Chapter 1073 - Second Grand Battle at the Divine Capital

  It had been more than a year since a grand battle had taken place at the Divine Capital. During that time, the Decimo Dao Nation had brought the city back to prosperity, having restored much of the rubble after the war. However, it looked completely different than it did when the Nineshades Clan ruled. Now it was clean, peaceful, and transparent. The citizens were living happy, fulfilled lives and were no longer arrogant like before. With law and order enforced, the people weren't living primitive lives at all, despite being rather weak. That was something that defied the divine moonrace children's expectations.

  "Isn't a backwater like this supposed to be primitive and unrefined?"

  They felt that the Divine Capital's society should be a tribal one, yet what they saw was the full-blown capital of a huge empire as they flew past. Naturally, many people took note of their presence and came out to the streets to watch them. Some even tried to stop them, only to be sent flying and killed once they landed. Some of the children even brought their totems out to have fun with the people whose lives could be crushed with a single grasp of their hand. They were at an age when their impulses were at their strongest. They couldn't help but let it out, especially now that their parents weren't there to witness what they were up to. They were fully in control, and they would take advantage of that fact.


  "These people are so weak!"

  They rampaged their way through the place, and even competed with each other. Seeing the terrified citizens running for their lives made them even happier.

  "They’re so cowardly, too."

  "They can't even take a slap? Hey, is this one dead?"

  "Their lives are like ants. They're so weak they’ll die from a single squish."

  Even though there were only around a hundred of them, they were like locusts that left nothing but ruins everywhere they passed.

  "Who are these people?!"

  "No idea! They're all children, so how can they be so strong?"

  "Their foreheads have a crescent mark. Don't tell me they're the descendants of gods."

  The citizens continued to scatter and run. Their guesses were right, at least; these childrens’ parents were indeed 'gods' as they knew it. Eventually, the children reached the new Imperial City.

  "Ye Shaoqing! Get your grandparent ass out here!"

  "Who among you are Li Tianming's family? I don't care if you're his uncle or granduncle! Come out!"

  "You have ten breaths! If you don't come out, we'll massacre the whole city!"

  The rules in Divine Moon Skycity were strict, so all seniors demanded respect. Under that oppressive environment, the children had developed a sick complex that allowed them to commit atrocities such as this.

  "That's right! We're going to slaughter you!"

  But despite all their shouting, nobody came out during their time limit. What surprised them even more was that there was nobody in the Imperial City. How could there be not a single reaction to their less-than-subtle arrival?

  "Demolish the whole place!"

  They summoned their totems and went on the attack. All of a sudden, people showed up all around them, more than a thousand of them! They quickly encircled the hundred children. The newcomers were all adults and were accompanied by more than twenty-five hundred lifebound beasts. They filled the skies, completely sealing off their escape route.

  "Huh?" The children were stunned and didn't know what was going on.

  "Why’re there so many empyrean saints over here?"

  "I don't know! His Highness didn't tell us about it!"

  "He said that they were only at the first or second level at most!"

  "Even if that's the limit, how are there more than a thousand of them?"

  They all looked at each other, confused.

  "No worries! They're all of the inferior rootbeast race! It makes no difference. They don't even have access to a stellunar source! I can take on a hundred of them alone!"

  "I can take on a thousand!"

  "Ten thousand for me!"

  "A billion!"

  The boasting knew no bounds. It was no surprise, considering their paltry life experience. Most of them weren't even ten yet, and they all lived spoiled, pampered lives.

  Behind the thousand people were Ye Shaoqing and a three-eyed youth who looked to be thirteen. There was a gold eye at the center of his forehead, a sign that he was a member of the Archaic House of Xuanyuan's Trioptic True Dragon Branch. He was Xuanyuan Yuhai, Xuanyuan Muxue's junior and the grandson of Xuanyuan Dao.

  "Young friend, I'm asking you one last time. Will we have to subdue and perhaps even kill them all?" Ye Shaoqing asked.

  "Yes. Our ancestor said that if the other side doesn't bother hiding it anymore, we can't let even a single one go," Xuanyuan Yuhai said. Even though he was quite young, he seemed rather reliable. Even though the Xuanyuan house's prestige couldn't compare to the divine moonrace's, they had risen and fallen across the two hundred thousand years of their history on the Flameyellow Continent, and that kind of growth showed in their descendants.

  In comparison, the divine moonrace had reigned unchallenged on the moon. These royal children were already used to other races kneeling and prostrating toward them. True growth only took place amidst hardship, after all.

  "Alright, then we'll do as your goddess says." Ye Shaoqing knew that Feiling was their goddess. Once Tianming had given her the instructions, she hastily returned to the continent and finished her preparations. Those of the Divine Moon Realm definitely wouldn’t know much about the chaos skyjail. After all, it was a mysterious place that was off-limits to most of them. "They shall fear the mysterious!"

  To prevent any doubt, the thousand people there were chosen from all over the Nine Divine Realms and they didn't stand out in any way. Before they attacked, they yelled, "Evil fiends who dare to openly slaughter in the Decimo Dao Nation and defile our home, your sentence is death!"

  The thousand beastmasters attacked at once. They had done their research long ago, tracking the children as they passed. They even had ten people tailing every single one of them to prepare for the clash. The beasts were roaring so loudly that nobody could hear the children speaking.

  "Are these natives insane?"

  "They don't know magnificence when they see it!"

  "Very well. Let's teach them the power of our totems."

  These children were rather talented, all of them basically penta- or hexabanes. That kind of talent was already unparalleled in the Li Saint Clan. Instantly, each of them manifested five or six totems. In total, they had around five or six hundred combat 'units', but the enemy still outnumbered them five or six times. It was bound to be a chaotic battle.

  Thanks to the Canal of the Dead, people within the chaos skyjail were limited to second-level empyrean saints. When it came to similar levels, the number of totems, battle arts, and techniques of the divine moonrace gave them an advantage. Even though they were only around eight years old, on average, they had their own unique methods and were all stronger than Autarch Qian, who would no doubt lose his mind at this sight had he still been alive. Back then, he had spared so much effort to grow just a tiny bit stronger, but now there was a whole race who had been raised with access to a stellunar source.

  Lifebound beasts’ abilities were flung across the battlefield. Dragons, phoenixes, swordbeasts, and starbeasts surrounded and attacked the enemies. However, the divine moonrace's totemic calamities weren't anything to scoff at. Xuanyuan Yuhai fought with his dragons and led the entire army despite his young age.

  "Don't spare a single one of them! Immediately report to me if there's a gap somewhere! Subdue them if you can, kill them if you can't! You must take their spatial rings!"

  It was an even grander battle than the one previously fought in the Divine Capital, so much so that the onlookers were stumped. The children fought so ferociously that they could take on four or five opponents at once. But even then, they were still outmatched. The beastmasters ganged up in groups of ten, and they each had two or three lifebound beasts with them. Not to mention, their coordination was much better thanks to their immense experience gained in battle. They had the advantage of age, leaving the inexperienced children helpless.



  Soon, the child brigade collapsed. When they started being subdued, more hands were freed to deal with those that continued resisting. There was no escape during the chaos with so many pairs of eyes on them at any given moment. Thankfully, the clumsy children couldn't hide their tracks at all and were easy to deal with.

  Some half a day later, they had all been dealt with. After a few were killed for continuing to resist, the rest learned true fear. Now they were sobbing and crying while huddled up with each other, a far cry from how arrogant they were before. The difference in power between them wasn't just a simple game of numbers, and they had learned that lesson the hard way. All they could do was cry and bellow with faces full of regret.

  "Will you submit, alien fiends?" Xuanyuan Yuhai slapped one kid on the face as he said that.

  "We’re the divine moonrace royals! You’re all dead for sure!" the kid roared.

  "Royals? From where?"

  "The moon! Open your damned eyes, dog!"

  "Oh, got it. You must be the remnants of the theocrats that used to oppress us. Kill him."

  When the kid's head rolled, the others all shut up.

  "Do you know your place now? No matter who or how old you are, you’ve killed countless innocents. Even gods have to be ready for retaliation before they start killing indiscriminately."