Chapter 948 - Totem: Moonfiend!

  “Woah, trying to scare me? Everyone’s been placing you on such a pedestal that I’ve wanted to see what you can do!” Huiye Shi said.

  “I hope you’ll keep your promise.”

  “At least I won’t keep saying ‘Let’s go!”. If I lose, it’ll just prove I was right and you’re an unpolished gem.”

  “Very well!”

  The two had similar thoughts. Both were confident that they could win.

  While Huiye Shi recognized Tianming’s talent, she was deeply aware of the gap between the dregs of power settling down on the Welkin plane and the stellunar source.

  “I heard your rootbeast race’s lifebound beasts are interesting. Show them to me!” Huiye Shi said.

  “You don’t have lifebound beasts?” Tianming was surprised. Without lifebound beasts or stars in their eyes, it meant they didn’t have the abilities beasts had.

  “Ignorant. You think everyone is from the rootbeast race? We of the divine moonrace naturally have better ways. Who wants to cultivate with some filthy animals?” Huiye Shi said disdainfully.

  “Eh. Then please let me witness it.” Ying Huo and Meow Meow popped out.

  Lan Huang and Xian Xian were still with Feiling, protecting her.

  “These are your lifebound beasts? Those two little things aren’t very useful apart from being cute, are they?” Huiye Shi was slightly disdainful. She believed that bigger lifebound beasts were more useful.

  “I agree, they’re useless.” Tianming took out the Grand-Orient Sword, then separated it into two. His white hair fluttered and his pupils emitted a dazzling radiance.

  “So dashing!” Huiye Shi felt her heart rate speeding up.

  Tianming had never expected a day where his appearance would bring him trouble. Perhaps the Primordial God-Emperor’s legacy was causing his aura to greatly change as he improved his Imperial Will. He was completely different from when he was at Vermilion Bird; his bearing and looks were indeed extraordinary.

  “Li Tianming, do you know what totems are?” As Huiye Shi spoke, she took out a thin saber the shape of a crescent moon from her spatial ring.

  Power flowed on the divine artifact’s surface. It was from the same origin as Huiye Shi and was most likely made of stellunar source.

  “I don’t.” Tianming shook his head.

  “That’s why I said you were ignorant.” Huiye Shi was pleased. “Watch closely. Your lifebound beasts are nothing compared to my totems!”

  Huiye Shi’s long hair and skirt fluttered as her body was covered by specks of light.

  “Let the terra return and the totem descend!

  “Floating in the four seas, moonlight shines, the darkness advances—Moonfiend, appear!” Huiye Shi stabbed her saber into the icy ground and some kind of shocking power was released.

  “You actually have to recite some chant? Don’t you feel stupid?” Tianming snorted.

  “That was for you to hear.” Huiye Shi smiled sweetly. At that moment, her totem, Moonfiend, was born! Thread-like moonlight energy gushed out from the surface. When it covered the icy ground, the ice suddenly cracked apart. Giants, several dozen meters tall, began appearing. They were all ‘female goddesses’ clad in long robes! They towered high, and each of them had silvery white hair. They were all carrying sabers as well.

  When Tianming closely inspected them, they didn’t have a bottom half. There were just threads of energy that connected them to Huiye Shi. It made them look like they had grown out of her body. They weren’t material, but were closer to Feiling or Xian Xian’s spiritual bodies.

  Spiritual bodies were in between souls and fleshy bodies. They could exist in the real world, unlike souls, and even had miraculous abilities. They could likely attack and use powers, and may not be limited to spiritual attacks.

  “This is a totem?” Tianming could tell these totems were Huiye Shi’s strongest combat strength.

  “Have your horizons broadened?”

  “What’s the principle?”

  “It’s useless to tell you. Follow me to the Divine Moon Realm and I’ll slowly explain to you. You just need to know that it’s my race’s strongest talent. Its essence is that it’s formed from the terra of our soul that’s around our bodies being broken off. There’s millions of types of totems. Your symbiotic cultivation means your talent and cultivation is limited by your beasts. You can’t even imagine how strong our totems are!”

  “You’re still not twenty-five. If you hurry, perhaps we can use the divine moon radiance to break off part of your terra and form a totem to help you fight!” Huiye Shi said arrogantly.

  Despite her arrogance being annoying, Tianming did admit the five totems had broadened his horizons.

  “A special spiritual body?” The vastness of the world really was unfathomable.

  “In Orderia, our divine moonrace’s ancestral race, the celestial orderian race, is the source of totems! Follow me, and maybe you’ll have the chance to go to Orderia and witness our celestial orderian race’s glory! It doesn’t matter if you throw away your useless lifebound beasts!”

  “Oh.” Tianming smiled coldly. “Brothers, you’re being looked down on. What should we do?” Tianming asked.

  “What? Of course we should teach her a lesson!” Ying Huo rolled its eyes.

  “Then go wild!” Tianming had been stressed for over ten days, and he now finally had the chance to vent.


  When Huiye Shi saw the fierce gleam in his eyes, she grew even more excited. This is how someone who will accomplish great things should act! It’ll be fine to make him suffer a bit now. She lifted up her saber and the five totems made their move.

  While Huiye Shi’s figure seemed delicate, her combat prowess was high. She shot toward Tianming and unleashed miraculous battle arts that were ever-changing.

  Everywhere her saber went, moonlight shone! It was obviously a divine-class battle art that was on par with the Hexapath Samsara Sword Art. When she attacked, the totems by her side used the same battle art. However, their larger size made the attack more intimidating. Their nature as spiritual bodies seem to make their attack both physical and spiritual.

  The sea of ice split apart in the wake of her saber, and Tianming felt like the entire world had been sealed by Huiye Shi and her totems.

  He smiled in response.

  Ying Huo and Meow Meow had already made their moves. They charged at Huiye Shi, unleashing their abilities. Lightning and fire entangled her and exploded.

  Soulshaker Eye! Tianming began with this move. He couldn’t be bothered to be polite and quickly donned the Dragonhide, reaching his peak battle state.

  He charged into the fray as well, unleashing the Asura Fiendgod Formation. Sword ki spawned into the area, converging into two fiendgods that were even larger than the totems. The violent attack was even more powerful than the time it had killed Dugu Jin.

  The two fiendgods attacked the five totems.

  At the same time, Ying Huo had already circled behind Huiye Shi. “Looking down on me? Eat my sword!”

  Huiye Shi moved even quicker. The Moonfiends weren’t completely crushed by the asura fiendgods, so they managed to block Ying Huo’s attack.

  Then lightning flashed as Chaos Disaster fell from the skies. While there were five totems, none could block it.

  It was a three-pronged attack.

  “Break!” Huiye Shi finally managed to break the Asura Fiendgod Formation.

  But Ying Huo engaged her again, using the Ninesky Beastsoul Formation. One of the moonfiends was pierced through by its sword ki.

  “You!” Huiye Shi shouted. She waved her saber to disperse Ying Huo’s attack, shaking in fury.

  However, the real threat ripped right through a moonfiend and reached her eyes.


  A massive fist collided with her face.

  Shrieking, Huiye Shi’s face was covered in blood as she crashed into the ground. She slid for over five hundred meters and smashed into a mountain of ice.

  “It hurts!” She couldn’t open her eyes, and her face was stinging with pain. Even her nose was broken. She was shaking with fury as she climbed to her feet. However, she suddenly felt a slap to the face that sent her flying into the sea, all the way to the seabed.

  “I… I….” Huiye Shi suddenly started crying.

  She forced her eyes open and saw that her opponent had appeared at the seabed.

  “Why did you go for the face!”

  “Because your face is too—” Tianming said.

  “AHHH!!!” It was a fatal blow.

  The Grand-Orient Sword pressed down on her saber, forcing Huiye Shi’s mouth to meet the unforgiving seabed.

  “Are we still fighting?” Tianming asked.

  “No, no!” Huiye Shi said, flustered.

  “So, are lifebound beasts or totems more powerful?”

  “Of course our totems… but you’re passable!” she said.

  “You still have that sense of superiority?” Tianming’s sword pressed down.

  “I don’t dare!” Huiye Shi had mentally collapsed.

  “You have status, so don’t go back on your word. You can’t leave for three months,” Tianming said viciously as he put away his sword. He refused to believe that, after conquering a continent, he couldn’t handle one Huiye Shi.

  “I’m not leaving. Not until I get you!”

  “There’s something wrong with your brain!” Tianming scolded before leaving.