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Chapter 161

  Biyeon let out a long sigh.

  ‘All the things I took for granted, even the music that I thought wasn’t very good, were all built on the shoulders of geniuses who had worked together to create the foundation for all those creations to become public. What I could easily obtain in my hands were all the result of collective human experience, wisdom, senses, and other influences. They performed these creative and novel pieces with fervor and passion. There were millions of new songs when I was still on Earth. I’m afraid to even reflect on the collective achievement that humankind was able to achieve in the music field. Furthermore, that’s just the field of music…’

  Biyeon’s thoughts continued. What San had told her kept bringing new thoughts and reflections into her mind.

  ‘The gods of this world are like the consumers on Earth. They suck out the thoughts of humans, collect them, and try to expand their own egos… thus, the gods are in the business of growing humans, expanding their numbers, and harvesting them when necessary. 

  Then what did that make us humans on Earth? We were able to create and expand our consciousness and world with ease… wasn’t this what the gods of this world want the most? Then, what’s the difference between humans on earth and the gods here? Was I really that great of an existence in my previous life? Is that why Dite seemed like such a country bumpkin when I first spoke with her? Was Episode 285 really such an incredible place? The Iron People’s Episode… was it the civilization of gods?”

  Biyeon closed her eyes.

  Her thoughts continued to cycle in her mind. She didn’t know if her thoughts and being were still rooted in a reality or a daydream…

  The gods possibly traveled to Greece and Rome long ago and then got kicked out… maybe they were existences that Zoroaster spoke about when he met the two-faced god, the god of good and evil…

  What about the millions of gods in Hinduism that existed for hundreds of millennia…

  And the seven hundred million practicing Buddhists… the Indian religion that sought awakening and for each person to become their own god…

  What about Pangu who sought order from chaos…

  Odin and his enemies who were preparing for the decline of gods…

  The god who made humans in his image… who came onto Earth to die for others and to provide salvation…

  And the scientific breakthroughs that created new ‘gods’ in Episode 285!

  1. The speed of light is a quantifiable absolute quantity that does not change in any state of relative motion. – Maxwell’s equations.

  2. At the speed of light, space’s length converges to zero, and time stops. – Einstein’s special theory of relativity.

  3. The motion of A with respect to B is physically identical to the motion of B with respect to A. – Mach’s principle.

  4. What about 1+2+3? Is light (= god) not moving? Based on what relative basis? Space-time?

  5. Nature does not reveal everything at once. Only what humans want to see is extracted and presented to the world. In addition, the act of observation itself can change the state of matter. Reality cannot be separated from observation. - Quantum Physics Uncertainty Principle/Schrödinger’s Cat.

  6. You cannot prove that axioms do not contradict each other because the system of mathematics is imperfect… – Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem.

  7. Would the world described in mathematical language also be incomplete? - A crisis in mathematics, a crisis in the world.

  If God is an electromagnetic wave-based life, it would be natural for that God to cross time and space. It would be like flipping through a film that has already been made. A world of discontinuity cut off by the Planck constant.

  The prophecy seems to be physically possible…



  Therefore… human observation can change the state of God…

  Humans are the only race that alienates and observes themselves.

  Recursive programming…

  Fibonacci sequencing…

  Perhaps these were the principles of creation.

  Therefore, the state of humans is changed by humans themselves.

  Humans can never be perfect…

  Therefore…… humans forever evolve.

  Awakening is evolution.

  Awakening is regression.

  The reversal of entropy begins… ‘Humans are the set of all gods.’

  ‘Human is the first and last of all things.’

  ‘The act of creation must have a purpose.

  ‘Who is the Creator’s customer?’

  ‘What did the Creator want to make?’

  ‘The purpose of all creative acts is appreciation (observation)…’

  ‘Creating good listeners…’ 

  ‘Humans are the Creator…’

  Biyeon was roiled in a troubling daydream. San snored lightly. The spring sun was waking up the life of the earth by sprinkling a pleasant warmth around their surroundings.

  A great spring would come to the two exhausted souls. Perhaps they would obtain an answer to their questions.

  Reform – Chapter 7

  An exceptionally cold winter had passed.

  A warm breeze blew in through the slightly opened window. The smell of dry grass, the smell of soil… an energy that seduced life rose from the moist earth.

  Soon, the earth would be decorated in green, and a vibrant ecosystem would soon begin a new cycle of life.

  However, the imperial family and the human world ruled by the imperial family were foretelling a different upheaval.

  No one spoke of it, but everyone felt it.

  From the quiet murmurs, from the bustling steps, from the beacon that constantly stood over the surrounding mountains. From the long-distance signal mirrors that flashed more often than before… all these changes pointed towards things becoming completely different from what they were used to. Something was coming closer and closer and entering into their lives.

  The energy of the world was clearly changing. It could have been humankind’s intention, or it could have flowed according to the fate of the world.

  Small water droplets gathered to form a stream, and the streams merged to form a rushing body of water.

  Several streams of water flowed in their own way, but at some point, they would merge into a huge river, and the violent flow of this river would create another historical scene in the landscape of this world.

  In the meantime, many large and small events had occurred. Each one was just something that was likely to happen in everyday life, which was nothing new. However, no one yet knew what kind of overall picture would be drawn when all these seemingly disconnected events were put together.

  In a new world where no one fully understood them, the hard work of these strangers who fiercely poured out their efforts for humankind…

  The first case concerned the Black Guilds.

  The leader, Jiha, and the high-ranking officials of the Black Guilds had visited San. And after talking for almost half a day, they went back.

  The fact that there had been some secretive agreement between them spread throughout the imperial courts rapidly. However, no one knew that the leader representing the Samyeong Family had visited San and Biyeon that night as well.

  He must have been very satisfied with what San had given him.

  The second concerned the imperial courts’ servants and maids.

  The maids and attendants changed positions drastically. It was the largest personnel change since the establishment of the imperial family and courts. This work was superficially carried out under the direction of the Chief Servant and the Chief Maid.

  Thousands of maids and attendants had been reassigned and moved. Regardless of their professional skillset, who they were hired by, or who they served, they had to change their job positions when given the order.

  The emperor, princes, or princesses of the imperial family didn’t complain, even though they would be the most uncomfortable when the help changed… Since this was so, whose will was being carried out to make all these changes?

  The third related to the final imperial audit report.

  The results of the audits related to the finances and personnel of the imperial courts were led by Rain and her second-ranking office. They were currently organizing their findings and preparing to report to the emperor in ten days.

  It was said that the report format was also made in the form of a public presentation, not the conventional stand-alone private format. It was known that the contents of the report were being treated as top secret, and even Gayu, the secretary general, was not able to review it beforehand.

  For this reason, the great families, princes, and princesses who were interested in the contents of the report were paying close attention to developments.

  The fourth was related to Han-Sung Clan.

  Two people, San and Biyeon, were invited as professors and opened a three-month lecture course.

  This was a very unusual request and offer for the proud Han-Sung Clan. The subjects they were asked to teach were on information science and practical martial arts.

  Their first lecture did not go smoothly. It was because there were too few students who wanted to take the class. The second lecture, which was held two days later, also did not proceed smoothly. This time it was because there was no place to accommodate the overflowing number of teachers and students.

  This was after it became known that the Philosopher’s Sword, Hanyoung, was a student in the class.

  The fifth was related to the Dong-Myung and Ki-Jang Clan.

  High-ranking figures from both Absolute Clans visited Rain, San, and Biyeon. The Dong-Myung Clan’s envoy included special agents Dongha and Dongyoung, and were led by Dongye, who had been in the Essen estate before accompanying the others on their adventure to Prigojin.

  They brought a lot of equipment and other items, but no one knew what they were.

  A delegation of about 20 Ki-Jang people led by Gihoon, an Awakened Warrior who wielded three skills, also visited the second-rank offices. Among the delegation were Gibin and Giyoung.

  They brought thick papers and returned to their sleeping quarters only after a late-night meeting with Rain, San, and Biyeon.

  Even now, the visitors from the two Absolute Clans were staying in Prigojin and were busy moving around the capital.

  The sixth was about the various people Rain met.

  Since Rain oversaw personnel and finances of the imperial family, the range of her and her office’s human contact was very large.

  The people Rain met recently were all people associated with the military, diplomats from the empire’s vassal states, representatives of territorial allies, and top officials of the empire.

  Among them, Dobel and Doyo from the upper part of Doha, who San and Biyeon had traveled together with, were included. In their eyes, among the people in the imperial courts, Rain was the most trustworthy person.

  Of course, the great families who monopolized all the goods and services of the imperial family and enjoyed lavish lifestyle from their monopoly were looking at these developing events suspiciously.

  Finally, the seventh odd occurrence related to the ‘official recommendations’ issued by the emperor to the imperial family.

  The content was about the bylaws of the imperial family, but only a limited number of people knew their meaning. The imperial family was starting to get anxious and were entering into a slightly bewildered state.

  Since the action was taken at the same time as the case where the servants and maids changed, attention was focused on what the larger picture was.

  Outside of these occurrences…

  There was a case where three people including Rain were invited to Mun-Ye-Rim. The sight that San and Biyeon were staring blankly at right now was an event that was taking place at the Mun-Ye-Rim.