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Chapter 208

  Confrontation – Chapter 8


  “I’ve received an update that all the sages have been mobilized. Also, among the blood demons, the top-level Councilors have also been sent out…” Biyeon stated in an eben, matter-of-fact tone of voice. Her whitish fingers were extended out and touching San’s chin. She felt that his unshaven look was not too shabby.

  “How many?”

  “At least five hundred…”

  “What do you make of it?”

  San’s eyes slightly grew larger. Using Biyeon’s lap to rest his head on, San could see the bottom of Biyeon’s chest as he looked up at her face. Between her chest, he saw her beautifully shaped chin. Above her chin, Biyeon’s hair waved with the breeze. Above her hair, San could see the clear blue morning sky.

  “Either a large hunt… or…” Biyeon answered as she lifted and tucked part of San’s front hair.


  “Encirclement… or a killing.”

  “Is our death now an option?” San followed up.

  “If I were in their shoes, our deaths would definitely be an option. With Senun now mobilized, it would be weird for the magic dragons not to be suspicious of recent developments,” Biyeon answered.

  “But if the magic dragons and their side are coming out at full force, wouldn’t that make it hard for Senun to contact us? I’m certain he doesn’t want to contend against all the magic dragons.”

  “He’ll gauge things. However, I’m sure that the magic dragon side will want to capture us, dead or alive.”

  “That seems plausible. I guess our chances of getting killed just shot up, huh?” San said matter-of-factly.

  “Way up,” Biyeon answered.

  “Are you satisfied with the weapons that were delivered by the Outsiders?”

  “They’re very useful tools. They’re extremely powerful. They provided a lot of magic bullets as well.”

  “I guess our chances of surviving just rose.”

  “Way up.”

  “What about Senun?”

  “He probably received the message we sent him through the spirits. I’m sure he’s jumping up and down right now,” Biyeon stated before chuckling.

  “I wish I could have seen that.”

  “It would have been a satisfying sight to see.”

  “Did you receive the information regarding Siluone?”

  “She has an undefeated combat record. The amount of information on her was enormous. She has no weak point. Her main body is beyond the strength of any sage.”

  “Then, I guess we don’t have a chance of surviving?”

  “No chance.”

  “But, we still need to proceed?”

  “Yes, we must proceed. For this world’s humans.”

  While still lying on her lap, San stared up and met eyes with Biyeon. He could see a line forming across Biyeon’s mouth. Biyeon brought her chin down and kissed San.

  “That was fun,” San said after the kiss.

  “Thank you.”

  They got up. They had to move. From this point forward, their contract with the gods, to jam the communication lines of their foes, would be terminated. The gods had kept their end of the contract. For forty-eight hours, the two’s pursuers were probably not able to locate them. During this time, San and Biyeon had finished their last preparations.

  They were 100 kilometers away from their destination point. Within half a day, based on their average speed of travel, they’d arrive. Though they weren’t on good terms with Siluone, they were still glad that they’d be able to meet her once more. Siluone wanted it, and they wanted it. The end would have to eventually come.

  Unfortunately, the two’s plans were no longer viable. They would have to face off with Siluone directly. It was impossible to conduct a secretive attack, and with the termination deadline approaching, the two had no other choice.

  What could they do at this time? They could run around and hide before being captured and sentenced to a cruel, dog-like death. Another option was to fight to the end and see what happens. For San and Biyeon, the former option was embarrassing and the latter one seemed unfair. Regardless of their decision, it wouldn’t be pretty.

  “Do you think there’s another way?”

  “If there isn’t, we need to make one…”

  They started moving forward. Like any other challenge that they faced, their current predicament led to a dead-end street. Every challenge that they faced was a dead-end that forced their hand. One after another. Their front was blocked, and there was no way back. In their original world and in this world, San and Biyeon didn’t seem to be favored existences.


  Their pain felt more painful. They yearned to shout out at the unfair world!


  The second journal entry that was written with San’s blood – -

  Biyeon’s final entry in the journal before it was closed.


  “Two hundred thirty-two.”

  San ran forward. From a distance, Biyeon followed close behind. Ragged breath. The screams and shouts started ringing in their surroundings. San jumped into the air. At the same time, multiple explosives exploded around him. Some of the explosive projectiles glanced their targets while others squarely hit their targets’ bodies. 

  San’s sword swung through the air. The three enemies who were five meters away had their limbs and bodies sliced into numerous pieces. The dismembered parts of their bodies suspended in mid-air for a moment before falling onto the ground.

  San then extended her left hand into the air. The space surrounding his hand crumpled up as if it were made of paper. Five sages who were about ten meters away from San soon lost their balance and started swaying. ‘The Sword Strike of Space’ crisscrossed through the space. The five 3rd and 4th Stage of Acceleration sages flip-flopped around like fish out of the water before they were violently flung into the air. Their bodies soon exploded like overinflated balloons.

  Biyeon also soared through the air. She shot out a countless number of needles while maneuvering through the air. Like guided missiles, hundreds of needles flew towards their targets. Soon, the five enemies closest to her were pierced with the needles. The sound of leather ripping could be heard. As if she was rounding up a line of rope, she pulled the air around her and caused the enemies who were wounded by her needle to be flung around. They were soon gathered in one place. With another fluid motion, the five Councilors were ripped to shreds and fell helplessly onto the ground.

  “Two hundred eighty-three.”

  Once the last of the five Councilors disintegrated in the air, the sun’s rays shone down to a bloody red landscape. The surroundings were filled with a red mist, and within this red mist was a purple shadow that moved to-and-fro as it dyed the ground in a deeper shade of red. 

  “Fifteen in front.”

  “Thirteen to the left. Eleven on the right.”

  “Are there any others?” San muttered. His tone of voice was as if he had gone through this exercise many times before. The two were now walking. San was in front and Biyeon was behind him. They strode forward together. They scanned their surroundings. Their gazes were as sharp as recently sharpened swords.

  The sages breathed heavily. Though they weren’t moving about, they were short of breath. When San and Biyeon got close to any of them, they would have to take a few steps back. Some had deathly pale faces and others had half-opened mouths. These sages had always been proud of their position, but they were now like trapped mice. They avoided meeting eyes with San and Biyeon.