Chapter 927 - Ninefold Slaughter Tower

  Dugu Jin wasn't wary for no reason. He knew Tianming's rise to prominence far too well for it to be a mistake. It took him only one or two years to grow from a sky saint into one of the top three most powerful elites on the continent. If I give him another half a month, he might even rival a god. To some degree, even he believed that Tianming was the reincarnation of Great Emperor Xuanyuan. If I don't kill him for good today, even if I exterminate Xuanyaun Lake, I'll only be at the top of the Flameyellow Continent for a month at most!

  He would work with Di Zang to kill Tianming first, before turning on him and facing off against Jiang Wuxin and the Archaionfiend as well to stop the specters from returning. At the very least, he could be sure that Xuanyuan Dao, Li Caiwei, and the rest would work on his side to hold Jiang Wuxin back. Lin Xiaoxiao would also do her best to stop the Archaionfiend. This is the only possible way for me to reign supreme!

  He no longer hesitated and surrounded Tianming with the specterized Di Zang. Unlike before, he was no longer stalling and was going all out! Fang Taiqing's death and his lifebound beasts fighting at a disadvantage had forced him to stall as an insurance policy at first. After all, the weaker two had to face off against the strongest by working together. Not to mention, it was clear to see that Dugu Jin's ancient bloodvoid dragons were faring rather badly against Tianming's lifebound beasts.

  Xian Xian's black roots had already wrapped around them and Lan Huang was engaging them in close combat, not letting them escape, not to mention Ying Huo's near-lethal ambushes. Every time it used the Hexapath Samsara Sword, the sword ki from the sword formation would tear at their flesh. Xuanyuan Lake had long been dyed red with their blood.

  The ancient bloodvoid dragon's ability, Bloodvoid Fiendsun, burned brightly within the lake, causing lots of water to steam away as a misty haze. Then, the explosion of the sun caused quite a number of buildings in the lake to be swallowed up by flames—even the Hexapath Sword Palace had collapsed. Lan Huang and Xian Xian had also suffered quite a lot of charring and perforation from the explosion and were bitten and clawed at by the dragons.

  "Foolish youngling, you'll learn true terror when you finally—aaaah!" One of the dragons was suddenly pelted by Ying Huo’s Sixpath Infernal Lotus as it was rambling. When the flames swallowed it, Ying Huo charged out and used Animacorpus Eradication to pierce its tongue while Infernal Blaze burned at its feathers. The flames exploded once Ying Huo retreated from the site.

  The dragon howled in pain after the blast, half of its head broken from the explosion. Its voice had changed completely. More importantly, Lan Huang's heads bit down on it and it started a death roll in the water, much like a crocodile. The poor dragon was dragged straight into the muddy depths of the lake, being ground by the Kilofold Rings in the process.

  "Move aside!" The other dragon was anxious and used Ninefold Slaughter Tower. Its body was set alight with bloody flames as it seemed to turn into a tall, burning tower that tore through the lake water toward Lan Huang. The ability combined with the dragon's amazing physical capabilities, making it a rather powerful attack that seemed like it would be able to crush Lan Huang's head.

  But then, Xian Xian's Radiant Vines wrapped around the spinning tower. Even though the vines burned away into ash, Xian Xian still managed to drag the dragon away. Then, countless Bloodrain Swords shot into the tower and exploded. Ying Huo also appeared at the same time and used the Ninesky Beastsoul Formation, targeting nine spots on the tower and causing endless carnage.

  That dragon's reinforcement attempt had been intercepted by Ying Huo and Xian Xian. In fact, it had even suffered a heavy blow from Ninesky Beastsoul Formation, too. Had Ying Huo been the size of the aether white phoenix, it might have been able to kill the dragon, though that would also make it far less agile than it was now.

  Either way, the two dragons had been forced to the losing side since Xian Xian had joined the battle, much to their frustration. Even though they had wounded their enemies, such as the bone-deep wounds and the kui mountain on Lan Huang's back that seemed on the verge of breaking, they looked completely fine moments later. The Greenspark Tower's abilities were far beyond the dragons’ imagination.

  Tianming and all his beasts were able to make up for their lack of cultivation level with the many other methods at their disposal. It was only a matter of time before Dugu Jin's beasts lost, something that made him even more anxious. While Di Zang had grown even stronger after the hell soulbeast died, the same couldn't be said for Dugu Jin. Losing either of his dragons would extinguish his hopes of ascending to godhood for good!

  Tianming's beasts' constant barrage on the two dragons had finally forced Dugu Jin into a corner. He was already far too powerful. Based on his performance, even if Dugu Jin didn't interfere, Tianming and his beasts would be enough to kill Di Zang. After that, Tianming would no doubt go to kill the Archaionfiend, then he would definitely come for Dugu Jin. Kill him, kill him! he howled in his mind.

  Di Zang also considered Tianming a target he had to kill no matter what. The two strongest fighters on the Flameyellow Continent working together against a shared enemy was a terrifying prospect. But strictly speaking, Tianming wasn't taking the two of them on alone. He had Meow Meow and Feiling helping him out.

  "Make sure to hold Di Zang back for me!" Tianming instructed. Di Zang could use abilities and battle arts at the same time, and also had four weapons to choose from. Comparatively, Dugu Jin was the weaker one, especially with his lifebound beasts out of the picture. Since he was being ganged up on, he decided to go after the weaker link first!

  Meow Meow, now in its cat form, countered Di Zang with its abilities from a long range. Chaos Disaster, Misty Hellthunder, Soulchasing Hellthunder, and all of its other abilities were launched against the specterized ghoul king. At the same time, Feiling applied Temporal Field to the whole area and focused Temporal Lock on Di Zang, slowing down the already gigantic and bumbling figure even more. She also erected most of Millennium Fortress's walls around Di Zang, ensuring that he would have to break through the walls to get to Tianming no matter which direction he picked. In such a chaotic fight for life, letting the four-armed Di Zang, who could use both abilities and battle arts, approach Tianming was a really bad idea, so Feiling used everything she had to keep him at bay, constantly erecting new Spatial Walls no matter how many Di Zang shattered.

  "Hold him back!"

  "Meow Meow, he's over here!"

  Tianming trusted those two with his back. Lin Xiaoxiao was still barely holding on; Tianming saw that she was covered entirely in blood, but she didn't give way to the Archaionfiend one bit. Her wild, unyielding attitude was almost like his own, but no matter how stubborn she was, her fall was only a matter of time! Given these circumstances, Tianming had the soul servant use the Prime Tower to harass Di Zang while he chased down Dugu Jin with his pair of swords. He didn't have to care about Di Zang at all and was focusing his full attention on Dugu Jin.

  He crossed blades with Dugu Jin's Godbane countless times. Dugu Jin was a level above Tianming in terms of cultivation, sending sparks flying every time his Godbane struck the swords. Soon, he began smirking when he noticed that Tianming saw him as the weaker link. The more desperate he seemed, the happier he felt. "Well, show me what you're made of then! Aren't you really capable?"

  Godbane exploded with force as he ferociously doubled down on the barrage. "Is that all you have to offer?" he mocked.

  Among his many techniques, his most powerful was the Deicide Mantra. The third eye on his forehead that had absorbed the power of the Blooddragon Sealing Formation was also something to be wary of, and his explosive barrage of attacks was incredibly hard to defend against.

  The sight of their battle was so epic that it stunned everyone at Xuanyuan Lake. Tianming, now protected by the Dragonhide, was seemingly surrounded by tens of thousands of dragons. The Imperealm Sword Formation also raged on beside him. He was now in peak fighting form. Even so, Di Zang lived up to his name as someone who used to be the strongest fighter on the continent, and Dugu Jin was also deserving of his title as the first sect master of the Flameyellow Imperial Sect. The two were old and experienced fighters, and they could easily coordinate with each other with but a single glance.

  Just as Dugu Jin was about to corner Tianming, Di Zang used four peak battle arts to shatter Feiling’s Millennium Fortress. Even being slowed by Temporal Lock, he managed to rush to Tianming's back rapidly. The four battle arts that used four different weapons were namely Ghostly Bladeworks, Cherry Blossom's Dreamlance, Grandslaughter Soulsword, and Ninefirmament Skyslash Halberd. Di Zang had executed them all at once; a feat far more impressive than using two Grand-Orient Swords independently.

  Ghostly Bladeworks made the blade really hard to follow even after it was slowed down by Temporal Lock. Cherry Bloosom's Dreamlance, on the other hand, seemed instilled with a hallucination in the form of a landscape with countless cherry blossom petals falling. Grandslaughter Soulsword was the most ferocious attack, one that threatened to bind his soul, and was targeted toward Tianming's head. Finally, Ninefirmament Skyslash Halberd came striking down from the sky with a force that was enough to break through nine layers of heaven.