Chapter 1072 - Divine Will Origin, Primordial Gate

  Ye Lingfeng could no longer overthink it. All he wanted to do now was go to the wondersky realm and tell Tianming he was still alive. The xenomemory space was an incredibly lonely place to be in. All of his cries and roars merely echoed emptily throughout the void. He turned his reddened eyes toward the world of dreams and felt like his body was about to explode. However, he suddenly knew the path he should tread. Just like Tianming's path of becoming an emperor that he had inherited from the Primordial God-Emperor, Ye Lingfeng had found his path to fiendhood. The title of Primordial Demonlord wasn't just an empty one, after all.

  "Once I start, there's no turning back!" His breathing grew heavier and heavier as the xenofiends frolicked about in his body. However, they felt a sense of unease.

  "Die! All of you that are in my way, die!" He stood and opened his arms wide, covered entirely in eyes. Then something started changing near his heart. It started to spin and grind itself to dust, forming a dark void that continued expanding across his chest, piercing through his front and back from the inside. The bloody hole in his chest made it look like he had been staked. However, no blood flowed out of the hole. Instead, there was an eternally spinning vortex. What would have been fatal to most people actually didn't kill him.

  "Primordial Gate…… The divine will origin……" he said as he looked down at his chest. The vortex called a Primordial Gate had replaced his heart and he hadn’t felt any pain at all. A demonic, fiendish aura began infesting his vita.

  "You lot weren't able to kill me, so now it's my turn to kill you!" 

  The Primordial Gate began spinning faster and faster, generating an attractive force. The xenofiends in his body were immediately stunned. The next moment, they began frantically crying out in a desperate attempt to leave his body. It seemed like they were the ones drowning now. However, it was all too late; the game of cat and mouse was no longer available to play as each and every one of them was drawn into the Primordial Gate then ground down and disintegrated, becoming a pure white mist that Ye Lingfeng sucked up and ingested.

  "So xenofiends are actually the result of terra and flesh fusing together!" How they were born was a mystery, but in essence, they were terra, so Ye Lingfeng was their natural predator. Hundreds of them shrieked as they were ground to fine dust. Their despair was a sharp contrast against their former glee.

  Their hisses could be heard from far away. When they had all perished, Ye Lingfeng's body was finally clean. The vortex in his chest slowed its spin, permanently taking its place in his body. He opened his eyes and had a completely different look. His eyes looked like the darkest abysses. Only those with the strongest souls had eyes that looked so deep.

  "All eighty thousand of us will grow strong together! There's no end in sight!"

  Before, consuming totems hadn’t seemed able to nourish his vita at all. But now it was different. Now, he had truly become a nightmare to totem users. Among the three components of the soul, the terra was closest to what could be considered power. At the same time, it also played a supportive role for the vita. When the vita was out cold, the terra would return to the body and simplistically control it. It was thanks to that property that the Primordial Gate could grind the xenofiends to dust and use them to nourish his vita.

  "So does this mean I'm unmatched in this world?" He got rather excited. However, a huge change occurred in the xenomemory space. Countless colorful sights swept past his vision. One gigantic xenofiend after another began to appear, all sporting different forms. Even the wondersky realm of Violetglory Star seemed to be shaking. Initially, the xenofiends had ignored that wondersky realm, but now they began ramming against it and howling in an ear-piercing manner.

  "Who…… who dares kill xenofiends? Who dares break the laws of the xenomemory space? Where’s the divine wondersky race? Come out! You’ve broken the pact!"

  Ye Lingfeng was shocked. Who were these shadowy figures? Though he was prepared to fight them to the death, he immediately calmed down when he sensed that the xenofiends were actually being controlled by some mastermind in the background.

  "No matter who you are, I’ll find you as long as you’re in the wondersky realm! You’re dead!" The lights continued flashing in a dreamlike manner as scenes of the sky, sea, a gigantic beast, and ants flashed past.

  "It feels like I'm inside a hornet's nest." Ye Lingfeng cracked a helpless smile, gripping his staff tight. "There's no turning back."……

  Tianming had been waiting outside the Violetglory Pagoda for close to six hours. Many passed by him and entered the pagoda to train. Meow Meow was still on the run in the corporeal world, so Tianming didn't have to go back there and could train in the wondersky realm. He had managed to buy some time by destroying the formation core; however, he was worried he wouldn't be able to save Ye Lingfeng in time.

  Had he accepted his fate and let the sovereign use him to make a breakthrough, she might have rescued Ye Lingfeng a day or two later. However, trading his life for another’s was the worst solution to the problem. As such, he chose the riskier option because he trusted Ye Lingfeng. Even so, it had been many days since he'd last seen him. He hoped that he would show up the next moment when he blinked.

  "Perhaps it's not Feng's fault. That world's just too harsh," Ying Huo said.

  "Enough." Tianming breathed a huge sigh as his fingers shook. A whole day had passed; he had to enter the pagoda now and didn't have any more time to spare waiting. "Let's go in!"

  Suddenly, someone tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around and saw a black-haired, red-eyed youth brightly smiling at him.

  "I'm still alive. Surprised?" 

  It was Ye Lingfeng!

  "Not bad. Guess you weren't as weak as I thought," Tianming joked, relieving the tension he felt. "How’re you doing now?"

  Ye Lingfeng explained what had just happened to him. Tianming relaxed even more after hearing it. "I was wondering why the wondersky realm was shaking. It had something to do with you after all."

  "It's all really confusing for me, too," Ye Lingfeng said.

  "Either way, it's great news that you found a way to survive the xenofiends." The only downside was that this seemed to have offended some power. That could make the problem worse in the long term as the threat he had to face might be even more terrifying.

  "Brother Tianming, now that I've overcome my hurdle, I'll do my best to wait for you. I won't hold you back anymore," he confidently said, unlike before.

  "Great! Guess you've finally matured." The view after a heavy shower was even more beautiful than the view before. "Let's agree to meet here every ten days from now on. I need to know you're safe."


  "Now go back to running for your life. I'm also doing the same. We're brothers in escaping."

  "I…… I won't die."

  "That's right. I'll come looking for you in a while. Hold on until then."

  Ye Lingfeng nodded. Even as a caelum, his eyes still seemed a little fiendish.

  "Alright, see you ten days later," Tianming said as he approached the pagoda.


  They were now heading in different directions, but they were hot-blooded all the same……

  The hundred divine moonrace children arrived at the Divine Capital of the Decimo Dao Nation after gathering some information.

  "Li Tianming, Ye Lingfeng, and Li Qingyu are all really famous!"

  "I also heard that their families are all in the Divine Capital."

  "We can use any of them as a hostage. We'll make sure that dastardly animal pays the price for destroying Divine Moon Skycity's formation!"

  "Who knew we could render service to the sovereign despite our age!"

  "The people here are so weak. They think we're children and try to resist, only for us to crush them with a slap. Tsk tsk……"

  "My dad said the residents of the world below are like livestock."

  They were no longer keeping a low profile at all. Instead, they banded together and flew toward the Divine Capital without bothering to hide.

  The one in charge now is called Ye Shaoqing, Li Tianming's master! I heard they have a good relationship."

  "How strong is he?"

  "Empyrean Saint stage at most!"

  "As powerful as I was at the age of five. How pathetic."

  "He reigns like an emperor with that level of power…… How laughable. What say we stay here and become emperors too?"

  "Let's not. There isn't even a stellunar source here, nor the caeli of our ancestors. Cultivating here for a century won't even compare to cultivating in the Divine Moon Realm for a year."

  "That's true!"

  "Let's get to work."