Chapter 1822 - The Grand Finale of the Heavenly Sh

  The fourth chapter and the fifth chapter are combined and updated, the grand finale.

  Too many strong people in the Heavenly Court, clouds gathered in one life, so many great emperors, too amazing, not in the past, and difficult to reproduce in the future.

  Ye Fan did not immediately lead the crowd to conquer the immortal road, but let them continue to cultivate, to consolidate the fruit of the dao in one life. Because he had gone through more than 700,000 years, he finally was able to find all the heavenly treasures to refine the Nine-Turn Immortal Pill, and he refined furnace after furnace, even though some people such as Ji Zi and the white-clothed God King had taken the immortality pill, this pill was still effective.

  After consolidating the fruits of the Dao for a lifetime, thousands of years later, each one was extremely powerful and stepped onto the absolute pinnacle of the Dao. Ye Fan let them take the Nine Revolutions Immortal Pill, and all of them were restored to their most bloodthirsty young age.

  Ye Fan came, stepped into a huge cemetery, and whispered: "Partners who have fought together, I have come to fulfill my words, I have said that I will not only take you to level the forbidden area, suppress the ancient turmoil, and create the ultimate glory, but also take you on the road to immortality, which will be an even more vast and magnificent battle map. I'm coming!"


  Ye Fan stepped down with one foot, and with a boom, all the great tombs cracked open, and one after another huge divine source rushed up, each one sealed with a heavenly soldier or heavenly general.

  They had long since grown old and fallen into their twilight years, but they were all still alive, isolated by the divine source.

  "You may be too old to conquer, but I will not forget my partners and brothers back then, even if I die in battle, I will take you on the immortal road and enter the immortal domain!"

  Ye Fan roared, one after another in front of the great tomb, piece after piece of divine source flowing divine glory, among them all opened their eyes, their old eyes cloudy, containing tears, all excited to trembling, at this point there is no need to say more, the heavenly emperor to fulfill RuoYin.

  A resounding battle song has been played, the conquest of the immortal road began!

  The army is vast, some deceased people dragon essence tiger fierce rushed over, back then are sealed by Ye Fan himself.

  Such as: Pang Bo, Zhang Wenchang, Zhang Ziling, Tu Fei, Li Heshui, Dongfang Ye, Li Tian, Yan Yixi, etc. There were even more Dragon Horse, Wang Shu, Lei Bo, Ji Chengdao, Little Bird, Xia Jiuyu, etc.

  They commanded the heavenly court ministries, among them such as Ji Haoyue, Li Ruoyu and several others also became emperors in the last heavenly tribulation, to conquer the immortal road together.

  The past did not pass away, all reappear, and there are also other deceased people arrived, such as the Shaking Light Saint Lord Wei Wei, Fire Liner, Fire Qizi, etc……

  All the heavenly soldiers and generals of the current world assembled, endless armies spread out and flooded the star field, Ye Fan was going to lead everyone to conquer the immortal road.

  "Master, everyone is here, only one is missing, Master Duan De, is he still reincarnating?" Little Heavenly Master Zhang Qingyang said.

  "No need to wait, let's go on our way first." Ye Fan said.

  The whole universe trembled, people didn't expect to see such a magnificent spectacle!

  The heavenly soldiers and generals of the current world, boundless and boundless, followed the Heavenly Emperor and a group of great emperors, preparing to ascend the heavenly road, and they covered the pale universe.

  Battle songs resounded through the universe, they ascended the heavenly road and the army covered the sky!

  At the very center of the army was an ancient bronze coffin, where there was also a boundless divine source, sealing the old soldiers and veterans of the past, and the crowd guarded them in the center.


  The Heavenly Emperor struck, and in this life people finally saw his unparalleled power!

  With just one punch, he blasted through the cosmic barrier, penetrating a huge passage and killing his way into a strange world.

  "Is this …… the immortal domain?" Everyone trembled.

  There was a rain of light flying and a haze of light, not at the right time or the right place, but the Heavenly Emperor just blew him open.

  "This is the Immortal Road, but it hasn't reached the Immortal Realm yet, because I'm going to meet someone along the way!" Some great emperors, such as the Holy Emperor, Dao Yi and Zhang Bai Ren, saw a break at the end of the Immortal Road, leading to another world.

  Ye Fan invited the empress to enter and guard that break, while he himself then held open the path and invited everyone to embark on the journey.

  A vast, endless army stepped onto the Immortal Road and entered a strange world.

  "Not at the right time, not at the right place, the only way to go through the immortal world is to enter this world first." The empress whispered.

  And then, her eyes suddenly stood up and with a boom, she slapped out a palm and struck a blow against a person.

  The battle had only just entered this world!

  But people did not worry about the Ruthless Emperor, the world was vast, no one dared to say that they could kill her.

  The army was vast, all of them entered this strange world, Ye Fan no longer supported the passage, and entered with great strides.

  The person who had a slap against the very person bled from his mouth, but did not yield and struck again. Everyone was appalled, what kind of world is this, just coming in and meeting someone who can have a confrontation with the real Flawless Empress?

  That was a true Emperor Dao expert!

  Boom, that person flew up sideways, coughing blood from his mouth, his body cracked and then exploded, he reorganized his body in the distance, revealing a shocked look, unable to believe this fact, and quickly disappeared, the female emperor ignored and did not chase after him.

  Red dust for immortals, apparently this is not yet the embodiment of her true battle power yet.

  This is a vast world, Ye Fan and the female emperor stand side by side, pushing together, and soon understood this world.

  "This place is extraordinary, there are few immortal substances, and the vastness is boundless, also there are like clouds of experts."

  Most importantly, they discovered the amazing fact that this was a large world that had been artificially evolved, trying to evolve towards the immortal realm to make up for that damaged world.

  After more than 200,000 years, Ye Fan and the Ruthless Emperor again repeatedly evolved, through the immortality pill has roughly figured out that the immortal domain is no longer immortal, all died in the immortal war back then.

  In fact, the immortal domain that year, although the population is vast, the real immortals are not many, the number is limited, less than a hundred, the rest have not gone to that step.

  Of course, this refers to the realm and battle power!

  If we talk about immortality, it is another story, because that world has immortality and longevity of the substance, can let not rely on their own cultivation to reach that realm of people can also live forever.

  Immortal domain is damaged, no one is immortal, and the human world is cut off, only occasionally sometimes there will be cracks, but almost no one can capture the opportunity to go in.

  Because of the damage to the immortal domain, the law will block anyone who wants to enter, for self-protection.

  Otherwise, it is said that in the immortal era as long as the immortal two realm of the great power can ascend into the immortal world, and the saints are more in that world is called immortal immortality.

  All the rules have changed, so today's strong as the great emperor can not enter.

  Want to enter the immortal realm, the only way to become immortal in the red dust, in order to break through the two worlds channel, really go in, and only immortals can repair and evolve that world in the years to come.

  Therefore, Ye Fan became immortal in the red dust, and the Ruthless Emperor has also been standing in this realm for many years.

  "Be careful, there is not only an immortal emperor in this world, there is another person, otherwise it would not make the beginningless great emperor powerless to take care of him." Ye Fan transmitted a voice.

  He directly grabbed a handful of this world's celestial heart brand, and instantly gained insight into many secrets.

  "Roar ……"

  Suddenly, a roar came from an immortal phoenix spreading its wings and striking the sky, leading an endless army to kill, this world was vast and had endless experts.

  "Immortal Heavenly Emperor you ** nah life!" The black emperor roared, and now truly became an emperor dao expert.

  "Buzzing rumble", the black emperor a long whistle, shaking hands to tear open the void, sacrificed out a green jade turtle, did not enter the army.

  The Emperor of Immortality turned pale, and that was the corpse Qi he left behind back then.

  He spread his wings and swept across, instantly extinguishing all the corpse qi, dissolving a clean.

  This immortal phoenix into a human form landed and said: "Gentlemen, there is no grudge in this world that can not be dissolved, into the immortal domain is not so easy, at least three red dust immortals need to strike together, and need to choose the right coordinates, otherwise either can not fight in, or further damage the immortal domain, how about we join forces?"

  No one expected the Immortal Emperor to say such a thing, his posture is heroic, standing there, the years do not leave a trace, looks twenty-something years old, abundant posture over the world.

  "Sorry, we have enough people, we don't need you, as for the correct location, I have it here too." Ye Fan raised the immortal treasure map, it was the ancient map obtained from the nest of ten thousand dragons back then, which originally belonged to the Ruthless Emperor.

  Later, he went to study it with the empress and finally understood what it was, it recorded the imprint of the human world universe, and even more so, it hid the immortal domain's void map.

  "Immortal Emperor, you accept life, back then sneak attacked my grandfather, and later sneak attacked brother Xiao Song, killed one great emperor after another, kill!" The little Saint Ape roared, carrying the Immortal Iron Stick and charged forward.


  Someone behind the Immortal Heavenly Emperor also roared, they were not short of Imperial Dao experts, there were some who stood side by side and came forward to kill.


  In the distance, monstrous fluctuations swept through the eight wildernesses, causing the imperial dao experts to tremble.

  "Great Emperor!" Emperor Black couldn't help but shout, tears flowing long, unable to control it anymore.

  It was a magnificent figure, heroic and intimidating, with thick black hair and wise eyes that could pierce through everything, raising his hands and feet, and all the dao of heaven and earth trembled and wailed for him, his elegance was unmatched in the world.

  Who is the peak at the end of the immortal road, once you see the beginning of the Tao becomes empty!

  This saying also does not know how many thousands of years passed down, and now this generation of talent to see his person, not at all exaggerated, he is already the red dust immortal, the merits of the ancient and modern.

  However, his enemy has also reached this realm, a native of this strange world, also a Red Dust Immortal.

  For so many years, the Beginningless Emperor was targeted by the Immortal Emperor and this person, so you can imagine how difficult it was.

  The beginningless great emperor also has followers, but obviously not yet a bit can not become a red dust immortal, otherwise these years would not be so difficult.

  And now it's different, Ye Fan, the empress arrived, the number of Red Dust Immortals on both sides of the enemy reversed, he no longer fearless, completely let go of his hands.

  A stunning battle broke out, the beginningless emperor confronted the red dust immortal, a palm slap down, the heaven and earth reversed, time reversed, let people shock.

  He is strong and unmatched, facing such an expert, out of the corner of his eye, destroying the strike, shaking the future of the past and present.

  "Once you see the beginningless dao becomes empty, the ancients sincerely do not deceive me!" Many people marveled.

  "Destroy them all for me!" The Immortal Heavenly Emperor held his immortal sword and pointed at Ye Fan and the boundless army behind him.

  Behind him were endless experts, and there were even some imperial dao figures, if they pounced, those who became emperors would be unharmed, but the heavenly soldiers and generals would surely be completely destroyed.

  "Arrange the formation!" Ye Fan shouted.

  With a buzzing rumble, a formation diagram flew up, Ye Xian, Godiva, Little Silkworm, Yellow Tooth's granddaughter Tai Shang Immortal Body, Little Saint Ape, Ye Yishui a each holding a killing sword, entered the epicenter, and at once covered the world, blocking all enemies.