Chapter 589 - Mother Earth (5)

  『### has not only reconciled with the father he hated so much, he has also chosen to stand on the battlefield together with his father… ### is so dreamy!』  Hel was ecstatic to see Yeon-woo and Kronos, who had completed his manifestation, facing off against Mother Earth’s incarnation. Hel was drooling just like someone who’d just woken up from sleep. 『Hehehe.』

  All the inhabitants of the heavenly world who knew the proud and aloof youngest princess of Niflheim would have been surprised by her appearance.

  『Hel! What are you doing! Can’t you see everyone giving their all right now?』 Jormungandr’s face contorted when he saw his youngest sibling’s expression. He was almost out of his mind trying to contend with all the enemies rushing at him, and his youngest sister was thoroughly distracted and not helping as he’d expected.

  Masses of cells had dropped off Mother Earth’s true body, moving and dividing. As the cells wriggled, they began laying eggs that hatched out monsters with all kinds of bizarre forms. It was one of the powers Mother Earth had always possessed: reproduction.

  Mother Earth had given birth to many of the supreme gods who made up the heavenly world, and it could be said that she bore outstanding creatures. In fact, most of the beings she bore didn’t have the intelligence or the right form. Since she didn’t have an ego, Mother Earth’s thoughts were chaotic, and she only gave birth instinctively. Most of her offspring were destroyed or consumed depending on their urges.

  The monsters she was producing now were just like that, and in fact, their mindless desire to destroy and consume was more intense. Since she had absorbed many nutrients from the World Tree, she produced more monsters than ever, and they were even more dangerous.

  Yeon-woo’s troops fought together, but it didn’t seem like there would be an end unless the being laying the eggs was eliminated.

  『Second brother.』


  『Is it all right for a lowly person like me to be with someone like that? ###’s aura is so majestic…would I be sullying his aura if I…』

   『What nonsense are you blabbering on about!』 Jormungandr finally had enough of his youngest sister and screamed. However, this had no effect on Hel.

  『But if I help him here, ### will recognize and praise me with his unique deep but boyish and sincere voice… If that happens, then Hel might die from happiness!』

  Slurp. Jormungandr was lost for words as he watched Hel wipe the drool from her lips. Then, she suddenly turned her head as if an idea had come to her mind.

  Bark! Fenrir was sprinting through the air and slaying the monsters, looking very dignified. Jormungandr did not miss the fact that Fenrir was doing a great job, but he noticed that Fenrir would occasionally glance at Yeon-woo like a puppy hoping for praise. However, Yeon-woo did not pay any attention to Fenrir, so Fenrir’s tail drooped slightly. Jormungandr started wondering why Fenrir, who could speak properly if he chose to, still limited himself to using barking sounds.

  『Father.』 With a serious expression, Jormungandr called aloud to his father in the sky.

  [Loki, the head of <Niflheim> turns his gaze from the battlefield to his second son.]

  [The head of <Niflheim>, Loki asks what his second son wants.]

  『Is it really OK…to continue like this?』

  [Loki laughs bitterly.]

  [Loki states that nothing can be done and sighs deeply.]

  Fortunately, his father seemed to share his concern. ‘Wait. Come to think of it, didn’t Father cause a tremendous number of scandals in the past because he changed his gender so freely…?’

  Perhaps this problem ran deeper than just Fenrir and Hel. Perhaps it was a chronic problem that ran throughout the entirety of Niflheim. When this thought occurred to him, Jormungandr felt depressed.


  『Why do you think I gave birth to you?』 Mother Earth suddenly posed a question to Kronos.

  Kronos did not immediately respond. Yeon-woo had no choice but to look at the pensive Kronos worriedly. ‘Does this have something to do with my father’s legend of when he first met Uranus…my grandfather?’

  Yeon-woo knew that Kronos was Mother Earth’s child. Yeon-woo knew this because of what Uranus had said in the legends he’d seen: “Gaia, that brazen Mother Earth who birthed you, is sending monstrous creatures to take over our positions. And that isn’t the end of it!”

  However, it seemed that Kronos’ complicated feelings for Mother Earth were much more serious than Yeon-woo had previously believed. In fact, when he thought about it, Yeon-woo realized that there had been signs all along.

  Kronos had yet to say a word about his other family members other than Uranus. Furthermore, Yeon-woo had only learned about the parts of Kronos’ legend that occurred after Kronos became Uranus’ youngest son. At the time, Yeon-woo was mostly focused on not being overwhelmed by the legend, so he hadn’t wondered why the legend started at that point. However, if Yeon-woo wanted to truly understand the depths of Kronos’ legends, he would have to start from Kronos’ childhood days.

  However, that did not happen. Perhaps unconsciously, Kronos refused to acknowledge those earlier memories.

  [The records of Kronos’ childhood have been unlocked from his legends.]

  Rumble! Yeon-woo saw a dream-like scene unfold after a flash of pure white light.

  “Mom…? Mom!” A child cried out among the countless monsters who possessed neither egos nor the ability to think.

  You…yes. Very alluring. Mouthwatering. That body of yours. You have it. What the Black King would like. Although Mother Earth wasn’t sure how she managed to give birth to Kronos, she was overjoyed and consumed with the thought of exploiting this mutant offspring.

  Kronos’ mind grew more exhausted day by day, and he soon began to do things robotically, “Mom…Mommy’s coming soon. Soon…”

  After quarreling with many gods, Mother Earth had suddenly left without a word. Kronos waited patiently for her return, unaware that he had been abandoned among the piles of rotting monster corpses. He waited endlessly, standing in the midst of the decaying stench and wriggling maggots.

  “Why is a child in a place like this…? This won’t do. It looks like you haven’t been able to eat properly. I can’t allow this to continue. Come with me.” Uranus had been the one to discover Kronos. Kronos had grown thin, and Uranus extended a helping hand with a concerned expression.

  “Uncle… Who are you? My mom told me not to follow people I don’t know…”

  “From now on, I’ll be your father.”


  Boom! The dreamlike scene shattered and disappeared, and Yeon-woo returned to reality to see Kronos staring at him with a twisted expression.

  『You didn’t see anything, right?』

  Yeon-woo did not answer right away and only smiled slightly. “Dad…dy?”

  『You bastard…』

  “Uncle, who are you?”

  『Hey! Stop!』

  “My mother told me not to follow people I don’t know.”

  『Do you want to die? Then, keep it up!』

  “Mom, Mommy will be here soon.” Yeon-woo pretended to tremble as if he were the young Kronos.

  Kronos exploded. 『Come here, you bastard!』

  Yeon-woo quickly turned away to avoid Kronos. Kronos had turned into Vigrid and flew through the air towards his forehead.

  “Trying to kill your own kin?”

  『Have you heard about a boy who devoured his father’s body? This is nothing!』 Kronos bobbed up and down as if he would tear his son’s throat out the first chance he got. Kronos was furious that his dark history had been revealed. Whoosh!

  “But Dad.”

  『What, bastard!』

  “Did you know that according to the Tower’s system, you’re one of my familiars?” Yeon-woo hurriedly pulled his black chains. Then, Vigrid, which was attacking Yeon-woo just a moment ago, landed snugly into Yeon-woo’s left hand.

  Rumble! Rumble!

  『Argh! You despicable bastard!』 Vigrid trembled wildly and struggled to get out of Yeon-woo’s grip. However, no matter what Kronos tried, he could not harm Yeon-woo since he was designated as Yeon-woo’s familiar.

  In the end, Kronos calmed down after tiring himself out, although the sound of his teeth grinding rose up, as if his anger had not completely receded. 『Ugh…this bastard is really…!』

  “Have you calmed down?”

  『Do you think I’ve calmed down?』

  “I think you’ve calmed down enough.”

  『Damn bastard. You just have to get the last word in all the time, huh?』 Kronos grumbled in annoyance. He then spoke in a serious tone. 『Did you think the past would blind me?』

  Yeon-woo did not respond, and Kronos sighed. 『Mark my words. No matter how far this father of yours has fallen, how could I consider that monster—who ate my precious youngest son—my mother?』 Vigrid’s tip turned to point at Mother Earth. 『Giving birth to a child doesn’t automatically make one a parent. You have to embrace your offspring to do that.』

  [The spring of death has been activated.]

  『So…』 Ring! Vigrid made a clear sound. 『Kill that bitch.』

  This answer was enough for Yeon-woo, and he felt as though he’d achieved a new synergy. It was a completely different feeling from when he had combined with the Demonism. At that time, Yeon-woo’s Consciousness had expanded infinitely, but he felt like something outside himself was dragging him around.

  However, this time, even though he felt his Consciousness expanding as well, Yeon-woo was fully in control. He felt like something warm was embracing him and something reassuring was watching his back and supporting him.

  Thanks to this, Yeon-woo managed to begin the fight with a steady mind. He completely digested all of Kronos’ legends and circulated them through his body.

  [You have completely absorbed Kronos’ legends. The spring of death has quickened.]

  [Vigrid’s powers have grown clearer.]

  Bam! Yeon-woo once again appeared in front of Mother Earth and swung Vigrid fiercely. His sword strike was more powerful and intense than it had ever been before. A pillar of Sword Thunder formed between the sky and the earth. Yeon-woo successively shot out five Sword Thunders as he used the Fifth Extreme of Sword Thunder, the level that the Monkey King’s exuviae had reached with considerable difficulty.

  『How can you treat your mother like this? No wonder you’ve become what you are!』 As if she had been expecting the attack, Mother Earth stretched her hand out as she snorted. She applied Illusory Change, and the incoming Sword Thunder bounced off and hit the ground harmlessly.

  『What I’ve become? Why? What’s wrong with my current state, mother?』

  『Are you asking because you truly don’t know? You were once the king of gods! Now, you’ve turned into an insignificant sword that your son is swinging around…!』

  『Sorry, but…』 Kronos snorted as he looked at the indignant expression on Mother Earth’s face. 『I’m happier now. I can protect my son rather than run around like a madman. What are you going to do about it?』

  Vigrid exploded once again. It was the Sixth Extreme, a level of Sword Thunder that Yeon-woo had never achieved before.

  Whoosh! Mother Earth’s severed wings flew into the air.