Chapter 61 - Return of a Legend (3)

  Everyone’s expression was a sight to behold. In a rarity, Lee Gun’s eyes turned round too. Yang Wei had no idea what was going on either; he just shook.

  The normal disciples never had been in the presence of the Constructs. The Chun siblings had no idea what to make of this situation. As for Hahn Jimin, a low-rank User, he had already sunk to the ground, close to fainting.

  This wasn’t surprising. Constructs were gods of destruction that treated humans with cruelty. Humans were like bugs to them. Constructs didn’t hate humans but perceived them as lower life forms.

  ‘It’s to be expected since they are in the Divine rank.’

  The Constructs would’ve killed all the humans already if the gods weren’t holding their reigns. They were beings only the Saints could approach. The Saints were the lowest rank beings that these Constructs were willing to communicate with. They spoke to the Saints, yet still looked down on them for being humans.

  Such beings were acting like this toward Lee Gun!

  [I do not dare lay my eyes on his countenance!]

  [We aren’t even worthy of speaking to him!]

  [Servant of the Archer! What are you doing!]

  [Why aren’t you asking him for his audience!]



  Hugo was frozen with his arms crossed. Of course, he wasn’t intimidated by the Constructs. ‘Servant… Servant….’ The most shocking part for him was that they kept calling him a servant.

  However, the beings of light didn’t care about his feelings. They called out to Hugo in a desperate manner.

  [You are taking too long, servant!]

  [You said you are the best friend of the exalted being!]

  [If you don’t ask for his audience, we do not dare speak to him!]


  “…” Heiji had already lost her mind.

  Lee Gun snorted. He didn’t know the story behind all of this, but these Constructs were familiars of the Gemini god. The blue energy around them proved this. It made this even funnier. These Constructs were sticking to Hugo instead of Heiji, the Gemini god’s contractor. Moreover, they wanted Hugo to ask him for an audience?

  From what Lee Gun could piece together from the conversation, Hugo had some kind of relationship with them. This was why Lee Gun snorted. “Hey!”

  Hugo was still in a state of shock from being called a servant when Lee Gun asked, “Why did you bring them here? They are the minions of the Gemini.”

  Seeing Lee Gun open his mouth, the light forms were greatly moved. They were touched by the fact that Lee Gun had shown interest in them.

  “Dude! Why are they asking you for an introduction?”

  Hugo received a hit from the remote control thrown by Lee Gun. He finally came to his senses. With an aggrieved expression, he glared at Lee Gun. “What do you mean? This is all your fault.”

  “What?” Lee Gun looked at his friend as if he was speaking nonsense.

  Instead of answering him, Hugo placed his hand on his wristwatch.

  [Archer’s Badge (Saint rank)]

  When he moved his hand away, flames followed his palm and something appeared. It was a bow, the temporary bow Lee Gun had made for him.

  The bow’s appearance made the light beings clamor. Whenever Hugo waved his bow, the Constructs followed it like dogs. They moved as if they were mesmerized.

  [The familiars are showing reaction to the power of the Serpent Bearer.]

  [They are praising the power of the weapon.]

  Hugo scrunched up his face as he objected to the display. “Do you see it now? Several Constructs stuck to me when I carried this around. They said this item smells like you.”

  “Huh?” Lee Gun was baffled.

  One of the Constructs yelled while prostrating on the ground.

  [May I humbly inform you that we have already surrendered to Lee Gun-nim]

  [You may not remember this, but we tried to pay tribute with the Gemini’s wealth.]


  The ones to scream were Heiji and Yang Wei.

  “You are familiars that serve the Gemini, so why…”

  “Wow! Gemini’s offerings are all high rank or above! Shit! I’m jealous!”

  Lee Gun did a double-take when he heard the familiars. ‘Now that I think about it, some familiars of the Gemini did surrender to me.’ That had happened after he had sent the bomb back to Yin & Yang palace.

  [Some familiars have declared total surrender.]

  [You can bring them in as prisoners of the Serpent Bearer.]

  [As a gesture of surrender, the familiars would like to pay tributes to you]

  [Will you accept?]

  He remembered receiving those notifications. However, those familiars had been out of his reach. If he wanted them, he had to travel to Yin & Yang palace. The same was true about the tributes.

  [Piggy Bank cannot move the tributes.]

  [The tributes of the familiars are too big and heavy.]

  Those were the notifications he had received, so he had thought he would have to go to Yin & Yang palace at some point. So why were these Constructs here?

  [May I humbly inform you that we had felt the energy of the exalted Lee-Gun-nim at Yin & Yang palace.]

  [We sensed it from the servant’s bow!]

  ‘Those bastards called me a servant again.’ Hugo despaired, but the familiars didn’t care.

  The shapes made out of light started to scream; Lee Gun had approached them. The Constructs were moved and ecstatic to see Lee Gun’s majesty up close. That wasn’t all.

  [In truth, we were a big help to the lowly servant sent by Lee Gun-nim!]

  [We weren’t expecting it, but you sent your special envoy for us!]

  Lee Gun tilted his head in puzzlement. ‘It seems they misunderstood something.’

  He had sent Hugo there to swipe Heiji’s body. Lee Gun had made a deal with his friend. If Hugo went to Yin & Yang palace, he had promised to speak highly of Hugo in front of his children. There was no way the familiars would know this. Thus, they felt moved by the gesture.

  [When our commander decided to submit to Lee Gun-nim, we weren’t sure if it was the right move. However, our commander was correct as always!]

  [You were able to put such an aura on a weapon!]

  [That skill! We can never forget it! That shoddy Archer was able to kill all the enemies from the ocean!]

  [You even razed Yin & Yang palace to the ground!]

  Hugo felt aggrieved at those words. ‘Wasn’t I the one who carried out those tasks? Why are all the compliments directed toward Lee Gun? Though, I do agree that his weapon performs very well.’

  In truth, without Lee Gun’s weapon, Hugo wouldn’t have been able to act so boldly in another Saint’s holy ground.

  Lee Gun was mystified by something. A word from those Constructs' flattery bothered him. “Your commander?”

  The familiars were surprised. They once again prostrated themselves on the floor. This was the main reason they were here.

  [In truth, our commander wants to meet you]

  [He wanted to come here with us, but he’s trapped within the holy ground. He is distressed.]

  [That is why he sent us ahead.]

  [We give our loyalty to Lee Gun-nim!]

  [If you do not want our loyalty, we don’t mind being prisoners!]

  Heiji finally broke out from her stupor. All familiars were not the same. The ones in front of them were battle-type Constructs. They were crucial to her fighting power. ‘This can’t be. These aren’t run-of-the-mill Constructs!’

  Lee Gun’s eyes twinkled.

  [Shiniest Light (Legend rank)]

  [One-eyed Berserker (Legend rank)]

  [King of the Giants (Legend rank)]

  They were all Legend rank. Moreover, someone who could command them would at least have to be Mythic rank.

  ‘I’ve caught some of the big guns.’ Lee Gun still couldn’t see their true names since the level of his Gaze of a God skill was too low. However, he could guess who they were. ‘One of them is the god of light’s offspring.’

  Lee Gun had sent Hugo to Yin & Yang palace because it was a bother for him to go there. However, the story changed with the mention of a Mythic rank Construct.

  ‘He’ll help me bolster my power.’ Lee Gun asked, “Where is your commander right now?”

  [If you move past Yin & Yang palace to the ocean floor, you will come across another palace.]

  [He is trapped there.]




  Lee Gun slammed his blade on the floor as if he found the information ridiculous. Seeing his cold countenance, the light beings gulped.

  However, Lee Gun’s lips soon curved into a smile. “Why are you abandoning the Gemini god for me?”

  [We cannot stand the Two-faced god’s tyranny…]

  “Yes, yes! Cut out the bullshit!”

  [In truth, we think the Gemini will be crushed by Lee Gun-nim.]

  “Of course! I like your honesty.”

  This exchange of words left the three Zodiac Saints in the room baffled. They had watched the betrayal of the Constructs in real-time. Heiji was close to losing her mind, while Hugo & Yang Wei were taken aback for an entirely different reason.

  ‘Can he really accept high-rank Constructs into the fold?’

  They weren’t commander rank Constructs, but they were at least officer rank. Of course, Hugo had seen Lee Gun bring in a Construct as a familiar before, Piggy Bank. However, this situation was completely different than the one with Pixiu.

  Yang Wei felt the same as Hugo. ‘Pixiu is a beast-type Construct. I can accept that you can train it by beating it up.’

  However, these Constructs had come to Lee Gun on their own feet. Beings of such high ranks had lowered their heads toward a human?

  ‘It makes no sense.’

  On top of that, a Mythic-rank Construct wanted to swear fealty to Lee Gun.

  These beings normally ignored the Zodiac Saints. Thus, this situation baffled the Saints even more.

  Lee Gun seemed unconcerned as his eyes flashed. ‘A Mythic rank… I’ll have to go to the Pacific Ocean.’

  Of course, it was a region where the territories of different gods overlapped, so there might be some danger. Moreover, he wasn’t dealing with the domain of humans. ‘I’m pretty sure it’s outside the dome.’

  That region fell into the territory of the unknown civilization. Moreover, it was close to where the Leo Saint had fallen. However, none of that mattered.

  [Your other subjects will arrive here soon.]

  The Constructs finally lowered their heads.

  [Will you accept Shiniest Light (Legend rank) as a familiar?]

  [Will you accept One-eyed Berserker (Legend rank) as a familiar?]

  [Will you accept King of the Giants (Legend rank) as a familiar?]

  Lee Gun laughed. “Alright. I’ll accept you guys as familiars.”

  Seeing Lee Gun extend his hand, Heiji snorted. “Familiar? You? You dare to make gods your familiar? That makes no sense…”


  An incredible light flooded outward as something surprising happened.


  [Warrior King Jarl(high rank) became a familiar of the Serpent Bearer.]

  [Giant Jotunn(high rank) became a familiar of the Serpent Bearer.]

  [Berserker(high rank) became a familiar of the Serpent Bearer.]

  [Familiar 4]

  [Captive 1]

  [You can name your familiars.]

  Lee Gun spoke as if it was a bother. “Eeny, Meeny, Miny!”

  [Jarl(high rank) received Eeny(high rank) as a name.]

  [Jarl(high rank) received Meeny as a name.]

  [Berserker(high rank) received Miny as a name.]

  The energy of the Gemini disappeared from around the Constructs. Then, the Serpent Bearer’s energy encircled them. It was the same energy that could be felt from Lee Gun.

  The Saints reared back in fright.

  “The high-rank battle gods…!”

  “That’s crazy!”

  Heiji was completely frozen. How could a human take Constructs as subordinates? ‘No way.’

  Lee Gun ignored Heiji’s reaction as he laughed at her. “It seems the Gemini is giving me too much.”

  Heiji yelled in anger, “Lee Gun!”

  “I guess this is too one-sided. I’ll probably be punished by karma if it’s too unfair.”

  “!” Heiji’s heart pounded when she heard Lee Gun’s words.

  Lee Gun laughed as if he was being merciful. “I’ll return your body to you.” He injected his magical energy into his hand.

  Heiji was overjoyed. She wanted to hop around. “Thank—”

  She prepared her heart as she concentrated her mind. However, Heiji couldn’t feel a change in her body. She knew something was off.

  “Thank you! Thank you!”

  Heiji froze when she heard a familiar voice. Her body was moving, but her soul wasn’t in it. She was still within the figurine. That meant…


  “Thank you, Lee Gun-nim! Thank you!”

  Heiji felt aggrieved when she heard those words shouted out loud. She asked, “You said you’ll return my body! What about me?”

  Lee Gun scoffed as if she was speaking nonsense. “Why would I return it to you?”

  “What!” Heiji shook from anger. She was sure of it. Lee Gun planned on making her stay in this state forever. 

  ‘Shit! Since it turned out like this…’ Heiji shouted, “Raeriqueen! Hurry up and use your magic!”

  Raeriqueen, who was thanking Lee Gun, did a double-take.

  “Raeriqueen.” Lee Gun’s cold voice reached Heiji’s body and her original body.

  Raeriqueen, who was currently in Heiji’s body, screamed as she planted her head on the ground. “I’m sorry, Great Lee Gun-nim! I’ll do as you ask! Please!”

  The Fairy Monarch sounded close to tears. This shocked Lee Gun’s familiars.

  [As expected, our new master is different.]

  Heiji felt like she was losing her mind.


  At that moment…

  “Take this.”

  Raeriqueen almost fainted when she saw the item in Lee Gun's hands.