something we would have done regardless. Really… are there any other requirements? In fact, I was hesitating for a moment because your requests were so simple. The humans I know have very different demands.”

  “My appetite has gotten much cheaper after landing in this world,” San bluntly replied.

  “Anyway, we will also supply you both with nectar apart from your requirements. However, our contract will only run for a period of 3 years. I will make a pledge in the name of God. If we violate this pledge, our existences will perish on their own because of the ‘contradiction’ restriction placed on the universe.”

  “You’ll give us nectar? Wow, that was unexpected. That would be very helpful.” 

  Biyeon’s face brightened. San also smiled brightly. Dite took a light breath. In this unexpected place, San and Biyeon obtained the two most desperately needed things in this world.

  One was the elimination of uncertainty and the other was the establishment of a system of preparation for a certain future. Compared to these two, their other concerns and needs were relatively insignificant. Even if they needed to use their lives as collateral, they would have made sure these two essential needs were met.

  There can be no ‘strategic plan’ without risking one’s life. The opponent was also a strong enemy that must be destroyed one way or another… On the other hand, what Dite demanded of them was a form of conditional cooperation. For whatever reason, the gods were also very interested in the two people’s bodies. The god’s intentions would naturally emerge as they fulfilled the demands of the gods six months from now. They already knew that the information regarding their bodies was something everyone seemed to want to know. They would never be able to live comfortably in this world.

  If war was inevitable, San and Biyeon wanted to increase their combat power through cooperation with the gods and find a means to counter the beings who summoned them.