Chapter 131 Grand Finale

  After the specific plan was drawn up, Qin Huo and Little Phoenix went into seclusion. And Qin Huo's Earth God doppelganger would go to the Ocalan family every three months to kill one or two strong people, so as to attract the attention of other families. In this way, after three years, after all the conditions were ripe, Qin Huo's Earth System God doppelganger went to the Okalen family again. As for the little phoenix and Qin Huo's original, the lightning system god doppelganger, they remained in seclusion and cultivation.

  In the Southern Spirit Continent, the Scuttle House, a million miles to the south, there was a scenic place with mountains at the back and water at the face, which was the family gathering place of the Ocalan Family. Today, countless strong people are gathered here, they either come to see the fun, or have grudges with the Okalen family. Without exception, all of these people who came had the strength of a six-star demon at the lowest.

  "Qin Huo, what else do you want? My family's elders, before and after, you have already killed seventeen of them, do you really want to uproot my family?" The Ocalan Family's patriarch asked in a furious voice. The patriarch of the Okalen family was a female Shura powerhouse who was also an emissary of the Lord God. However, the Lord God would not care about the struggle of the Lord God's messengers like slaves. Dead, another one will be just like that.

  "Mr. Okarowell, Mr. Zhilun, just do what we discussed?!" Qin Huo did not answer the furious Lanasha, but turned his head to ask the strong man of the Moon Elf clan that he had known in these three years - Okaro Will, and the patriarch of the Huilen clan, who had a conflict of interest with the Okaren clan - Zhilun. These two, the two who had a grudge against the Okalen family, had the highest cultivation level.

  "It's all up to Mr. Qin Huo to arrange! This is a hundred drops of Fire Lord God's power, please accept it, sir." Okaro Will was very humble and courteous, and handed Qin Huo a vial containing the power of the Lord God. Cure Lun also similarly handed Qin Huo a vial of Fire Lord God's Power. This was what Qin Huo had discussed after getting involved with these two. After the Ocalan family was exterminated, all the assets were divided equally between the Moon Elf clan and the Huilun family, and Qin Huo only needed two hundred drops of Lord God's power. These Lord God's Power were not urgently needed by Qin Huo, they were just for show.

  "In that case, I will not be polite!" For this purely transactional act, Qin Huo was not pretentious and accepted it as it was.

  The killing soon began, and the scene was a chaotic battlefield. Thousands of God-ranked powerhouses, either fighting in pairs or in groups of three or two. There were also those who formed a square formation and blasted each other. On Qin Huo's side, there were only two Xuluo limit powerhouses, not counting Qin Huo. The other side, on the other hand, there are four people.

  By the beginning of the discussion, Qin Huo to deal with two, the remaining two, one by Okaro Will and Zhilun.

  Some things, beyond Qin Huo's expectations, Lanasha not only has a soul defense main divine weapon, but also a material defense main divine weapon. On the defense ability of the soul and the body itself, Qin Huo is not inferior to Lanasha, and in terms of attack, Qin Huo is even higher than Lanasha by a large margin. But even so, Qin Huo wants to break through Lanasha's defense, it is also impossible to do so. The main god and the higher god, that is the difference of a class, this class is very difficult to overcome.

  "Qin Huo, your strength is good. Even if you are a Great Perfection, but you want to kill me, in your next life!" Lanasha laughed wildly and no longer tangled with Qin Huo. Qin Huo could not kill her, and she could not help Qin Huo. Is not the Great Perfection, but can not see, with the strength of Qin Huo performance, Lana Sha suspected that Qin Huo is the Great Perfection, Lana Sha also worried about further entanglement, by Qin Huo banished to the spatial turbulence. But in reality, Qin Huo is not going to do that. Banishment to the spatial turbulence, it is still possible to be rescued by the Lord God.

  [It seems that we can only use Soul Devouring! Qin Huo's heart was ruthless and decided to use his natural divine ability. Lanasha only felt that her soul was attracted by some kind of inexplicable attraction, and her soul, together with the Soul Defense Master God Artifact, turned into pure soul energy and left her body.

  The battle came to an end after the four strongest Shura-level powerhouses on the Okalen family's side were killed. The remaining strong people, seeing that the leaders were killed, also lost their confidence to resist. From a lively fight as a whole, it turned into a sporadic fight, and finally the sporadic fight gradually subsided.

  "There is one thing, I have to trouble you two!" After the truce, Qin Huo approached the two Okoroowai.

  "What's the matter, sir, just say!" Cure Lun waved his hand and said generously. The strength of Qin Huo was evident to both of them. Although it was impossible to judge whether it was a great perfection, but with the strength displayed, it was no less than a great perfection. In their minds, Qin Huo was the suspected Great Perfection powerhouse. Especially the death of Lanasha at the end, the two of them surprisingly did not even see the slightest hint of it. Therefore, for such an imperceptible strong person, they were reporting with the mindset of cooperation and friendship.

  "I have a friend named Jakes, with whom I was separated. You guys help me to send more men and spread the news that Qin Huo and Little Phoenix are waiting for him at the Scuttle House!" Qin Huo did not say it was Yu Long, but used the name of his best friend Jakes. Although the Ocalan family was destroyed today, but there are many strong people outside, Qin Huo is worried that they will go to Yu Long to vent their anger. Qin Huo mentioned himself and the little phoenix, and said he was waiting for Jakes, when Yu Long would understand Qin Huo's true intention.

  After finishing the business here, Qin Huo's original dwelling and the lightning system god doppelganger as well as the little phoenix went back to the Yulan continent at the fastest speed. While Qin Huo's Earth System God doppelganger changed his appearance and soul aura to live in the city of Scutcha Mansion. Qin Huo used Soul Devouring to swallow Lanasha's soul, but also swallowed her soul defense main divine weapon. Qin Huo was worried that this would lead to trouble. Normally, after the death of the Lord God's Messenger, the Lord God's Artifact would be retrieved by the Lord God. If they found out that the Soul Defense Master God Artifact was missing, they would most likely come looking for trouble with Qin Huo.

  Yulan Continent, Northern Region Eighteen Principality. Nearly two thousand past, this place is still the same. While the other places, but completely changed the appearance. And in the South Sea, there was an additional Green Fire Continent built by the Green Fire Lord God, which was no less than the Yulan Continent in terms of area.

  "Mother!" Now that he saw Luo Na, Qin Huo had quite a lot of emotions in his heart. It had been more than seventeen hundred years since he had parted from his mother. Among them, Qin Huo's experience could be considered rich and monotonous. After meeting, there was no excitement as one would imagine at first. There was, just a faint calmness, warmth.

  "It's good that you can all come back ……!" Rona said here, voice whimpering but can no longer say. Wait a little calm for a while, Rona continued: "After this time to come back, and later to go outside?" Rona some worry, some expectation of Qin Huo's answer.

  "No, I'm not going anywhere!" Qin Huo half-truthfully said his intention. His original and lightning system god doppelganger did not intend to go anywhere, the excitement of the Supreme Plane, killing did not suit him. However, the earth system god bilocation, but there are still some things to do, until picking up Yu Long back, Qin Huo's earth system god bilocation has to take a trip to the underworld.

  It was the thirtieth year of Qin Huo's return to the Yulan Plane.

  "Qin Huo, it's really you!" Opposite Qin Huo stood the stunningly beautiful Garris. There was surprise and a trace of tears in Carice's beautiful eyes.

  "Garis, you've reached the median god?" Qin Huo but some do not know what to say, his feeling for Carice, as before. Want to get closer, but also afraid, have feelings, but do not want to say. For beautiful women, Qin Huo can boast unrestrainedly, compliments. But for women who have feelings, Qin Huo is cautious in his words and careful.

  "Well, it's been more than four hundred years! I heard that you went to the Supreme Plane! I came here this time because I want to ask about the situation in the Supreme Plane!" Carys did not mention the worries she had over the years, nor did she mention the jade coffin in the spatial ring. Seeing Qin Huo, the inexplicable stone in her heart fell to the ground. And the sarcophagus, there is no need to save, when no one, buried is also.

  "Are you planning to go to the Supreme Plane?" Qin Huo listened to the meaning of Garris, but want to go to the Supreme Plane to see, heart amazed. And decided, no matter what, to dispel the idea of Carice.

  "Go to see? Well, a good idea! Always stay here I'm really a little bored, you give me an introduction to the situation there!" Carys smiled a little slyly and said slowly.

  "Ahem! This, well, I don't know which realm to start with, each supreme realm has different characteristics. To really say the whole thing, not a year will not be able to finish. You first say what kind of environment you like, and then I will introduce you in a targeted way!" Qin Huo nearly choked when he heard Garris' words.

  "What kind of environment? This can not say, I like a quiet environment, but not absolutely. Sometimes, also like to get together. Sometimes I like to cultivate alone, and sometimes I go to a crowded place to feel that atmosphere ……!" Carriece said a long list, Qin Huo also just summed up one - not fixed.

  "This is hard to do! Secluded environment everywhere, but the supreme plane those good places, but not everyone can go. The good places are all divided up by those powerful people. As for the buzz, there is a lot of it, but you can't watch it, you can only participate. Take the relatively best life god world, the simplest hilarious, but also with dozens of lives piled up. And to see the hilarity must be involved, even if you do not want to, but also by you. This kind of hilarity, each person on average, must participate in at least ten cases per year. Median gods, a hundred, on average, at least ninety-nine will fall each year. As for other realms such as hell, it is ……!" Qin Huo somewhat exaggerated the degree of danger of the supreme realm.

  "Ah! That ……! By the way, I still have some things to do, I'll leave first!" Carys' face suddenly turned white as she listened to Qin Huo's introduction. She knew that what Qin Huo said was a bit exaggerated, but she was still a bit worried about Qin Huo who had returned safely. It was not until she lost her voice that Carys realized her loss of temper and got up to say goodbye.

  "I'll see you off!" Qin Huo did not make a remark to retain Garris, but offered to see Garris off. In fact, a God-ranked powerhouse, who was also in the eighteen duchies of the Northern Domain, this distance could be reached in a flash.

  "Mm!" Carice nodded her head and lightly nodded.

  Qin Huo and Carice flew above the clouds, but their speed was slow. The journey was a short one, but it took a full hour to fly. After that, Qin Huo and Jialice would meet often.

  The five hundred and eighty years after Qin Huo returned to the Yulan Continent, the Life God Realm, the Scuttle House, the temporary residence of Qin Huo's Earth System God doppelganger.

  "Yu Long, Catherine, when did you guys run into each other?" Qin Huo looked at Yu Long and Catherine with some amazement, now that the two had tied the knot as husband and wife.

  "It's a long story, just arrived at the Life God Realm, the first tribe to join, and met Catherine ……!" Yu Long told a detailed account of his encounter with Catherine and briefly described his experiences over the years.

  "After so many years, I'll ask you two for your opinion. Do you guys want to stay here or go back to the Yulan continent?" Now that Yu Long has married the High Priestess, there are some things that are not as easy to decide as when there were only two brothers. Whether Yu Long would stay or go, it still depended on the High Priestess' intention.

  "Go back, this place is not suitable for us!" Catherine also does not want to remain in the Supreme Plane, she came at first, not because this place is full of killings. Now that she had seen the cruelty of the Supreme Plane, she would come again, when she could be indifferent to her own life.

  In this way, Qin Huo's Earth System God doppelganger, and the Yu Long couple returned to the Yulan Continent. At this time, Linley had already gone to the dimensional battlefield, while Qin Huo's Earth System God's doppelganger, went to meet the Underworld Lord alone.

  In the Underworld Spectral Mountain, Qin Huo finally reached the top of the mountain. On the way, he also suffered from the attacks of the Underworld Serpents, but Qin Huo knew their relationship with the Death Lord, so if he hurt them, it was bound to be bad. Therefore, each time just dodged their attacks, and did not return fire. For the spectral fruit, Qin Huo also did not covet. The ghostly fruit has the effect of increasing soul strength, but that effect no longer has any effect on a strong person like Qin Huo. If he coveted it, he would only give himself one more reason to be the messenger of the Lord God, and Qin Huo did not want to be anyone's messenger. His soul had secrets, and if he dealt with the Death Lord, who was the most skilled in souls, for a long time, Qin Huo was worried that he would accidentally leak the secrets.

  "Greetings to the Lord God!" Qin Huo gave a respectful salute to the Death Lord sitting on the chair in the main hall.

  "Well, not bad! I should reward you for being able to break in up here. Speak, what is your request!" The Underworld Sovereign, whose body was a fruit tree and who had taken on the form of a young girl, asked with a clear voice.

  "My father, and my brother Jakes, died in an accident more than two thousand years ago. I hope the master can help me find their transformed undead and restore their memories!" Qin Huo pleaded with earnest words.

  "Yes! However, I want you to be my Lord God's messenger." The process of Qin Huo breaking into the Underworld Mountain was clear to the Death Lord. With Qin Huo's strength, it was highly likely that he was a Great Perfection. Great Perfection, the Lord God was also scrambling for it. Because there are some things that the Lord God is not convenient to do, it is time to rely on a strong person of the level of Great Perfection.

  "Lord God forgive me, this time if we find out father and brother, I want to return to the original material plane to live! This supreme realm, not quite suitable for me!" Qin Huo was not good enough to refuse too deadly, after all, he still had a request from the Death Lord now.

  "LOL! Which place is not suitable for you?!" The Underworld Sovereign giggled and asked Qin Huo with some surprise and curiosity. A suspected Great Perfection that didn't like the life of the Supreme Plane was really a bit surprising to the Underworld Sovereign. A strong person of Qin Huo's level, in the Supreme Plane that was a strong person second only to the status of the Lord God, everywhere he went, he would be flattered and curried favor.

  "Uh, I was born in the ordinary material plane, and I have a special feeling for there. This Supreme Plane is good everywhere, but it doesn't make me feel at home." Qin Huo did not say that he did not like the life of killing, and he really did not need to live a life of killing now. But for this supreme plane, Qin Huo did not feel safe. Beirut and Qing Huo, from the book, Qin Huo understood their character, and during these years in the Yulan continent, he was also sure that they were that kind of character. But the supreme realm was different, there were all kinds of main gods with any kind of personality.

  "Ordinary Material Plane? What's it like there?" The Death Lord was born in the Underworld, and knew very little about the Material Plane. The Lord Gods who were friends with the Death Sovereign were also not born in the Material Plane. As for the other gods, the Sovereign would not ask this question either. After all, the status is different, the sovereign cannot ask everything. But Qin Huo was different, he was a suspected great perfection. In the main gods, there is also an unwritten rule, for the great perfection, they also mostly treat as friends. The reason is that the Great Perfection stands at the pinnacle of cultivating fusion mysteries, a pinnacle different from that of the Lord Gods. This pinnacle, even many Lord Gods have not reached.

  "There are many differences between the ordinary material plane, and these supreme planes. The biggest difference is that there is a world made up and dominated by ordinary mortals. One hundred years is just a shake of an eye for a God-level powerhouse. But there, it has experienced several generations of mortal turnover. Birth, old age, sickness and death happen naturally without killing or being forced by others. There, watching world events change, there will be a vicissitudes of fullness in the heart!" Qin Huo explained in detail.