Chapter 700 - Egg (8)

  After listening to Hou Yi and Harmonia’s conversation, Brahm had predicted what would happen to Yeon-woo in the future.

  The Black King is preparing to awaken. No, is it more accurate to say that the Black King is being conceived?


  The egg referred to the body that the Black King would eventually descend into to conduct activities after awakening.

  Naturally, it was absolutely impossible to accept just any entity as the Black King’s vessel.

  Even supreme gods were unsuitable. Moreover, if the body was completely consumed by the mind, the manifestation process would be abruptly halted and be unsuccessful.

  Therefore, it was necessary to reshape a vessel into something durable enough to accommodate the Black King. Once the Black King descended into the ‘egg’ and manifested, the body’s soul would gradually change to reflect the properties of the darkness.

  Thus, Brahm’s expression of conception was not incorrect. The Black King would essentially wear a new mask and reincarnate.

  And, as a matter of course, Harmonia and the Sea of Time had chosen Yeon-woo to become this ‘egg’.

  Their decision was further supported by the fact that Yeon-woo was born with the blood of Pneuma and Quirinale, existences that boasted an unrivaled presence and pedigree among the elder gods that represented Day.

  Moreover, Yeon-woo was skilled and powerful enough to acquire the concept of death as his own, a concept that was closest to darkness.

  Although Harmonia was initially saddened by the fact that she was not chosen as the ‘egg’, she soon got over her sadness and actively took on the role of a faithful successor who would usher in the awakening of the Black King.

  When he heard this, Brahm saw through all the veils and understood the essence of what was going to happen. He had been exploring and studying the fundamentals of the universe for a long time, and through the revelations brought by Yeon-woo, he gained deeper insight into the operation of the universe that was incomparable with any other god or demon.

  However, he was also aware that he could not be of much help to Yeon-woo directly.

  If the Black King decided to rise, even Yeon-woo, no matter how great he was, would not be able to resist.

  Additionally, since Hou Yi, who was a servant of the Heavenly Demon, was connected to the Sea of Time, there was no way to reverse the fate of the ‘egg’.

  Moreover, Brahm had a gut feeling that he himself would have already perished by the time Yeon-woo needed help. Brahm wanted to help Yeon-woo, but he did not know how to help.

  This was why Brahm had left behind the Book of the Sun.

  Yeon-woo, knowing you, even if it’s highly likely that you’ll not succeed, you’ll probably rush to clash with the Black King… and try to find Jeong-woo’s soul no matter what. Thus, I shall help you not forget who ‘you’ are when that time comes.

  The darkness represented complete dark, the absence of all light.

  It existed before the concept of light was even created or known. It devoured all living things and materials, so it was almost impossible to survive in the dark.

  Even with Yeon-woo’s Cold-blooded trait, it was a forgone conclusion that Yeon-woo would eventually succumb and completely collapse in front of the overwhelming darkness.

  Thus, Brahm wanted to provide Yeon-woo with light.

  No matter how dark the darkness, Yeon-woo would have a light that would illuminate.

  I’ve been thinking about something for a long time. The Heavenly Demon who imprisoned me in the Tower… why did he give the Tower the name ‘Tower of the Sun God’?

  After pondering on this topic for a long time, and though not for certain, I came to the conclusion that the Heavenly Demon came up with the name as a sign of protest against the darkness.

  The sun looks very large from a planetary point of view… but in fact, relative to the huge universe, the sun is just a tiny little speck of debris. However, although all alone, doesn’t it continue to shine? It’s like a candle. Perhaps the Heavenly Demon wanted the being who awakened from the Tower to represent the light against the dark of darkness.

  So, don’t lose your way. Never.


  In a moment, Yeon-woo read the vestiges of Brahm’s thoughts that Brahm had left behind.

  [The divine power of Brahm (Brahma) engraved in the ‘Book of the Sun’ slowly permeates into your soul.]

  [The divine power restores your divinity.]

  [The divine power restores your divine domain.] 

  [The divine power restores your divine power.] 


  [Player Vivasvat’s divine domain, Allforone, has been awakened!]

  [Divine domain, Allforone, wakes up and slowly rears its head.]

  No matter if he fell… Without concern for himself… Even in the face of death, Brahm never ran away. Moreover, even in the last moments of his life, Brahm wanted to leave something to help Yeon-woo.

  Only then would Brahm be able to protect his daughter, his granddaughter, and his son-in-law. Even as he was dying, Brahm was more concerned about his family than his own well-being.

  Thus, Yeon-woo could not succumb and fall.

  [Divine domain, Allforone is dissatisfied with the status of the darkness.]

  [Divine domain, Allforone states that you might be able to achieve a wish that he could not achieve.]

  [Divine domain, Allforone wants to show you an event worthy of the true name of the Sun God, Vivasvat.]

  [All faith stored in the divine domain, Allforone, shall be converted to a special property!]


  [The newly converted special property seeps into your pineal gland and spreads throughout your body. It has a strong effect on your soul and body.]

  [Your mind awakens.]

  [Your body awakens.]


  [Allforone’s remaining special property has merged with your ‘Cold-blooded’ trait.]

  [A new trait, ‘Enlivened’ has been created!]

  Yeon-woo felt his mind, which had been near a state of unconsciousness, suddenly awaken.

  Oddly, Yeon-woo felt like all the fatigue he had suffered from fighting the demonisms had disappeared.

  [Trait: Enlivened]

  [A special trait created by combining ‘Cold-blooded’ and ‘Allforone’. It protects the spirit form from all status ailments and mental curses. Allows one to maintain one’s self, and the stronger one’s desire and will, the stronger the influence of the trait on one’s body.]

  [The trait ‘Enlivened’ and divine domain ‘Fight’ are closely linked.]


  [Your divine domain of fight reacts more violently than ever!]


  The Sky Wings on Yeon-woo’s back radiated even more intense firepower.

  Yeon-woo’s left, black wing pushed the darkness that had been suffocating him away. His right, red wing gave his body greater freedom.

  And then…


  By detonating his Sword Thunder, Yeon-woo shook himself away from the demonism’s touch, which had been steadily approaching him. 

  In the meantime, several flames spread out and swept away a number of demonisms.

  What is this…?

  The demonism, which seemed to be the leader of the other demonisms, raised its head and spoke in a surprised tone.

  And then…

  Ah, I see. Perhaps…

  The demonism smiled contentedly as if it was having fun.

  However, you still have a long way to go to become ‘me’.


  Once the letters that revolved around the demonism were shattered, Yeon-woo flung himself into the fight with the demonisms.

  However, the difference this time around was…

  [A new darkness spreads through the darkness!]

  The dark world of darkness was being covered by even darker darkness, which symbolized Yeon-woo. Yeon-woo’s darkness was gradually spreading.


  『… Brahm.』 

  Around the time when R’lyeh was multiplying and gradually covering the area outside the Tower… when the power of Night led by the Eight Gods of Disorder almost cornered the Day…

  Harmonia’s eyes opened wide.

  Countless complex emotions flashed in her eyes.

  She was able to see and perceive what was happening inside the ‘egg’ because she was another successor of the Black King.

  In that place, there was Brahm, someone she thought she would never see again. Brahm had rescued Yeon-woo from the depths of darkness. Moreover, Vivasvat’s vestige was supporting Yeon-woo as well.

  Only then did Harmonia realize that Brahm could have survived if he truly wanted to, but he sacrificed himself for Yeon-woo’s sake.


  Harmonia. Since it’s you, you can probably see this message that I left, right? 

  In the fragmented rays of light, Harmonia could see the will Brahm had left for her.

  I don’t know the life you’ve been living. I won’t be able to ask you what I and Ananta meant to you anymore. Maybe, as I had in mind at the time, you might have chosen your path because you wanted to play out a game out of curiosity… maybe you’re paving a way for some larger picture you’re drawing.

  It would not be right for me to argue with you about those things. You have your life, and you have your own path. Still, there was something I really wanted to say to you directly. Even though things got tangled and complicated along the way, which didn’t allow us to be able to meet anymore… I wanted to leave these words with you.


  Harmonia could not say anything as she looked at Brahm’s image speaking directly to her.

  Even though she knew very well that it was just an illusion… it seemed that Brahm could pop out at any moment and call out her name.

  In the past, when she gave birth to Ananta… as Brahm stated, it was the result of a meeting that was out of simple curiosity, but, for a very brief moment, Harmonia had felt maternal love. She had also felt an unknown feeling for Brahm…

  But she had a job that she had to complete, and the playing had to end there. She essentially returned to existing as a dead being that resided in the dark.

  Still, Harmonia had never taken away the gaze she always had on Ananta and Braham. She wanted to help them. She felt the urge to jump and help them out several times a day, but each time she felt these urges, several situational factors always seemed to tie her down.

  Furthermore, she… she always turned away. 

  Even when she knew that Brahm was desperately looking for her, she just turned her head and pretended not to see.

  All the while, she would be grasping her throbbing heart in an empty, lonely place. She had to deceive herself, as if she was hypnotizing and convincing herself, that she had a greater responsibility to fulfill.

  But what was left behind was an empty, painful feeling.

  This was especially the case when she had to stare in vain as Brahm died. The emptiness she was feeling was becoming more and more engrossing. It was because of this that she was dazed and distracted throughout the Black King’s awakening ceremony.

  And then, Harmonia now seemed to recognize what she had been feeling.

  It was…

  Never do anything you will regret.

  It was regret.


  After leaving behind the last line, Brahm disappeared.

  Harmonia raised her head after a long silence. 

  Don’t do anything you’ll regret… 

  In the end, these were the words Brahm wanted to convey to her.

  Brahm’s words set firmly in her chest.

  『Brahm…. til the end, you end up messing with my thoughts and making my life complicated. You did that when I conceived Ananta… well, that’s the quality that makes you who you are after all.』 

  Harmonia decided at that moment. She had lived a life wherein she abandoned her family and her people to carry out the responsibilities as the Black King’s successor… but now, she wanted to be Ananta’s mother. Harmonia unfolded and spread her wings. Her wings, which spread out as wide as her height, seemed to want to envelop R’lyeh.


  At that moment, R’lyeh stopped self-propagating.

  At the same time, a flame-form of darkness rose over the surface and engulfed R’lyeh.

  What. Are.

  You. Doing.

  Among the Eight Gods of Disorder and otherworld gods, those with sensitive senses turned towards Harmonia. Since Harmonia had made great strides and contributions as the spearhead of Night, the beings did not understand what Harmonia was thinking or planning to do.

  Those that possessed exceptional instincts felt a foreboding of something unusual.

  『As long as the wormhole is open, you can reappear at any time… so let my daughter go.』

  Harmonia was threatening R’lyeh and holding it hostage for the safety of her daughter.

  A. Mere. Servant.

  Acting. Flippant.

  At that moment, the Resident of the Border turned its huge eyes toward Harmonia. The Black King was to descend on the body provided by R’lyeh. Since the ‘egg’ was where the Consciousness of the Black King would dwell, the Night had to protect and defend it at all costs.

  Boom! Boom, Boom, Boom!

  Engulfed in the darkness flames, R’lyeh began to explode.

  As the otherworld gods flocked over to stop it, Harmonia firmly confronted them with sharpened eyes. A sense of resoluteness flashed across her face.

  『Originally, you’re all just spirits from the past… sink into this world together with me.』

  From the start, Harmonia never considered facing the entirety of Night.

  However, she could tie their feet.

  If she destroyed the whole world where the egg was present… if she closed the wormhole connected to the otherworld and destroyed R’lyeh… it would take some time for the Night to reappear.

  ‘Ananta. Have a good life. This irresponsible mother is now able to act like a true mother for once.’

  [The ‘Promised Land’ is collapsing!]

  [The area outside the Tower is collapsing!]

  [The world is collapsing!]


  [The light of ‘Day (Eros)’ turns off quietly.]

  [‘Night (Nox)’ is buried underneath and disappears.] 


  Since all this was happening, no one heard…

  “Ohyohyo. In this way, the last chapter of the revelations will be delayed a bit more. Was this also something foreseen by the Heavenly Demon?”

  A peal of grotesque laughter echoed from an unknown place.



  10 years passed.