Chapter 893 - Regalsoul Dragons And The Firmament Godsword

  As Jian Wuyi and the others approached, they jumped from their swords, and nimbly held the swords in their hands. Before them was an angry Xuanyuan Dao dressed in dragon robes, his three eyes filled with rage, chin and beard quivering. 

  However, he suppressed all his emotions. In this desperate moment, anger would make him lose his reason and ruin everything. Jian Wuyi and the others swept their gazes across the Kilostar Photondragon. 

  “The imperial son actually gave you this divine artifact? Aren’t you two close!” Jian Wuyi’s smile contained sarcasm. 

  “He’s one of us, yet you’ve abandoned your ancestors. Jian Wuyi, you’re not worthy of the Draconis House of Jian.” Xuanyuan Dao slowly stretched out his hand, wrapping his thick palm around the Photondragon."There’s no point in saying all this now. How meaningless." 

  Pointing outside, Jian Wuyi said, "So Fang Taiqing escaped with the Sterling House of Fang. Congratulations, you’ve become the only sect master of Archaion. If you don’t take command of the sect’s army, you’ll all be dead." 

  “Leave and allow you to enter Xuanyuan Lake?" Xuanyuan Dao's eyes were bloodshot. As he spoke, he pulled the Photondragon from the ground, the weapon’s brilliant starlight dazzling Jian Wuyi's eyes. 

  “Don't worry, I’m only going to take away the Hexapath Sword Insight Rock that belongs to the Jian clan. I won't touch your goddess. Go lead your army. I’ll take my people away, and from now on we’ll have nothing to do with each other. We each take what we need, no hard feelings, right?" Within Jian Wuyi’s cold voice, madness was breeding. 

  “Jian Wuyi, they say that when a repressed man finally does something crazy, he’s in a state of excitement. Aren’t you going to challenge me while you’re all riled up?” Raising the Photondragon, Xuanyuan Dao pointed the weapon at Jian Wuyi. 

  “I do have that thought. But since you have the Photondragon, I’ll forget about it. We can keep going like this. Let’s see who has more time.” Jian Wuyi pointed to the last four layers of the formation that were on the verge of collapse. 

  “You shameless bastard!” 

  Xuanyuan Dao bowed slightly, his legs trembling as he raised the Photondragon and charged towards Jian Wuyi.

  “I won’t say anything about teaching you a lesson on behalf of your ancestors. All I want to do is kill you! I have enough time to kill a ruthless, unconscionable villain like you!” 

  Xuanyuan Dao’s roar resembled lightning striking the ground.

  In response, Jian Wuyi furrowed his brows.

  "It's fine. We’ll just waste some time. With no one presiding over the situation, he’ll have to leave eventually." Jian Wuyi exchanged a meaningful look with Jian Wufeng and Jian Qingyuan. 

  Eyes cold, the three joined hands and attacked together. They each possessed swordbeasts, so their lifebound beasts could merge with their swords. Not only could they demonstrate their abilities via their swords, their explosive powers were greatly enhanced. Although it seemed like there were merely three of them, they each had several lifebound beasts within their swords. 

  The moment they clashed, two enormous dragons shot out from Xuanyuan Dao’s left and right side. They were his lifebound beasts, which had been lying dormant nearby. These two dragons—one gold and the other black—possessed more than nine hundred and seventy stars in their eyes. Xuanyuan Dao's dragons, along with Dugu Jin’s blooddragons, were perhaps the four largest dragons in the Flameyellow Continent. 

  Although the Quadform seadragon king, Long Cangyuan, had four dragons, they certainly couldn’t compare to Xuanyuan Dao and Dugu Jin’s dragons in terms of strength. Pure and majestic, the gold dragon possessed the power and prestige of an emperor. When it was up in the air, golden mist permeated the sky and its roar shook the earth. It was known as the ancient regalsoul dragon. Dignified and imposing, the huge black dragon was not at all gloomy. Like a king of the night, it brought ease to the people. It was the darknight regalsoul dragon. 

  The two dragons symbolized the fair and honest, simple and kind, and fierce and loyal nature of the Xuanyuan clan, principles that had been inherited for over two hundred thousand years. Xuanyuan Yucheng and Xuanyuan Muxue had also inherited this character. In truth, this was the most important thing Great Emperor Xuanyuan had left to their clan. 

  This was also the reason the powerhouses of the Archaion Sect were more than willing to follow the Xuanyuan clan. For example, the Sterling House of Fang didn’t possess such qualities. 

  Now that the Fang and Jian Clans had either rebelled or fled, the powerhouses in Archaion, such as Yi Xingyin, still followed the Xuanyuan Clan and supported them on the battlefield, a testament to their clan’s prestige.

  The Archaic House of Xuanyuan wasn’t high profile at all. On the contrary, they had been plagued by disasters, stepped across life and death countless times, and experienced numerous ups and downs, yet they’d always risen once more relying only on their strong will. Only in this way had the Archaion Sect grown to such heights over the past two hundred millennia.

  A cautious and conscientious clan that requited evil with good and never resorted to shortcuts or cheap tricks. They might seem inflexible, but their passion, loyalty, and spirit of brotherhood never failed to attract true warriors and allies like Tianming. However, Jian Wuyi didn’t appreciate these qualities. 

  "In truth, I can't figure out why my clan should be loyal to a clan that’s inflexible and obstinate, and lacking in ambition and boldness for two hundred thousand years. The Jian clan has had many talents. Just by branching out, the Hexapath Sword God was born. Do you know what that means, Xuanyuan Dao? It means that the Xuanyuan clan isn’t worthy! The Jian clan doesn’t have to be as crazy as Nonahall, but we don’t have to be benevolent, righteous, and loyal, claiming to be on the right path, but weak and incompetent in reality!” 

  He had suppressed these thoughts for too long. At this moment, he couldn’t control himself and wanted to speak out. 

  “Xuanyuan Dao! Even an outsider like the Sterling House of Fang managed to climb on top of your heads. What are the descendants of Great Emperor Xuanyuan if not rubbish?” 

  With the sword in hand, Jian Wuyi collided with Xuanyuan Dao.

  The ancient regalsoul dragon and darknight regalsoul dragon slammed into Jian Wufeng and Jian Qingyuan, sending them ever closer to death. Even though both the Tribulation Artifact Hall palace lord and divine marshal were at the tenth death phase and their lifebound beasts were present, they were forced to retreat when facing the suppression of the two dragons. 

  Xuanyuan Dao rarely attacked, but when he did, it was powerful and unstoppable. 

  He chose not to respond to Jian Wuyi's heartless scorn. Perhaps he, too, was caught in the dilemma involving benevolence and righteousness. It was cruel to be betrayed by the people he had respected and trusted, whose actions might result in the sect’s total defeat. 

  “Jian Wuyi, no matter how unbearable the Xuanyuan clan is, your ancestors have followed us for two hundred thousand years. Today, my clan is in such desperate straits because of you. You’re to blame, it has nothing to do with us! You’re a cruel, unscrupulous dog, yet you dare question others for treating you well? How hilarious! When you’re dead, you can look for your father and ancestors for answers. Only then should you talk about right and wrong!” 

  Xuanyuan Dao understood that talking was meaningless. With the Photondragon in hand, he focused all of that boiling rage in his palms. 

  “Ancestors, Your Eminence, no matter how these villains sway our will, we’ll definitely find a way out!” 

  The Archaic House of Xuanyuan had never lacked faith.

  Outside Xuanyuan Lake, the Photondragon crossed with Jian Wuyi’s sword, causing a harsh grating noise to sound out. Their cultivation levels were equal; although the Photondragon had the advantage, Jian Wuyi had four great swordbeasts within his sword, which could almost make up for the disparity in weapons. 

  “You aren’t going to save them? Are you going to stubbornly remain here and waste your time with me?" Jian Wuyi was smiling, but he was anxious inside. 

  There wouldn’t be many opportunities for him to seize the Hexapath Sword Insight Rock. Xuanyuan Dao responded with the Photondragon. 

  Xuanyuan Skyshaker Art! In the air, the Photondragon shone with starlight. A golden light burst out of Xuanyuan Dao's third eye, transforming into a dragon that rushed toward Jian Wuyi. In that instant, the Photondragon turned into a dragon forged from thousands of stars. Tearing through the air, the dragon roared as it slammed into the traitorous former sect master. 

  Brows furrowed, Jian Wuyi flicked the sword in his hand and the swordbeasts within the Firmament Godsword burst forth. A series of blue lightning bolts resisted Xuanyuan Dao's ocular art. 


  After breaking through to this stage, the sword underwent manifold transformations. His gaze was icy.

  Wuyi Invisible Sword! With the invisible sword, a net consisting of sword ki was formed. The thousand-meter-long sword ki exploded, covering the sky and earth. 

  Dense threads of sword ki violently collided with the thousand-star dragon, resulting in fiery sparks. The Photondragon shattered the sword ki with a terrifying force and the impact pounded Jian Wuyi’s body. Spewing a mouthful of blood, the man collapsed to the ground. 

  Under the impact of the astral dragon, cracks appeared all over his body, including his face. He was dripping with blood; there was no doubt of his defeat. However, having just broken through, Jian Wuyi was filled with arrogance. Rising to his feet, he held his sword once more. 

  “Xuanyuan Dao, I didn't lose to you. I lost to the Photondragon!” His mouth was covered in blood. 

  “You’ve lost your entire life, yet you never cared about it before. Why should you care this time?" Xuanyuan Dao pointed out. 

  Jian Wuyi stared blankly as his brother, Jian Wufeng, and the divine marshal of the Arcana Sword Legion, Jian Qingyuan, were slain by the two dragons. At that moment, the two men and their lifebound beasts had perished in battle.

  “Pay for your sins!” 

  Without waiting for Jian Wuyi’s reply, Xuanyuan Dao struck once more. The stars shone brightly and Jian Wuyi’s brows were wrinkled together in a pronounced frown, a clear indication of his unwillingness. However, he had to admit that he’d been defeated. 

  “The Hexapath Sword Insight Rock will have to wait.” 

  As long as the Jian clan continued growing, there was hope of obtaining the Hexapath Sword Insight Rock. The situation was constantly changing. Perhaps the Nine Dragon Formation would be destroyed next. Jian Wuyi might still have a chance. 

  With that thought, he made his decision. Right when Xuanyuan Dao came for him, he turned and fled. Although Jian Wufeng had been his blood brother, Jian Wuyi left without so much as a backward glance.