Chapter 919 - Imperial Son Versus Fang Taiqing

  "The imperial son is the second coming of the founding ancestor!"

  "With him here, it's like Great Emperor Xuanyuan himself is standing with us! What do we have to fear?"

  Everyone’s fervent confidence in Tianming was unwavering. By now, they had basically deified him in their minds, something that would no doubt boost their morale and efficacy in battle. The catch was that he couldn't afford to fail at all. The moment he did, the whole army might just collapse.

  Soon, the ground began rumbling. The army of the Flameyellow Imperial Sect was shouting their war cries, applying quite a lot of pressure to the fighters in Xuanyuan Lake. When Tianming had announced the truth about the specters, he only mentioned that there were treasures, but not how many he had. As a result, it was something the enemy feared.

  "Let's hope the third-origin tribulation tomes will be able to hold Dugu Jin back long enough for me to take on Fang Taiqing!" Beside Tianming, Ying Huo, Meow Meow, Lan Huang, and Xian Xian all appeared. The gigantic tree took root in Xuanyuan Lake itself. It was now so huge that it could cover the entire battlefield, and it would be responsible for supporting the six hundred thousand troops on their side. Lan Huang, on the other hand, stood at the vanguard with its Kilofold Rings spinning as it roared.

  "The grand battle is here! Descendants of Xuanyuan Xi, unite to face our enemies against the agents of the specters! Defend our home!"


  The loud roar shook the waters of Xuanyuan Lake. Currently, the snow was stronger than ever. The blizzard was so powerful that everyone's sight was slightly obscured. Not only that, the whooshing winds could be heard throughout. Amidst such an atmosphere, Di Zang and his lifebound beast, the hell soulbeast, appeared. The former charged straight for Xuanyuan Dao while his beast moved about underground and clashed with Xian Xian's roots.

  Almost immediately, the fight between the two titans began! However, Xian Xian's roots did prove to be quite an obstacle for the beast. Li Caiwei's Dreamheart World was also projected underground to affect the beast mentally.

  Xuanyuan Dao, on the other hand, had prepared the Nine Dragon Formation in anticipation of Di Zang's arrival. Di Zang had come with the resolution to go all out. Both Xuanyuan Dao and Li Caiwei could only take on either Di Zang or Dugu Jin, not both at the same time. Given the urgency of stopping the specters from returning, Di Zang was naturally their priority.

  The nine dragons of the formation immediately intercepted Di Zang, but that consequently meant that Dugu Jin and his sect would face no resistance. After a loud roar, the eight hundred thousand troops charged toward Xuanyuan Lake from all directions. Dugu Jin led from one side while Fang Taiqing came from another.

  The sect masters that held the third-origin tribulation pattern tomes were stationed where Dugu Jin was coming from. Perhaps with their six hundred thousand troops, they might yet slow down the enemy's momentum somewhat. Tianming's mission was to kill Fang Taiqing, one of their peak elites. As for Qin Fengyang, Changsun Shenqiong, and the rest, they didn't play much of a role in this battle. The moment Fang Taiqing entered the formation, Tianming locked on to him and vice versa. Fang Taiqing was armed with his spear, the Seven Punctures Phoenix King.

  "Haha!" he chuckled, and Tianming echoed the baleful sound. With so much rage and hate in his heart, Tianming didn't want to waste time saying a single word to him. He couldn't risk letting Dugu Jin cause more trouble than he already had.

  Fang Taiqing was wary of Tianming since he had previously failed to kill him. He had a feeling that Tianming had to die at all costs, otherwise none of his plans would ever work out. "You're nothing but an obstacle to the Sterling House of Fang!"

  Fang Taiqing charged in with his three phoenixes as countless others watched the duel begin. In recent days, rumors of Tianming's cultivation had spread throughout Xuanyuan Lake. They all wondered what kind of power he would display in this fight, and how it would change the tide of battle.

  Tianming had to win for the sect to have any hope at all. Otherwise, either the specters would return or Dugu Jin would take over the world. Tianming knew better than anyone how heavy the burden that rested on his shoulders was. He alone carried the hopes of the entire Flameyellow Continent!

  Everyone in the sect considers me to be the reincarnation of the founding ancestor and is willing to give their all to me! Since the four sects were willing to give up on their homes to fight here with us to their deaths, I’ll risk my life and not disappoint them! Fang Taiqing, just die already! His eyes burned with searing passion during the battle.

  "Go!" Apart from Xian Xian, who was supporting the army, the rest of Tianming’s lifebound beasts were fighting by his side. Meow Meow immediately turned into its Regal Chaosfiend form. Now, both he and Fang Taiqing had three beasts fighting alongside them.

  "Brothers, let’s make a bet!" Tianming said.

  "What bet?" Ying Huo asked excitedly.

  "The one who takes out his enemy the last will have to eat a pile of shit!"

  "That's too harsh…… but I like it!" Meow Meow said.

  "I want in on it too……" Lan Huang said weakly.

  "Damn, just one pile? Tortoise Bro is so huge that’s barely a speck of dust! I, on the other hand, would have to spread it across three meals!" Ying Huo snapped.

  "So you think you'll lose then?" Tianming said.

  "No way! I'll take your bet, dammit!" Ying Huo immediately charged toward one of Fang Taiqing's phoenixes.

  "Chicken Bro, that's cheating! Wait for me!" Meow Meow quickly followed suit.

  They were communing telepathically, so that discussion happened in a flash. Speaking of which, they hadn't had a life and death battle in a long time. Tianming felt his blood boiling; he was almost intoxicated by this feeling. He was relishing in his hate and anger for Fang Taiqing and was already fantasizing about slapping the face of a peak elite like him. He couldn't wait to smack his face swollen.

  Fang Taiqing used to have four phoenixes, but one had died, so only three remained. Their colors now corresponded to his hair, namely green, white, and red.

  The blazing white phoenix was an aether white phoenix. The crimson fiery phoenix was a grand arcana phoenix. The green one was a clearflare chaos phoenix. All three of them had more than nine hundred stars. Fang Taiqing was also an expert in Infernal Will. With his robe and hair fluttering about and his spear in his hand, his sharp eyes didn't look sinister at all. Instead, his gaze seemed incredibly cold. The blazing aura coming from his body made sure that nobody could doubt his status as the second most powerful person alive.

  Soon, they clashed as everyone watched.