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Chapter 67

  Hot and sticky substances started splattering onto their faces from every direction. They could feel the substance sliding down their faces. Someone was screaming at the top of his lungs non-stop.

  Someone was whimpering while another was loudly sobbing unconsciously. The situation had quickly turned into a dog-eat-dog massacre amongst the soldiers. The horror and terror of this darkness were maddening.

  Again, a whistle rang out.

  The bonfire coverings were placed back down, allowing the light to illuminate what happened just a moment ago. Hector’s head rolled next to his still upright body. His eyes were rolled upward… consciousness and awareness slowly disappearing from his eyes. His expression concisely summarized what happened on the battlefield. The scene was grotesque, inducing fear to anyone who saw it… it followed San and Biyeon’s plan to the letter… inducing a sense of fear in the enemy…

  There were six soldiers left. As if they made a promise to each other, they turned around and ran. With their eyes closed, they started running back from where they came from. But…


  The terrorizing sounds returned. Three of the withdrawing soldiers’ heads burst like balloons before their bodies fell to the ground. Among the twenty that rushed forward, only three made it back.

  Again, another whistle sounded.

  The soldiers behind Natin reflexively raised their shoulders in a shudder. They hated that whistle. It was no longer a sound coming from an instrument but a sound signifying terror and death.

  All of the screens that covered the bonfires were set down, bringing light into the area once again. Instead of a whistle, a flute started playing. Its sounds reverberated through the forest. Another flute played on the other side of the forest. They harmonized well together as if the flute players had been practicing together for a long time.

  Natin felt his entire body shudder and goosebumps form all over.

  One man stood in front of the bonfires. He was casually throwing a few stones up and down in his hands. His calm eyes were staring at Natin…

  The music stopped playing.

  “Hey chunky, you ready to talk now?”

  Infiltration – Chapter 3

  “Who……? Keuk…”

  Pingo was barely able to open his eyes. It was as if a strong light was flashing directly into them. He wanted to rub his eyes but couldn’t. He started rapidly blinking his eyes, which started tearing up.

  From Pingo’s throat, rushing air and a low screech could be heard, but there was no variance of pitch or any similar sounds of words. Pingo looked down at the ‘cold thing’ on his throat.

  It was a sword blade. The white sword reflected the light onto his eyes. The owner of the sword didn’t seem like someone who would forgive him if he moved unnecessarily. The tip of the sword was already touching his throat, causing blood to flow down his chest…

  Behind the blinding reflection of light, as if coming from the forest’s darkness itself, a woman’s voice whispered. It was a smooth sound, but it dropped the temperature a few degrees and made his chest feel empty. He couldn’t see the speaker due to the sword’s reflection. The enemy was the most horrifying and scary presence that he faced in his entire life. However, he didn’t know who the enemy was, or how many of them there were.

  “Who ordered you here?”


  He hesitated before opening his mouth after feeling a sharp pain in his throat. The sharp feeling on his throat didn’t seem to understand how to wait. She wanted the answer to her question, and she wanted it now.

  He could tell that silence would do him no good. The sword’s tip slowly entered his neck. It was as if it was representing its owner’s will without words. If he didn’t respond soon, the blade would completely enter his throat. This form of inducing answers was highly effective. He gave up on resistance.

  “Commander Argorn…”

  The sword stopped its movement. Pingo cautiously took in a breath of air and breathed out.

  “Who is he?”

  “He is the commander of the armed forces that occupy the western border areas of Count Essen’s territory.”

  “Argorn’s military?”

  “It is a mercenary group. They usually conduct banditry,” another female voice explained from the side.

  “How large are they?”

  “Around five hundred warriors and one thousand soldiers in total.”

  “Are you mercenaries from this military?” 

  “No, we are the mercenaries’ slaves.”

  “What is your responsibility in this operation?”

  “To create a path and safely transport the loot.”

  Men and women, around ten in total, stood behind Pingo. They did not resist or move. 

  She turned off her flashlight. The darkness took over. Even in the darkness, the white, fluorescent shine of her white sword left afterimage silhouettes as it moved about.

  ‘Servants… possibly used as meat shields or workers… or they could be bait…’

  She felt it from the start. These people did not have an enemy’s aura about them. Their outfits were dirty and falling apart. Most of them covered their feet with strips of fabric, and their weaponry amounted to sticks. In a word, they didn’t seem like people who came to take something away by force.

  Biyeon turned to Pingo and said, “If you don’t move around… you may be able to live.”

  With this soft warning, Biyeon dropped the sword from his neck. His warm blood continued to flow down his body. However, Pingo did not move a muscle. The white sword could still be seen in the darkness. The sword’s blade was sparkling. Little sparks of flight floated on top of the blade. The glowing blade slowly arched across the air and passed through a boulder and branches that were in its path. The slaves all held their breaths.

  Though the blade moved smoothly, it brought utter destruction in its wake. As it hit the boulder, a sharp metallic sound rang out with a burst of light. The boulder was destroyed into small pebbles. Dust started filling the air. The blade stopped in front of them. The servants stopped themselves from screaming by forcefully covering their mouths.

  “If you understand, lie face down on the ground. Slowly, without making any noise…”

  Her voice quietly rang out. An oppressive aura filled the space. The slaves all turned purple in the face, both from fear and from the effects of the oppressive aura. They started slowly laying down.

  “From this point forward, you will die if you raise your head. If you get up, you’ll die. If you speak, you’ll die. If you run away, I will chase you to the ends of the world and kill you. Put your foreheads on the ground, raise your butts into the air, and put your hands behind your back!”

  “How come I…”

  Pingo’s whimper rang out. The sword was placed against his throat again. His entire focus was on the sharp blade that was touching his neck… the skin underneath his neck was already drenched in blood. The sword’s tip started entering his neck once again.

  “Based on my assessment… only an idiot would send out a group of slaves by themselves. Also, your dress is different from the rest, no? I’ll ask again. Who are you? You have one chance to answer. I’m busy. And honestly, I’m not really that interested in what you have to tell me.”

  “My name is Pingo. I command a company of fifty soldiers in the Argorn military.”

  “You came to loot Count Essen’s precious cargo, right?”

  “T-Th-That’s correct.”

  “What is your role in this operation?”

  “T-That is… reconnaissance and creating disruption. Are you targeting their cargo as well?”

  Biyeon tilted her head to one side. She expected his answer. 'Then… how much do they know?'

  “Who is transporting Count Essen’s cargo?”

  “We’ve heard that one crew member is a peak Dark Warrior (2nd Stage of Acceleration).”

  “Where are the Argorn attack groups located? Is it the group to the right of here? Or the left of here?”

  “How did you know…? Keuk- to the right of here…”

  “That’ll be all… you can scream now.”


  Biyeon lowered her sword and swiftly hit Pingo’s shin. 

  “Kuk! A-Ah-Ahh-Ack!”

  Pingo screamed like a madman. He quickly fell to the floor and rolled around in pain. His shin must have been shattered into a million pieces.

  Biyeon walked towards the slaves who were on the floor. Three people followed behind her. She suddenly jumped into the air after passing by the last of the servants.



  The last two servants she passed had raised their blades and rushed to stab her. The two were rolling on the floor while grabbing their legs.

  “The leaders and monitors are usually placed in the front and back of any group. I already recognized the two of you from the beginning.”

  She turned around. She took out some salt from a small pouch and placed it into her mouth. Biting lightly on her lips, she started focusing on something. She was probably speaking with someone. Afterward, she turned on her flashlight. The light shone on the backs of the servants who were still on the ground. It then shone on the mercenaries who were rolling on the ground in pain.

  “Raise your heads now.”


  “Listen carefully. I want you to light a torch, walk around in circles, and scream at the top of your lungs. I don’t care what you scream. You can sing, cry, laugh, curse, or scream for all I care.”


  “If you keep it up by the time I return, I’ll let you live. If I come back and find out that your voices haven’t gone out, you’ll die. There are twelve of you, right? I’ll check on the number again once I return. I’ll make a vow to keep my word with whatever god you believe in.”

  “When… will you be back?” a slave bravely asked.

  “Not too long. Start now!”

  Biyeon turned her back on them. Her next target was the other rats who were hiding a bit farther away. They may be the most difficult opponents she would face tonight. Behind her, cautious mumbling sounds started. One voice started screaming aloud in an animalistic manner. Competing shouts and screams started to ring out. Now, the forest was ringing with all types of screams.

  “A horror film can’t be properly filmed without some background music.”


  Yeria felt a shivering sense of cold run through her body.

  The sounds coming from the forest were not sounds made by humans. How could humans create such fear and pain-filled screams… she felt like their screams contained all of humanity’s pain and sadness. It was as if they were reaching out towards their final hope…

  Even though Yeria knew why they were screaming, she still felt abject fear. How would the other people in the forest, who didn’t know why the people were screaming, feel?

  Biyeon quickened her steps through the forest and moved forward. The sound of ‘human’ screams already filled the entire forest. All of the people in this forest, even those standing far away, would feel a sense of fear in their belly after hearing these sounds…


  Toamo, commander of a hundred soldier company in the Argorn military, clenched his jaw. His body was visibly shaking.

  ‘What’s going on?’

  His nervous eyes looked towards the road leading up to Marquis Norian’s castle. It was the final pass before entering the Marquis’ estate. It was also where Commander Argorn was awaiting…

  ‘Commander Argorn said to lead them towards that direction… but can he do anything even if they go that way? Are we going to beat these monsters? No… this… no. Count Essen’s commissioned transporter isn’t just an elite warrior. I bet my life on it…’

  Toamo turned his nervous eyes behind him. He threw away any thought of moving from this location. He could clearly see the northern bandits being held back, nay, dominated, by a single person…