Chapter 587 - Mother Earth (3)

  Impossible. What. Is. This.

  Keep. Your. Promise.

  Mother Earth responded angrily, taken aback by Yeon-woo’s unexpected response. She had given him Vieira Dune, just as he asked, and she wondered why he wasn’t keeping up his end of the bargain. Yeon-woo did not pay attention to Mother Earth’s objections, and instead, he continued to stare coldly at Vieira Dune.

  “You don’t want to say anything? I guess you still have some traces of loyalty. Then, it can’t be helped.” Yeon-woo was about to place the Purgatory Furnace containing Vieira Dune inside his Soul Collection when Vieira Dune cried out. She thought that Yeon-woo would really make her suffer for eternity.

  「No, no! I’ll tell you! So, please…please!」 Concerned that Yeon-woo would change his mind, Vieira Dune began to mindlessly pour out information regarding Mother Earth that she had learned while part of Mother Earth’s ego. Vieira not only provided the weaknesses, as Yeon-woo requested, but she also spilled secrets that no one else knew. Mother Earth had separated from Vieira Dune too hurriedly, and in the process, failed to properly remove information about herself.

  Stop. At. Once.

  Shut. Up.

  Mother Earth must have sensed the danger of not intervening. Her bloodshot eyes widened as she condensed her divine power, shooting a beam of light towards them.

  Clank! However, a black chain spun quickly and cut off the beam of light when it was only halfway to its target. Yeon-woo could feel Mother Earth becoming more anxious.

  『Oho! Does something like that exist? I knew that the conceptual gods possessed many mysteries, but…ha!』 Even Kronos was surprised by some of the secrets Vieira Dune divulged, specifically one that revealed why Mother Earth was so obsessed with Yeon-woo and his younger brother and their relationship to the Black King.

  ‘Conceptual gods came into being when the first light shone and the universe was created…’ The creation of the universe could be understood as a process that began when light, a foreign substance, exploded into nothingness and emptiness.

  As pieces of nothingness and emptiness reacted with the light, their properties changed little by little. As actions and changes occurred, these became the foundation for the birth of godly beings. These beings had undeveloped consciousnesses and primitive appearances, but they also had the power to peer into multiple universes and dimensions. These beings became known as conceptual gods or elder gods.

  Most of these beings didn’t have desires, so even though they existed, it was almost like they didn’t. These gods usually settled in one part of the universe and became the elements of Ideas. On the other hand, the elder gods observed the changes in the universe and did not intervene.

  However, there were always exceptions. Unlike most conceptual gods and elder gods, who were meek—if they had any character at all—Mother Earth was completely different, and she thought that the changes in the universe were of her own making.

  Wherever land was created, wherever trees grew, wherever forests and mountains rose, wherever life was conceived and places developed until civilizations appeared—wasn’t this all Mother Earth’s work? The mystery of life began when she established herself. As a result, Mother Earth had an obsession for the beings she had given birth to. Although she did not have an ego or consciousness that directed her, she had the impulse to possess everything, and she included all living creatures, even transcendent beings, such as gods and demons. This was why Mother Earth had pursued the Black King.

  The conceptual god called Mother Earth had risen from fragments of nothingness and emptiness, and the original form of such fragments was the Black King. However, the ego of the Black King was imprisoned in the depths of emptiness. Mother Earth wanted to make the Black King her own or consume him in order to be reborn as a perfect being. That was why set her sights on Cha Jeong-woo, who had received the Black King’s blessings. She sought to consume his soul in an attempt to open a path to the Black King.

  This was why she had also set her sights on Vieira Dune, who was close to Cha Jeong-woo. It was also the reason she allowed Vieira Dune to take over her ego. When Yeon-woo appeared, Mother Earth wanted to consume him as well because of her desire.

  These were the secrets that Vieira Dune divulged. Although Yeon-woo and Kronos were angry, they were also relieved now that they understood Mother Earth’s weakness, which had been unknown to them before.

  『In the end, there’s no way to catch Mother Earth. However, we can now make sure she never pursues her desires again.』

  Ignoring Kronos’ anger, Vieira Dune cried out with her remaining strength.「Since Mother Earth doesn’t have a proper form, her appearance comes from the Soulstone! Furthermore, I was in charge of that process…!」

  Yeon-woo’s eyes shone. He immediately knew which Soulstone Vieira Dune was referring to: the Stone of Luxuria (Lust). It was the treasure that his younger brother obtained and Vieira Dune had stolen.

  Rumble! At that moment, the Philosopher Stone embedded next to Yeon-woo’s heart trembled violently, as if it were asking Yeon-woo to give it the Stone of Luxuria (Lust).

  「So, you should be able to achieve what you want. Now, please release me…! Please!」 The process that Vieira Dune described to Yeon-woo was somewhat familiar as well, since it contained many of the revelations’ elements, just like the Emerald Tablet. Vieira Dune had created her own system using the knowledge she’d gained from the Crawling Chaos and through her research in the Tower.

  Without this information, Yeon-woo would have to exert a great deal of energy taking the Soulstone, but now, he not only had an idea of the situation, he would also find it easier to analyze Mother Earth’s weaknesses, especially since his knowledge of the revelations was far superior to Mother Earth’s. In the end, Yeon-woo figured out how to force Mother Earth to submit right in front of her. 

  Don’t. Do. It.

  「I told you everything! Put out this fire! Or just annihilate me…!」

  Mother Earth’s anger and Vieira Dune’s screams mixed together. A corner of Yeon-woo’s lips twisted up as he looked at Vieira Dune. “Thanks to you, I got some good information. So, let me give you a nice present.”

  「OK, yes! I did what you told me to do, so now…!」Vieira Dune’s eyes widened and an expression filled with anticipation and hope appeared on her face for the first time.

  “There’s something Jeong-woo always said at times like this.”


  “I’m kidding, asshole.”

  Vieira Dune’s expression became despairing once again. Yeon-woo’s smirk expanded into a large smile. “Didn’t you always lie to Jeong-woo as well? So, you’ll have to take your own medicine.”

  「###……! You can’t do this to me…!」

  “Shut it.”

  Even in her despair, Vieira Dune struggled to escape from the Purgatory Furnace, but a shadow rose above her before it swallowed her whole, flames and all.

  Thump! Thump! Thump! Yeon-woo could feel Vieira Dune struggling in agony as her soul was torn to shreds. He could not even imagine how many evil acts she had committed and how long she would have to burn, as a result. The vestiges left behind by the purification process would automatically become food for his shadows.

  Yeon-woo turned his eyes to Mother Earth. Although he could not see her face, since she was still stuck to the World Tree, her expression was likely twisted. It was now time to begin his final hunt in Tartarus. “Fenrir.”

  Bark! Fenrir barked loudly as if he understood Yeon-woo, then he howled to the sky. Ah-oow!

  [Fenrir has requested assistance from his society <Niflheim>.]

  [Allies <Niflheim> are sending reinforcements at Fenrir’s request!]

  [Jormungandr is descending!]

  [Hel is descending!]


  As the earth trembled, an enormous snake rose from the shadows. A woman with a pale complexion and a beautiful face appeared with several soldiers in the sky. Jormungandr, the serpent that wrapped himself around the world, and Hel, the goddess who ruled over the dead, appeared.

  They were both Fenrir’s siblings and leaders of Niflheim. Since Hel, the youngest of the three siblings, was a god of death, she looked at Yeon-woo with a gaze full of vibrant energy.

  『Finally! I am finally meeting him…! Our shining star. Even if I close my eyes forever right here and now, I won’t regret anything.』

  『What the hell are you talking about? Calm down, Hel. It’s not the time to satisfy your obsession…!』

  『There is nothing more important to me than this moment, OK? Do you know how it feels to meet my bias? From the moment I stanned him, my head has only been full of thoughts and concerns about ###.』

  『“Bias”and “stan”…what the hell are these lower-world words? How do you even know them?』

  While Jormungandr and Hel talked to each other…

  [6th-step Dragon Body awakening]

  [All powers fully unlocked]

  [Sky Wings]

  Yeon-woo spread his Sky Wings and activated the wing of fight. Filled with Kronos’ divine power, the Philosopher’s Stone spun more fiercely than ever before. Bam! Using his chains as a guide, Yeon-woo flew into the emptiness and crossed over to Mother Earth’s location.

  Fenrir and Niflheim’s reinforcements soon followed Yeon-woo.

  『Oh! Me, too! Wait for me!』 Finally, as Hel, the last to arrive, set foot on the other side.

  [You have accessed the other side of the world.]

  [The Ideas appear.]

  [You have entered the realm of the World Tree.]

  A huge, endlessly tall tree appeared in front of them. It was the World Tree, Yggdrasil. The tree, which was the source of the natural laws that made up the world, was already partially rotten because of Mother Earth.

  [At the request of the allies and player ###, <Niflheim> has initiated a war.]

  [The target is Olympus’ Mother Earth.]

  Bam! As soon as Fenrir saw Mother Earth, he immediately kicked up into the air and rushed to the World Tree as if he wanted to take revenge for the shame he had suffered. Fenrir ran with a face full of anger, and whenever he raised his head, a rough breath blew out.

  Jormungandr also moved quickly toward the World Tree to try and swallow Mother Earth. From the sky, Hel commanded Niflheim’s corps of soldiers to bombard the target all at once.

  I. Will. Kill. All.

  Amid the dazzling bursts of various effects, Mother Earth screamed out her rage and looked up at the sky. She seemed to be recalling the time she had been trapped within the Tower by the others, and her fury was intense. A bunch of rotten roots rose to meet the Niflheim soldiers. The laws of physics grew twisted, and fireballs fell from the sky like raindrops. However, her onslaught did not last long.

  [Draconic Eyes]

  [Fiery Golden Eyes]

  [Black Gubitara – Philosopher’s Eyes]

  Yeon-woo quickly scanned Mother Earth with his golden Draconic Eyes.

  [Time Difference]

  In his world of Consciousness, Yeon-woo tried to find as many of Mother Earth’s imperfections as possible. Fortunately, Vieira Dune had given up a great deal of information, and he managed to locate many of them.

  [Eight Extremes of Sword Thunder]

  He followed the lines of his black-and-white vision and swung Vigrid, releasing a plethora of Consciousness attacks. Rumble! Countless lightning bolts slashed Mother Earth one after another, cutting off her limbs. Her head exploded into five pieces like a firecracker.

  Mother Earth’s screams spread throughout the location of the Ideas.