Chapter 925 - High-Pressure Jet

  Tianming spotted Lin Xiaoxiao fighting the Archaionfiend. "It's her again……"

  Seeing that made him feel rather relieved. It seemed that she hadn't let him down after all. He wouldn't dare to imagine what kind of peril Ouyang Jianwang and the rest would be in if Lin Xiaoxiao hadn’t stopped the Archaionfiend.

  "Jiang Wuxin already has one key, and now the Archaionfiend is back and recovered. It must definitely be after the other key!" That realization immediately sent chills down his spine and reminded him of what he saw from Fatesteal.

  The first vision he had was one of the Archaionfiend, while the second was Jiang Wuxin. The Archaionfiend had almost destroyed Tianming City, while Jiang Wuxin was one of the main enemies at the battle of Taiji Peak Lake. However, they were each pointing to a key. In other words, the ones Tianming really had to be careful of were those two. He’d thought that he was revealing the arcane secrets of fate that pertained to Tianming City, but little did he know that they were actually referring to what was happening now.

  "Once Jiang Wuxin and the Archaionfiend get the keys, the specters will return to the human realm!"

  As Feng Qingyu wasn't able to kill Jiang Wuxin for good, and Dugu Jin and Fang Taiqing drew most of the attention, Tianming had been distracted from the plot that would ruin humanity.

  "So you had someone else ready to grab the other key for you?!" Dugu Jin abruptly turned to Di Zang, panicking.

  Tianming was also desperate. "Let's fight after we kill the specters first!" Tianming yelled.

  Dugu Jin was furrowing his brow even more. While he was indeed worried about the specters' return, how could he take Tianming down without Di Zang? What he wanted was for both Tianming and Di Zang to die! He wasn't able to accept Tianming's offer at all. Though he wanted to hold off and watch the situation at Soulburn Hall first, since it wouldn't be too late for him to act if Lin Xiaoxiao really couldn't hold on, Tianming couldn't wait! The specters were a much higher priority for him than Dugu Jin.

  The appearance of the Archaionfiend had truly complicated the situation beyond imagination. The more Tianming wanted to go to Soulburn Hall, the more Di Zang tried intercepting him. Right now, he couldn't afford to make that gamble. "Xiaoxiao, you really have to hold on……"

  "What about us?" Ying Huo asked with an angry look as it perched on his shoulders.

  "Kill them all!" Tianming decided, fully confident in his abilities. Di Zang was trying to stop him, while Dugu Jin was trying to drag things out. No matter what, he just had to kill both of them and settle it once and for all.

  "That's exactly what I was thinking!"

  Tianming and his beasts were all there. Combined with Feiling, they were in peak fighting form. He exchanged glances with all of them, fighting with their hearts united. This was something Lin Xiaoxiao could only envy.

  From Xuanyuan Lake, Lan Huang used Primordial Soundwave on their foes, namely Di Zang, his beast, Dugu Jin, and his two dragons. Meanwhile, Xian Xian took root in the lake and spread its countless black roots all over, causing its three flowers to bloom. Then Radiant Vines began spreading out. At the very top of the Evernight Rose, countless starry sparkles began to spread.

  "I'm already full! Now it's just killing!" Xian Xian's spiritform said, appearing in front of Tianming in its blood lily fighting form. It was engaged with Di Zang's hell soulbeast, their appendages fighting for domination of Xuanyuan Lake. The hell soulbeast's spiky tentacles wrapped around Xian Xian's vines and roots in an attempt to consume it. However, Xian Xian returned the favor, and even used its roots to tear through its opponent’s body. It was a bloody battle between the two beasts, but Xian Xian had the advantage of the Greenspark Tower, allowing it to maintain an edge despite being slightly weaker. All the wounds it suffered would only be temporary, while the hell soulbeast's were permanent!

  "Meow Meow, help Xian Xian!" Tianming calmly assigned their roles based on their individual specialties. Ying Huo was a sneaky, hard hitter, while Lan Huang was a gigantic shield, but their combined power was greater than the sum of their parts. Lan Huang was even tougher as well, thanks to the Greenspark Tower's constant regeneration. It alone was bigger than the two blood dragons combined, allowing Ying Huo to hide among its Kilofold Rings unseen.

  Perhaps due to the bloodline of legendary dragons, the ancient bloodvoid dragons were really proud. Lan Huang was far too young, in comparison to them, so they believed they held an absolute advantage. While they acknowledged that Tianming was strong, they didn't think much of Lan Huang.

  "You're just two little worms! What's with the posturing? You think you look really cool being all bloody and red? Look at my Tortoise—I mean Dragon Bro! That's what a real dragon looks like! You're just two worms that know how to squirm around in the sky! Come into the water and wrestle with Dragon Bro! Let's see who's the most powerful dragon!" Ying Huo taunted with its wings at its waist.

  "Are you daft?" said one of the blood dragons.

  "I outgrew childish provocation tactics like that when I was two years old," said the other. They merely looked down coldly from high above.

  "Chicken Bro, why aren’t those two old husks coming down? Are they afraid I'll crush their balls?" Lan Huang asked naively.

  "Of course not. Their old balls have long dried up and shriveled up. There's nothing left to crush," Ying Huo nonchalantly said.

  "Ah, that's too bad. I thought they looked rather impressive. Who knew they were ball-less freaks? Even Cat Bro has balls!" Lan Huang's booming voice made its whisper sound no different from an outright proclamation.

  "That's normal. You're too young, brother. We call dragons like them ball-less dragons. They're as cowardly as mice. They wouldn't dare to make a sound even if I cursed their ancestors," Ying Huo said.

  "Oh, I can totally see that. Compared to the ugly, puny worms, you’re far more handsome!"

  "Hey, keep that to yourself! Don't hurt their feelings! Besides, ugly dragons like them wouldn't understand the woes of being as handsome as me." Ying Huo patted Lan Huang's head and continued, "Brother, since they aren't coming down, let's show them your high-pressure piss jets. I bet old folks like them can't remotely do the same."

  "Alright!" Lan Huang turned around, drank gallons of water, and shot its urine skyward with impressive force and precision. Before the two dragons could react, they were splattered all over their faces.