Chapter 513 Grand Finale

  ;Well, let the real duel come!" Lone Defeated Sky coldly shouted.

  The Devil Lord also had high battle intent.

  Chen Zhan, on the other hand, roared lowly, "Reach the strongest!"

  The Devil Lord nodded and said, "Let our respective residual souls each return to their bodies."

  Devil Lord, Dokurok Heaven, Ghost Lord, and Chen Zhan each floated out three wisps of remnant souls and flew to the others' bodies. This was the soul nurturing technique that Dokugo Defiant and Chen Zhan tried back then in the Divine Devil Mausoleum, using the souls of others to stimulate the soul of the body to grow, and later the Ghost Lord and Devil Lord also joined in.

  Vast fluctuations erupted out, without a doubt, at this moment, the four reached the peak realm of the Heaven's Adversary level, which can be called the king of kings! This was the highest realm that the human body could reach!


  The four of them shouted in unison and together they blasted at the Heavenly Dao.

  In the booming sound that shook the heavens and the earth, the Heavenly Dao was actually darkened by the heavy blow.

  "Very well, very well!" The cold and heartless voice of the Heavenly Dao came down.

  "Please ask the human king to reshape the heaven and earth." The Devil Lord and Doktor looked at the Human King at the same time.

  "As it should be!" The Human King hovered in the air and unfolded his world, wanting all the remaining stars to fly out and began to shoot to all corners of this broken heaven and earth, endless power repairing this world that was about to crumble.

  Although Chen Zhan and Chen Nan also have perfect worlds, but after all, their world origin has only grown up for a short time, the human king's origin world, even if it was destroyed by half, and repaired the light continent in the sky, but now is still incomparable to others, after all, her origin world has grown up for a very long time.

  The heaven and earth that was about to crumble was repaired in a flash, and the heavenly dao was trapped.

  "Hahaha ……" The Heavenly Dao laughed out loud, the first time he had laughed so openly. He said, "I begged you to close this world, otherwise how can I lend you a hand to transform again? After your destruction, all the power of the earth will be transformed into endless grievances in the closed space. It will be the source of my strongest earth replenishment!"

  "I hope you can laugh at the end." Chen Nan bellowed. And then he, Demon Lord, Dokurok and the others organized all the remaining destructive formations in the land and began the ultimate battle.

  At this moment. All the remaining 70,000 Jedi formations rose up to the sky and killed the Heavenly Dao.

  This time it was a strong attack led by the Starry Sky Ancient Battle Spirit, the Tatsu Ancestor, and the Great God of Time and Space, and behind them all the Heavenly Rank powerhouses and Swami.

  "Death to all!" Heavenly Dao mercilessly shouted.

  "I'll kill you!" Although the Heavenly Ancestor was devilish. But it does not mean that he is heartless and heartless. The eight souls of the Tatsu family ground perished, so he was really sad, if not for these eight people he could not have come to this world, he very much valued these eight descendants.

  "Starry sky infinite!" Starry sky ancient battle soul is roaring. The soul power of the heaven defying level burned up.

  "Time and space collapse!" The Great God of Time and Space shouted.

  Endless souls were following them in the back.

  They knew that even though the Heavenly Dao had suffered heavy damage. But it was still difficult to kill now. They were like paving the road to life for the later earth cultivators with their lives again.

  "Under the Heavenly Dao are all ants!"

  The Heavenly Dao coldly shouted, endless pressure swept down, and the destructive divine light enveloped the people below.

  An absolute array was crumbling, and a battle soul was flying into dust. Endless soul shadows faded away forever. In the end, except for the starry sky ancient war soul and Chen ancestor rushed into the heavenly dao. The large number of followers in the rear along with the Great God of Time and Space were all destroyed in form and spirit.

  "Battle …… battle …… battle!" Tatsu Ancestor shouted three times in a row and finally crumbled in the heavenly dao together with the Starry Sky Ancient Battle Spirit. Once again, the heavenly dao was heavily damaged.

  This is how magnificent, by now everyone has understood. Constantly sacrifice their strongest battle soul to re-inflict the heavenly dao. Is the only way to exterminate him!

  Although mourning. But the strong have long been no tears. They even blood is almost dried up.

  In the end, Demon Lord, Doktor, Ghost Lord, Chen Zhan, and the fully awakened Seven Absolute Heavenly Maidens all rushed up. Chen Nan also wanted to kill up. But the hearts of all of them are connected at this time.

  "Chen Nan you know what to do!"

  "I understand. Chen Nan took back the foot that he took. Incredibly sadly looked at the crowd.

  This time, the strongest great charge began, with the five heaven-reversing level experts, Dokurok, Demon Lord, Chen Battle, Ghost Lord, and Seven Jedi Heavenly Maiden, leading the army!

  The strongest killing formations, such as the Ten Directions Destruction Valley, the Six Demons Locking Heavenly Figure, and the Yin-Yang Heaven-slaying Wheel, went up against the heavens!

  All the Earthly Gods all followed behind them ……

  "Cultivate my battle sword and kill the nine heavens. Spill my blood, go forward ……" the ancient battle song is bleak and mournful. The sound of the earth resonates through the heavens and the earth, a vast sound, full of endless vicissitudes and sadness.

  Knowing that they must die, but also to die. With his own death to recreate the heavenly dao!

  "A pot does not break at the mouth of a well, a great general cannot avoid dying in front of the battlefield, death in battle is the final destination of a cultivator!"


  The gods killed on the Heavenly Dao!

  Chen Nan closed his eyes in pain! The result was conceivable, the ending was already predetermined, these people were going to die!

  The Great God Dokugan defeated the heavens with the Heavenly Demon, Moon God, Xuan Xuan, Dokugan Xiao Xuan, Dokugan Xiao Yue, and the nine disciples rushed into the Heavenly Dao, and in the deafening roar, all of Great God Dokugan's loved ones perished, except for himself holding Dokugan's pale laughter, killing in and out.

  "Through a thousand sorrows and dangers, even if the soul flies away, my spiritual consciousness remains, battle a hundred lifetimes of reincarnation, even if the six paths are impermanent, I still live forever! Heavenly Dao! The Way of Heaven! Heaven has lost its way, why do I need to follow it?"

  The Great God Doktor's eyes were bleeding tears, crying for his family and disciples, and a handful of "Doktor" killed seven times, and finally broke up in the Heavenly Dao.

  Ghost Lord is also in the heavenly dao in the vertical rampage, crushed his own skeleton.

  The devil master looked back at the submerged dragon, at the devil master, the great devil, the nameless divine devil and others, his expression gradually became heavy, and finally said: "I want to become the strongest, you guys don't blame me!"

  "No regret, no hate!" The four people shouted in unison.

  They knew that the devil master was crazy, in order to get the strongest power, he would kill his relatives, kill himself, to kill the enemy!

  Blood light arose, and the Devil Lord shattered his own **, crushed the souls of the Great Devil, the Subterranean Dragon, the Devil Master, and the Nameless God Devil, and fused them into his own soul.

  The devil master was mad, so extreme was his technique that he turned into a madman. He was stimulating himself, he was roaring and howling with sorrow. It was too much to cry, and the appearance of the soul ground was rapidly aging. Finally rushed into the heavenly path.

  On this he never came out again ……

  But the same as Dokuro, let the heavenly dao completely darken down a lot.

  A generation of devil lord perished.

  "The Seven Absolutes are united, the world is invincible!" The Seven Absolute Heavenly Maiden finally looked back at Chen Nan. Looked at several children. A few crystal teardrops sprinkled in the air, and then rushed into the heavenly dao.

  "Mother ……"

  "Mother-mother ah ……"

  "Mother ah ……"

  Several children like a cuckoo crying for blood like a sad cry, the hearers have to follow the sad tears.

  Chen Nan watched as the Seven Absolute Heavenly Maidens crumbled inside after hitting the Heavenly Dao hard. In a trance he saw Meng Ke'er and Tantai Xuan, with whom he was entangled in love and hate. Smiling sadly at him.

  He saw the lonesome figure of the dragon dance dissipating, he saw the figure of Nalan Ruo Shui ground fading, he saw ……

  A scene of past events in front of the eyes.

  Heart with sadness, despair and want to die. Want to kill to the heavenly dao. But Chen Nan finally could only watch the tragedy was happening ……

  "Born for war, die for war ……" Chen Zhan eventually also rushed into the heavenly dao. He shattered his earthly perfect world, causing the light of the heavenly dao to completely dim to its lowest point.


  Important …… we once existed. We have fought …… this before!" After a generation of heavenly pride, Chen Battle heavily damaged the Heavenly Dao, he and his beloved perished in the Heavenly Dao.

  The ancient gods in the back roared in sorrow, and all of them rushed up.

  "Xuanxuan …… Xuanxuan!" A frantic figure rushed into the heavenly dao, shouting in a voice, "I, Zhou Bo, am rushing here!"

  The phoenix sounded through heaven and earth, the Eastern Phoenix and the little Phoenix ground merged. Crumbled in the heavenly dao. Baby dragon transformed into the body of a ten-thousand-foot heavenly dragon. Sorrowful whistle followed. Perished among the heavenly dao.

  Purple light rushed to the sky. The purple and gold divine dragon roared and killed. Eventually in the ashes before the smoke. To the silver dragon behind Jiasili weakly said: "wife you see, I am not Zhou Bo Chong ah. I really did not lie to you ……"

  "I know …… I know …… I always knew ……" Silver Dragon Jiasili took his hand and died with a smile.

  The ancient gods are all dead. All the earthly powerhouses of this world perished.

  At last, the human king rose up to the sky, and her supreme posture was forever imprinted in Chen Nan's mind. She softly drank: "I am the human king. I am the human king. I lead the souls of all living beings, millions of living beings, please follow me. Defeat the Heavenly Dao!"

  The human king smiled back and said poignantly to Chen Nan: "If there is an afterlife, see you again!"

  That beautiful posture, that sad and despondent back, made Chen Nan's eyes blurred ……

  The King of Man led the remaining souls of all living beings into the heavenly dao …… generation of red-headed heavenly pride thus perished! That last glimpse of poignancy, forever burned into the sea of Chen Nan's heart.

  "Dead, all the people of the earth are dead ……" Chen Nan mourned with pathos looking up to the sky.

  "This work 16k exclusive text version first, without consent may not be reproduced, excerpts, more latest and fastest chapters, please visit 6! The five children nearly collapsed, they have experienced so much, the strongest one by one perished, the mother took the road of no return, too big a blow to them.

  "My children!" Cinnan hugged them.

  "I …… am still alive …… it's good ……" After being led by the human king to endless souls to finally hit hard, the heavenly dao was crumbled, but not destroyed, it gathered power again from the new.

  "But you're still going to die in the end!" Chen Nan's eyes were already dripping out blood tears.

  "Just you with the last few of us?" Although the heavenly dao nearly destroyed, but now if only a reverse heavenly level expert, still can not really destroy him.

  "It's not me, it's the true unity of all beings!" Chen Nan shouted.

  "Impossible!" Heavenly Dao coldly shouted, "The human king has already exhausted the last of the united forces of all beings!"

  "Nothing is impossible, for I am a 'tomb', a human living tomb! In the sea of my heart, in my origin world, the divine thoughts of all beings have accumulated! The human king has exhausted the soul power of all beings, but the spiritual consciousness of those billions of beings is always buried in my body and has not yet been exhausted."

  "Impossible ……"

  "All beings destroy the Heavenly Dao!" Chen Nan opened the sea of his heart, allowing the power of the origin earth to rush out with the spiritual sense of all beings, and the ocean-like power finally engulfed the heavenly dao that had fallen into the weakest state.

  That is the sense of the beings, they crushed the weak heavenly dao resentment, the heavenly dao completely collapsed ……

  "Is everything already over?" Chen Nan looked blankly at this broken earth world, his earthly heart was incomparably hollow.

  "I am indestructible!" The weak voice once again came out, the combined power of all the beings' spiritual consciousness had crumbled. The Heavenly Dao had surprisingly reorganized once again.

  "Impossible!" Chen Nan was near despair. After sacrificing so much, does it have to fail in the end?!

  "Father. Please continue fighting!" The five children cried at the same time and transformed into divine weapons.

  "We will be father's weapons, we are the totem of all beings worshiping the earth, and in our earthly origin is gathered the vast power of all beings' thoughts. Crush us. Kill the heavenly dao."

  Chen Nan looked up to the sky and roared. He nodded his head with great sadness.