Chapter 988 - Granny Yuehe

  Now that Huiye Shi's parents had been killed, nobody knew that Tianming came from the Flameyellow Continent, nor remembered Huiyue Yin's death. As such, Tianming felt safe showing powers on the level of an ascendant.

  "Haha, are you three losers? How could you be defeated by him even though your levels are much higher than him? Don't you feel shameful? If it were me I'd have left crying to avoid more embarrassment! If you dare harass him in the future, I’ll let him cut your hands off! You were the ones who instigated this in the first place! If we get our seniors to settle this, you'll be the ones judged to be at fault!" Huiye Shi roared, much to the three's embarrassment and anger. Either way, they weren't able to overpower Tianming anyway.

  "What are you boasting about? So what if you got a wild man who's centuries old? Aren't you ashamed? If I were his age, he wouldn't be fit to even serve as my shoes! I thought too highly of you, your tastes are actually this crappy. Women like you who sleep with dogs and pigs aren't a good fit for me! Scram!" Huiyue Yu argued back.

  "Haha, if he's dog feed, you're someone who can't even match up to dogs and pigs!" she snapped back. When it came to arguing, she had never been one to pull punches. She then hugged Tianming's arm, blew a raspberry at the three, and left.

  "Wait!" Huiyue Yu fumed. Right as he spit out a mouthful of blood, a middle-aged man in blue appeared beside Huiyue Yu. It was his father, Huiyue Hai, Huiyue Du's cousin.

  "Shishi," Huiyue Hai said.

  "What is it, Uncle Hai?" Huiye Shi asked. The divine moonrace placed lots of importance in customs and hierarchy, so she didn't dare snap at him.

  "We convened at the council yesterday and it's been decided that you will come under my guardianship, now that my cousin is dead. I’ll be in charge of your cultivation and growth from now on." Huiyue Hai sighed at the mention. "Your father has given me much guidance since my childhood, and I’m really grateful to him, and sorry for what happened to him. The least I can do is to make sure to set you on the right path instead of letting you go astray. You’ll move to Haiyue Mansion and I’ll personally oversee your cultivation until you turn fifty."

  Huiye Shi blanked out for a moment and shook her head. "No need. I'm not a child and I can take care of myself."

  "Nonsense! You're still young and reckless. If I don't make sure you hold up to the rules, how can I face your father in the next life? No matter how much you hate me for it, I have to correct your course."

  "What’re you talking about? I don't want to live with you! I have my own place! I want to live my own life!" As she spoke, tears began flowing.

  "This is the decision of the council. If you have anything against it, bring it up to them. Your parents rendered great service to Huiyue City, and you’re their direct descendant. Nobody wishes for you to waste your life with those unworthy of you."

  "I don't need your pity! I'm living a good life!" She didn't want to hear anymore and pulled Tianming with her.

  Some seniors nearby advised Huiyue Hai to let her calm down first. "It isn't appropriate to rush such things."

  "That's right. Children are rebellious at her age. You have to be more patient with them."

  "The only worry is if she gets led astray by others! I really would've disappointed my cousin then," Huiyue Hai said. "Everyone, Shishi's really disobedient, and for that, I’ll ground her and teach her what's right."

  "Do what you please. It was the council's decision, after all."

  "Thank you for all your understanding." Then, Huiyue Hai headed toward Huiye Shi, seemingly wanting to grab her to go with him. He was at least as powerful as Liu Yizhao. He grabbed her by her arm and casually pushed Tianming smashing into a wall.

  "Let me go!" she raged.

  "Come home with me."

  "You aren’t my dad! You have no right to lord over me! Save me! Save me!" She didn't have any way to resist his power at all; her shrieks reverberated throughout the area.

  At that moment, an old, yet gentle voice rang out from the street in the distance. "Huiyue Hai, let her go. The child has grown up. It’s her choice what she wants to do."

  The others turned toward the voice and greeted her with respect. "Granny Yuehe."

  The moment Huiyue Hai saw her, he let Huiye Shi go. Respectfully, he said, "Yes, Granny. I was merely concerned."

  "Who knows whether you're trying to get back at Huiyue Du through his daughter?" she said plainly. She was someone of advanced age. Once the divine moonrace reached the Ascension stage, they would be able to live up to a thousand years. The old woman with the cane was at least seven centuries old, and at her age, much of her cultivation had diminished. But despite being far past her prime, she held high prestige as an elder of the divine moonrace.

  Hearing her words, Huiyue Hai grimaced. "Granny, you misunderstand my intentions."

  "Misunderstand? I'm old, but not senile. Hours before Huiyue Du's death, I heard that you fought with him over your children's engagement. Haven't you always felt that he looked down on you? I find it really suspect that you suddenly stood up to be such a caring uncle all of a sudden. I wasn't at the council yesterday, so the matter of your guardianship is void. You have no say over this child from now on."

  At her age, she had seen all sorts of things. Her words hit hard and made Huiyue Hai blush. His intentions had been completely laid bare.

  "Understood, Granny." Even though it was embarrassing, this was something he had involved himself in. Nobody asked him to take out his frustrations toward his late cousin on Huiye Shi, after all.

  Huiye Shi ran back to Tianming and fearfully looked at Huiyue Hai. Tianming stroked her on the back of her head to calm her down. "Who's that granny?"

  "She's the mother of the current clan leader of the Huiyue Clan. Even the clan leader listens to her," Huiye Shi said.

  "Then you're safe now. Go thank her."

  "Alright!" She nodded and ran to thank the old woman, tears and snot still on her face.

  The old woman treated her gently and turned to Tianming. Smiling, she asked, "So that’s the husband you picked for yourself? I've seen him fight. He seems decent. Where is he from?"

  "Granny, he is a human from the Soulwell Mountain under Yusheng City's jurisdiction. His lifebound beasts are formed with blood pacts. He's actually also one of the bane race, but he hasn't awakened his totems yet. He’s joined the divine moonrace and is already in our clan registry."

  Yusheng Luo had helped register Tianming in the registry, though Huiye Shi still wanted to formally introduce him, especially on the matter of blood pacts.