Chapter 1120 - Butterfly

  Even though they were separated by the void, the two felt like they were right by each other's side thanks to the rope.

  "Perpetual Nirvana, eh?" Tianming tugged on the rope tightly. Even though he was not by her side, she should be able to feel his heart. "Perhaps this is the only way I can help."

  It wouldn't do much for him to stay by her side right now. Instead, using the rope to serve as her anchor to this world was more important. As such, he took out Ye Lingfeng's blood and continued into the darkness. He wasn't sure how it would work, so all he could do was forge ahead. In a world where distance didn't exist, all kinds of changes occurred with every step. There were colorful butterflies, stars, and bees, each of them like a wondersky realm in their own right. Without the rope, he would only be lost to endless despair.

  "I really don't know how Feng managed to tough it through." Even he felt a hint of despair not long after entering, but he couldn't be bothered to look at the surrounding world. Instead, he stared at the drop of blood and continued ahead. Countless lights and figures swept past him.

  "Feng! Where are you?" he called out, causing the world shrouded in mist before him to be blown away. The wind strongly blew past him as his voice echoed and he heard his own words ringing back at him a thousand times.

  Then he took another step forward and the grassy fields turned into a stormy world. Each time a drop of rain hit the ground, it turned into a seed that instantly sprouted and bloomed, generating a fruit that looked like a little deer. The deer jumped off the plant and turned into Feiling, waving at him and saying, "Come, Big Brother! Come!"

  There were countless Feilings born through that process; Tianming was stunned speechless. The prospect of the wondersky race creating realms in such a nonsensical region was a terrifying one to him.

  All of a sudden, he slammed into another world. It felt like he had smashed into a mirror that exploded into countless pieces, each one reflecting him, but with black hair and a mocking smile.

  "Scram." He had no words for the world of dreams. Fortunately, a void appeared beyond the shattered mirror. There was a gigantic rainbow-colored butterfly within it that scattered countless bright dots with each flap of its wings. The dots hit Tianming like fireflies and illuminated him, making him really eye-catching. It seemed really familiar to him.

  "Before entering the Violetglory Star wondersky realm, I think I passed through here!" If the shape of wondersky realms were all unique, this could be where Lingfeng was. "His blood must’ve led me here."

  He looked at the dimensional rope and saw that he was still tethered, so there was still hope. Then he rapidly approached the wondersky realm. Now there seemed to be some semblance of distance, and therefore speed. Finally, he landed on its wing. Looking beyond it, he saw a world of caeli, where countless people were cultivating and going about their day. It had to be a wondersky realm, but he wasn't sure it was Violetglory Star's.

  "I need to find Violetglory Pagoda to make sure!" There were more than three thousand legacy lands there, so finding a single tower wouldn’t be easy. However, something occurred to him.

  "I have Myriadsword Providence. Let's see if I can use it here." He manifested his ten godswords from his bane-rings, but he was only able to split them up to around a thousand since he wasn't on the Flameyellow Continent, though that didn’t matter since he wasn't in combat. He only needed them to serve as his eyes to scan for the tower that Lingfeng should be near.

  He sent all of them out, but that wasn't enough to cover the entire realm. He was only able to check a tenth of it at a time, which meant about three or four hundred lands of legacy.

  "It's not here…… This isn't the right tower either! Wait, here!" A small island was visible from the vantage point of one of his providence swords. It was huge and had countless ancient idols across it. Tianming even saw the one he had challenged before. "It's Perplexity Island!"

  That meant this was the wondersky realm of Violetglory Star! The Violetglory Pagoda was sure to be nearby. He quickly approached Perplexity Island. "I recall that Feng entered from this point. Quick!"

  Ye Lingfeng wasn't anywhere nearby, so Tianming continued sweeping the entire realm. Right as he was expanding his providence swords' range, he saw a group of gigantic headless black giants with a gigantic eye on their chests that they were using to scan the area. The eyes were humongous and immediately spotted the providence swords.

  Letting out a weird hissing sound, a hundred or so of them chased down the swords. "So these are xenofiends."

  Since they were still patrolling the area and reacted to that degree, did that mean they hadn't caught Lingfeng yet? "Let's give it a try. Feng might show up if he hears a fight break out."

  Tianming only dared to fight since he could do so remotely and it wouldn't expose his position. Around three hundred of the swords engaged the xenofiends, piercing through their eyes. The xenofiends bumbled around like fools, only to be skewered. They seemed to have physical bodies, unlike the ethereal beings in the xenomemory space.

  This region had no fundamental cosmic force at all, so Tianming was much stronger than Ye Lingfeng now. His providence swords had pierced through at least fifty or so of the xenofiends that cried and roared like they were calling for help. Tianming went to where they were as he tried locating the pagoda. Even though the wondersky realm was huge, he should be able to find it without taking too long.

  All of a sudden, he felt the hairs on his back stand up. Someone had appeared behind him, causing him to rapidly turn back. He saw a large, black vortex out of which stretched a pair of old, withered claws.