Chapter 1051 - Conditions for the Fifth to Hatch

  Tianming had killed the sovereign's younger brother, yet she didn't press him on it, but killed Yueshen Qi as well. She also offered to take him to the mooncore. What in the world did that mean? What was her endgame? Either way, it was plain to see that Tianming was once more wrapped up in her grasp. No matter what she's going to do, if I fall into her pace, I’ll only come closer and closer to oblivion.

  His attempt to flee had been a complete failure, so it didn't bode well for his future prospects. However, he still had two trump cards: the Prime Tower and his decapath era godswords. As long as he can survive, he still had a chance. Since the mooncore was the place he needed to be to rescue Ye Lingfeng, he wanted to check it out.

  "Let's go, then," Tianming said. Since she was here, he would pretend that all of this had nothing to do with him.

  "Keep up," she said as she flew toward the palace. That meant the pathway to the mooncore was within the palace grounds.

  Along the way, she said nothing. Soon, they arrived and Sovereign Xi descended to the Grandfowl Water Palace. When they reached the entrance, she turned and waved at Tianming, who quickly walked to her side.

  "Let's walk side by side."


  Soon, they reached the clear, moon-like lake that looked ever so dreamlike with the formation covering it.

  "Open." Her fingers pulsed with astralforce as a hole three-meters in width opened at the center of the lake. The sparkling lake water began flooding to the sides and looked nothing like blood at all.


  Her voice was as enchanting as ever. She walked with light steps as her dress flapped around her. The cut on the dress was pretty bold, allowing Tianming to see quite a lot. However, he had no reaction to it. She was as beautiful as a rose, but also just as thorny.

  Together, they approached the hole. Dense stellunar source was coming from within to the point that his astral discs began circulating. At that moment, Sovereign Xi took his hand and smiled. Like a normal girl in love, she took Tianming into the moon.

  They continued down along the passageway as stellunar source continued pouring out, pushing her skirt to head level. However, Tianming's gaze was affixed on the stellunar source coming from below rather than the tempting beauty beside him. They first passed through a thick layer of sand and stone, which was the crust of the Divine Moon Realm. Beneath it was where the stellunar source that fueled all life in the realm came from. There was something that separated the solid crust from the stellunar source that also prevented the lifeforms on the surface from being consumed by the rampaging power of the stellunar source. It was called the fusion formation.

  Fusion formations were key components that filtered fundamental cosmic forces for use by people. The creation of one required millions of years of time and effort. There were two types of formations in the astralscape of order that were considered to be most complex and tough. The most complex kind was the fusion formation, which served as the foundation of the utilization of nova sources, and the second was the astralguard formation.

  Fusion formations were far more important than astralguard formations. The Divine Moon Realm had an astralguard formation for use in war, but it couldn't stop Bodhi, who was already in the Divine Moon Realm.

  The deeper Tianming went, the brighter it got. The energy from the mooncore burst out like a geyser, flushing his face red. Sovereign Xi's skin was also a little raw and seemed to have the consistency of water. Then they came to a thick formation that prevented them from continuing downward.

  "So this is the fusion formation!"

  Tianming had breached the Skysource Hellshaker Formation before, which was already complex enough. But it was child's play compared to this. He saw billions of heavenly patterns constantly swimming across the formation's surface. When Sovereign Xi opened it and led him down, he noticed that the formation's thickness was more than fifty times that of the Skysource Hellshaker Formation. If it weren’t for that, it wouldn't be able to hold back the power of stellunar source.

  The Ninefold Hell is a dead star, but it used to be one of the stars in the astralscape of order. I wonder if its fusion formation is still around. There was only one way to find out: continue digging down. Right as that notion occurred to him, they passed through the formation and reached the real stellunar source. The sight completely shocked him. Nova and stellunar sources were keystones to life across the cosmos and considered ultimate treasures. He saw a boundless world filled with fundamental cosmic force. The fusion formation formed a pathway heading straight into the center of the stellunar source. They walked along the corridor like they were descending into a well, surrounded by the raw, rampaging energy outside.

  "If it weren’t for this fusion formation, the entire Divine Moon Realm would be swallowed up by its stellunar source." 

  One had to travel at least half the diameter of the moon to get to its core. As he traveled along the corridor, the energy seemed more and more volatile and dense. It was as if he was in a burning forge that constantly hammered to refine and reshape material that was put within it. Within his lifebound space, the grey egg and the remaining eggs that didn't have cracks on them shook a little after feeling the force.

  Tianming told Ying Huo, "Did you notice it? Fundamental cosmic forces like this stellunar source seem similar to spirit hazards."

  "That's right."

  Tianming secretly took the grey egg into his hand. Though it seemed enthusiastic at first, it soon mellowed and seemed a little hesitant about the stellunar source.

  "What's going on?" Tianming asked.

  Ying Huo explained, "We're already at the Ascension stage, so it takes energy as powerful as the stellunar source's to hatch the grey one. However, it isn’t the right element for it. In other words, there's some kind of fundamental cosmic force that has a similar element to what it needs."

  Meow Meow and the rest had all hatched by relying on spirit hazards. Now that he was a 'god', however, he might need a divine-grade spirit hazard to hatch the fifth egg. What he didn't expect was that fundamental cosmic forces would be an even better fit for hatching Primordial Chaos Beasts.