Chapter 1032 - Struggle to the Death

  Tianming held Ye Lingfeng’s shoulders with a strong grip. "I’ll do all I can to save you, but whether you survive this isn't just up to me. You will be the main factor. I want you to focus on saving yourself! No matter what it takes, resist the xenofiends and survive. We shouldn't disappoint those that care about us, got it? Qingyu and I are looking forward to reuniting with you. As long as you never give up to save yourself, nothing we do will be in vain. Don't just sit idly by and wait while I work hard outside to save you, alright? Don't let me down."

  He had no choice but to make it clear, as he was afraid Ye Lingfeng would give in. Even though he didn't understand the xenofiends, he knew they were definitely something very terrifying. He knew resisting them wouldn't be easy, but he still hoped that what he said could inspire Ye Lingfeng to resist his fate for the sake of survival.

  "Don't forget that you're the hope of all eighty thousand of your kin. They stand together with you. If you die, their hopes and dreams die with you. You bear a great burden, and those that do so can never give up so easily. You've come up from one hell already, so you shouldn't stay in another. You must strive toward the light to live out your life and all it has to offer, got it? Never die, never surrender. You’ve been chosen by the Primordial Demonlord too! If you can't even survive this predicament, that would end up becoming a joke! We’re both talented and possess amazing legacies. All we lack is a clan backing. Do you dare fight fate without giving up like me?"

  As his voice got louder, Ye Lingfeng's gaze slowly burned with passion. "I got it. I can't disappoint all of you." Those words had touched him the most. He knew that Tianming and the souls of his kin all cared about him. "I can't disappoint all of you, never! I’m not an isolated being! There’s people who care for me, like my brother and my kin!"

  He had been far too lonely. It took someone courageous and spirited like Tianming to spark the fire in his heart.

  "Feng……" Tianming stretched out his hand to hold Ye Lingfeng's. "Let's fight together like the time at the Divine Capital! Right now, we only managed to reunite as caeli. When we finally reunite for real, let's conquer the stars and travel the universe. No matter how many people become our enemies, we can never give up. You aren’t supposed to die like a coward in a corner without anyone else like this! The fact that you came out of the Infernal Soul Purgatory and obtained a legacy at the Tomb of the Ancients means that you’re destined to be someone amazing."

  "I don't want to become someone amazing. All I want to be is your weapon! I’ll kill anyone you tell me to, whether they be people, gods, or fiends! I won’t hesitate!" Ye Lingfeng declared. He seemed to have matured to have his own views and desires.

  "Do you think I'm some murderous maniac or something? I don't need a hitman. We only fight to make things better, right?"

  "That's right!" Ye Lingfeng agreed.

  "When you finally emerge from your predicament, let's go moon viewing."

  "The Divine Moon Realm is the moon, you know."

  "Then let's go sun viewing."

  Ying Huo couldn't help but butt in. "Oooh, sounds like a date…… A salacious rendezvous…… Which one of you will be the top? Who's the bottom? Who’ll be the one who moans the most?"

  Tianming had the urge to squash it flat. How could it ruin such a heartfelt moment like that?

  After that, he discussed future plans with Ye Lingfeng. When he left the wondersky realm, he would head straight to the Divine Moon Realm. Ye Lingfeng had no wondersky fairy of his own, so all he could do was move from one location to the other on the surface of the world butterfly.

  "Do you see that violet pagoda over there?" Tianming asked.


  "Just transfer yourself there. It's called Violetglory Tower. I spend quite a lot of time there."

  After awakening, the caelum would return to the body. Tianming would go back to the Flameyellow Continent, while Ye Lingfeng would remain in the xenomemory space. So, even if they could meet again, the only way for him to survive was to leave this world.


  "If you have nothing better to do, go to the Violetglory Pagoda. You'll at least be able to cultivate there. I'll go there every day to look for you," Tianming said.

  "Okay." After the lecture, Ye Lingfeng seemed to have dropped his fatalist attitude. When they first met, he seemed so dispirited that he didn't even look like he knew where he was going. But now there was a lighthouse that would guide him on the right path.

  "Wait for it, Feng. Your knight in shining armor will come riding with a two-headed tortoise to rescue you. After that, you’ll have ten thousand years of blissful love," Ying Huo added right before Tianming decided to wake up.

  "You little shit! When we get out, I'll push your face against Meow Meow's so you kiss!" Tianming snapped.

  "Forget it. I deserve better than that thing on your butt," Ying Huo said proudly.

  "Hey, Chicken Bro! What’d I do to deserve those insults? You're the one that's fully seasoned in Li Tianming's nether odor! I'm the one who should avoid you!" Meow Meow said.

  "Forget it. It's better we don't kill each other," Ying Huo said.

  Meanwhile, Xian Xian took up most of Tianming's body and watched the two beasts mess around with each other……

  Tianming returned from the wondersky realm and immediately told Feiling and Lin Xiaoxiao about ye Lingfeng.

  "Isn't that too coincidental? It's almost magical," Feiling said.

  "It is. However, we aren’t in the clear yet. Xenofiends are hard to deal with. I'm not sure how long he can last, so I have to go back to the Divine Moon Realm to see Sovereign Xi and judge what kind of person she is. Besides, I'm probably reaching Dipole Sky soon, so I need to go back and absorb stellunar source."

  That wasn't something that he could sit on, so he made his move swiftly. If he took too long, Ye Lingfeng could die.

  "Alright," Feiling assented.

  "Xiaoxiao, have your Archaionfiend take back the caeli of the divine moonrace from the Old Deepstar Path," Tianming instructed.

  "Got it." They would be taking the caeli with them just as a precaution.

  "When will you be able to return after you leave?" Xuanyuan Dao asked.

  "I'm not too sure. Don't worry, we can come and go as we please now. So if the specters cause trouble, use the transmission stone to notify the divine moonrace. Now, the specters have no elites among them, so they aren’t worth fearing. But Bodhi is a peak elite. However, he wouldn't care about the humans of the Flameyellow Continent at his level. As someone he has a grudge against, if I'm at the Divine Moon Realm, you should be safe here. However, I can't say for sure that the continent won't get involved. It's best to be on alert and prevent people from gathering in large numbers."

  "So we'll do it the old way then. Spread out and survive," Xuanyuan Dao agreed. They were already laying rather low to begin with.

  "When will all of this finally blow over?" Li Caiwei asked.

  "When Bodhi dies," Tianming said.


  It wasn't an easy matter. After he bade them farewell, he headed for the Divine Moon Realm together with Feiling and Lin Xiaoxiao……

  In the xenomemory space, a colorful butterfly flapped its wings in the void, scattering sparkling light in all directions, making a repetitive flapping sound.

  Ye Lingfeng took a deep breath as he awakened. In front of him was the three-headed six-armed soulfiend, looking at him with the head that had an expression of rage. There was a cold purple eye on the side of Ye Lingfeng's face that looked back at the soulfiend.

  "There's two now, huh……" It had begun spreading.