It took a year, but "Throne of the Gods" was finally finished. When I finished the last period, I felt a sense of relief, but I was also filled with tears. A world that I had created ended like this.

  I also can not let go of Elixir, can not let go of Fengxiu, can not let go of each of my characters, but, any story must have an end, perhaps, this half sad half happy ending to let everyone remember. I think it's worth it to watch everyone's love for the divine seal. If you like Lao Yi, then, in the new book of the great Tang Clan will also see his appearance. As for the circumstances in which he appears, you will have to find out for yourselves.

  As for Feng Xiu, he belongs to the divine seal, and I do not want to take him away again. A generation of divine emperors, it is more important to go in search of his supreme love. I don't want to bother him anymore. Let him immerse himself in the happiness of his heart and leave. I believe that we will all remember him forever.

  I can say that "The Divine Seal of the Throne" is the book that I have put the most thought into, and it is also the book that I am most satisfied with the overall plot. From the beginning of the layout, to the back of the game to show these innings one by one. The confrontation between the Temple Alliance and the seventy-two pillars of the Demon Gods, as well as the two dark lines hidden on the side in relation to the overall context of Long Haochen's life and Haoyue. I'm afraid few people can guess that the final boss is not the Demon God Emperor, but the God of Wrath Austin, Griffin. This book from beginning to end I never dared to half relax.

  Perhaps, the divine seal in the setting is not as magnificent as the Douluo Continent, Tianzhu Change, but in the plot, I put the most effort, the simpler the setting, it means that more and richer plot to support. I dare not say I have done my best, but I have really given it my all.

  It's been a year, 2.6 million words long finished, I gave a whole year of effort, there are a large number of book lovers followed the divine seal for a year. I don't know how you will feel after reading the final ending.

  I would like to thank each and every one of you for your support throughout the year, I have nothing to return but to create more and better works to thank you.

  As you know, my fan base is known as the Tang Clan, and I, the master of the Tang Clan. Every year, every work, we will have a part of the brothers and sisters of the Tang Sect will leave, and will welcome a new group of book lovers to join. Whenever I see new people join, I will be very happy, but when I see some readers leave, I will be filled with reluctance and regret.

  The divine seal has ended, and everything has to move on. Those who are familiar with me know that my creation is always uninterrupted, and all my works will be continued with seamless articulation. Therefore, our new work will be shown to you soon. This work, so to speak, is completely for our Tang Dynasty, for all the readers who have supported me for so many years. I hope that the book lovers who have supported me will continue to follow me, and those who have left, I will wait for you to come back and wait for you to come home.