Chapter 236: Grand Finale, the last condition The

  Douluo Continent Chapter 236 Grand Finale. , the last condition (the whole book is finished)

  There was no look of despair on Ren Xue's face. Just the opposite. Her look was very to was peaceful.

  She used all of herself. Even shattered the power of the divine position launched that final blow. At this moment. She silently spoke in her heart. Bitong. You gave me life. I also paid you back with the price of my own life. I no longer owe you.

  The blood-colored Shura Devil Sword. It was as if an ancient god of killing had descended. Let alone Qian Renxue who was no longer a god. Even if she was still the God of Angels. It would be impossible to resist this amazing strike of the Shura God.

  Don't. Bibidong. Farewell. Tang San. Can die in the hands of the only man I have ever loved in my life. Perhaps. This is the best ending for me. Thousand Renxue has even felt the taste of death. Closing her eyes. Tears flowed down the corners of her eyes.

  Why? Qian Renxue did not feel the pain of the body being penetrated. Nor did she feel the fear of having her soul stripped away. She opened her eyes again with a jolt. But found. The red Shura Devil Sword blade was still pointing at herself. But. It did not penetrate her chest. Because. Just above that Shura Devil Sword. There was already a purple-black body.

  Piercing red electricity. That purple-black body spread. Her purple-black divine clothing. Was turning into a piece of fragment and disappearing to see. "No——" Qian Renxue hissed with force. It is not clear where a point of strength came from. She reached out her hand. She wanted to grab the person who had taken the sword for her.

  Her body turned. Bibidong turned to Qian Renxue. A layer of soft light. Emitted from her trembling hand. Carrying her and her body. Slowly fell toward the face of the front of the Jialing Pass.

  Tang San did not chase because. At this moment there is no longer any need. Thousand Renxue lost the divine power belonging to their own she is no longer the God of angels. And in the moment when the Shura magic sword descended. Bibi Dong but for her to block this fatal sword.

  If it was the Poseidon trident. Perhaps. Bibidong can still rely on their own skills of the immortal body to resist. But. This her body. But is completely restrained Rakshasa divine power of the Shura magic sword. That full of killing Shura divine power and how is she able to resist it?

  Seeing the pair of female towards the face of the fall. Look at the despair in Qian Renxue's eyes instantly. Tang San heart surprisingly rose a trace of light intolerance so. He did not immediately chase. Instead, he followed their bodies towards the face of the fall.

  Jia Ling Guan City. When the division watched Bibi Dong's body was Tang San issued by the Shura magic sword through. The face is already a miserable white. As the saying goes, love is deep and blame is cut. No matter what Bibidong to him. In his heart. This is the first woman he fell in love with. Even the most loved woman in his life.

  When Bibi Dong with a thousand Ren' fell on the face of the last piece of her Rakshasa divine clothing has also been turned into smoke clouds disappeared not. Even the miserable green color on her face. Also in slowly receding.

  Looking at Tang San Bibidong in with an extremely complex light. More unwilling but surprisingly no resentment.

  "Tang San. You win." Hands holding the hilt of the Shura Magic Sword Bibi Dong some difficult to say.

  Tang San said indifferently: "I'm lucky. Ben won should be you guys."

  Bibi Dong smiled. At this time, the green color on her face had completely disappeared. The face was no longer hideous. Has returned to the original that noble and beautiful appearance. Just pale without a trace of blood.

  "Xiao Gang once said. Luck itself is also a part of strength. You are a god. Naturally, you can see that. We no longer have any power to resist. Under the Shura Demon Sword. My life has come to an end. Can you let me see Xiaogang again. I have something to say to him."

  Tang San raised his head to look up at the Jialing Pass City. Just at that moment. The flaming wings unfolded on the city. The huge fire dragon carrying the master's body descended from the sky. It was Liu Erlong who displayed his true body of the fire dragon to bring down the Grandmaster.

  The side of the Martial Soul Empire. Hurena was frantically running towards this side. "Teacher. Teacher ……" floated his body down. Liu Erlong reincarnated into human form. Helped the master who stumbled a bit on his feet. Still eyes full of hostility looking at Bibidong. Even if the lifetime love rival has died. This animosity is also constant.

  "Xiaogang." See the master landed in front of his body. Bibidong face actually flushed a few red. The whole person seems to be much more refreshed.

  The master looked at her. Did not speak. But at this time, the light in his eyes was more complicated than just Bibidong.

  "Xiaogang. When I disguised as a Rakshasa God. Wasn't it ugly?" Bibidong touched his face. Somewhat lamentingly, he said.

  "Teacher." Hurena finally pounced over at this moment. Pouncing on Bibidong's side. She and Qian Renxue. Both were already in tears.

  "Don't make any noise. Don't disturb me and Xiaogang." Bibidong gave Hurena a somewhat reproachful look. It was like a master teacher who was usually lecturing her students. That moving look of hers. Which looked like she was about to leave this world. Hurena and Qian Renxue couldn't help but both be a little dumbfounded.

  The eyes turned back to the master. A trace of sadness passed through Bibidong's eyes. "Little Kong. Do you hate me a lot? Although you don't say anything. I also know that yes. In the beginning. I hurt you like that. How could you possibly forgive me? Yes. You know what? You are the man I love most in my life. I was. Now. Always will be."

  "You're lying. If you really love him. Why did you destroy our Blue Electric Tyrannosaurus family? Killed all of our loved ones." Liu Erlong roared in agitation.

  Bibidong gave a disdainful look. "Do you think I'm as cowardly as you are? Xiaogang was rejected by the family. Humiliated by the family. You don't know that? What have you ever done for him? What you couldn't do. I did it for Kong. All the people who dared to make him suffer. Anyone who has insulted him. I will not spare. The Blue Electric Tyrannosaurus family is gone. Xiaogang's annoyance is gone too. Isn't it?" As she spoke she suddenly laughed merrily. The corner of the mouth. Purple-black blood slowly flowed out.

  "You are a madman." The master's voice had trembling. He finally mouth.

  Bibidong's face changed. Looking at the master. Her gaze suddenly turned a little hysterical. "Yes I am a crazy. But. Gang do you know why I'm crazy? Do you still remember. When we were together. I am now like this?"

  Tears. Finally, from the division eyes. "The original Bibidon is dead."

  Bibidon smiled. Smiling brightly. "Yes you are right. The first Bibidon is already dead. As early as the moment she left you. She is already dead.

  She no longer has the former gentle and kind remaining. Only a dark heart. A heart full of revenge. Xiaogang. I'm about to leave a world. I want you to know why I left you in the first place. I think. That's what you've always wanted to know. Ahem."

  Speaking of this. Bibidon suddenly coughed. More purple blood froth choked out of her mouth.

  "Don't you say anything." Qian Renxue said anxiously.

  Bibidong shook her head no. I don't say anything now. There will be no more chance to say it. I have to tell him at the same time is also v. you."

  There was a pause. The red on her face grew clearer from

  Back then. I and Kong this love exhaust him and powerful soul but has the wisdom that others do not. You see. His face is so stiff now. I know why. That's because after I left him. He will never smile again. That day. I still vividly remember that day. The night. The stars were dim. The teacher came suddenly. He asked me. What is the relationship with you. Xiaogang. You know. Teacher is the person I respect most. Not only is he the Pope of the Martial Soul Temple. Also he was the one who taught me all the knowledge."

  Qian Renxue's pupils shrank for a moment. Bibidong said. It was her very own ah!

  "So. I didn't hide it from my teacher. I told him the relationship between us. At that time. The teacher's face was ugly. He said. I am an unparalleled genius of the Martial Soul Hall. With a dual-life martial soul. Never allow me to have feelings with any man outside. Even more so, I can't have a relationship with your Blue Electric Tyrannosaurus family. Never let me leave the Martial Soul Palace. I only have you in my heart. So. I argued with my teacher. Argued on grounds. I sued him. I love Xiaogang. Even if I break away from the Martial Spirit Hall. I also want to be with you. The teacher suddenly. He suddenly came with a slap. Knocked me out. When I came out of the coma. But only felt a sharp pain all over my body. Naked body lying in the secret room of the Martial Spirit Hall.

  He. That beast. Right next to me. You know. What did he say to me? He said to me. Even with the nastiest method. Also want to keep me in the Martial Spirit Hall. He also said to me. You are no longer clean. Your body already belongs to me. What face do you have to be with that man? If I don't separate from you. He will kill you immediately."

  Listening to Bibidon's words. All the people were frozen. They could deeply feel the sadness in Bibidon's words.

  "At that time. The first thing I thought of was to die. But…… I can't die. I know him too well if I die. He will definitely pour out his anger on you. He will kill you. I don't not make a desperate show to get to you. Tell you. I am with you. Just for that wisdom of yours. Because only then. I can protect you. The man I love most."

  There was a poof. The Master fell in the of. "No. It's not true. You're lying to me. You're lying to me. Right?" Loved a son. Had a lifetime. Just when it was all going to be over. And he realized he was wrong. Kind of feeling. Let the master how to accept?

  Bibi said indifferently, "This is my daughter. The daughter I gave birth to with him. Shortly after that time. I found out I was pregnant. I hated him. I also hate the entire Martial Spirit Hall. I hated this child even more. I have tried countless times not to have a child. But…… But he confined me in the Martial Spirit Hall. Watching over me every day. Until I gave birth to this child."

  Raising his head. Bidong looked at Qian Renxue. "I know. You hate me too. That's right. I can tell you for sure. In the beginning. Although Tang Hao seriously injured your father. But…… He eventually died in my hands. I killed that beast with my own hands. The beast who raped his own disciple. You hate me as you should. I am your father's enemy. Not to mention not having done my duty as a mother for a day. I always thought I was right. Until just now. Just now when Tang San attacked me with that Guanyin Tears. You knocked me out of the way at that moment. I know. I was wrong. The child is innocent. I should not have imposed that hate on you. All I can do for you. This is all I can do."

  Qian Renxue's body trembled. Her lips trembled as well. "No no. No ……" just like the master always hated Bibidong in her heart. Father's figure is so tall. But. Bibidong is going to die. And how could she make up such a lie. She was wrong. The master was wrong too. Bibidon was still laughing. Even though she had tears streaming down her face she was still laughing. "So many people have been killed. And harmed so many people. It's worth it for me to die. I hate this world. So I want to take revenge on this world. I want to destroy the Martial Spirit Hall and destroy the world. And destroy myself."

  "Bibidong." Big' swooped up a few steps. Came in front of Bibidong. A hand grabbed her hand that had turned cold. "Why did you tell me earlier. Why? You already killed him a long time ago why didn't you tell me everything."

  Bibidong shook his head gently. Her gaze suddenly turned extremely gentle. "He was right about one thing. My body is already dirty I don't have to dirty myself to defile you. Xiao Gang. Do not feel bad for me. Be able to tell you all this to be able to see you shed tears for me once again. I can be held in your hands before I die. Our life. We have lived a bitter too bitter. Promise me to live a good life with Erron in the future. She is just your cousin. Now even the blue electric tyrannosaurus family is no longer. What else do you have to worry about. Liu Erlong. You come over here."

  Liu Erlong walked forward somewhat bewildered. Looking at this woman who had made her hate for decades. For a moment, she didn't know what to say.

  "Liu Erlong. I'm dead. Your revenge will also be avenged. Xiaogang loves you. Throw away all the shackles of the world. Even if it's up to him. You also have to really be with him. I'm not as blessed as you. At least you can be with him. Help, take good care of him. Okay?"

  Looking at Bibidong. Liu Erlong took a deep breath. Nodded forcefully. Said: "You are also a poor woman."

  Bibidong smiled blandly. "No need for you to pity. Tang San."

  Red and blue figures intermingled. Looking at what was happening in front of him. Tang San's brow furrowed. Slowly walked up a few steps. Came to Bibidong's body.

  "Senior. What are you going to say?" Although Tang San would not forgive Bibidong for everything she did. But for her miserable encounter. The heart is full of sympathy. So. He was willing to call her a senior.

  Bibidong once again violently coughing up. A large mouthful of purple blood flowed out of the mouth. The redness on his face was also disappearing rapidly. At this moment. Even if San wanted to let her go impossible to do. Shura God's divine power has completely eroded her body.

  Red light shone. Tang San detached the martial soul fusion technique of coexistence of two gods. A flash of light. Xiaodai had appeared beside him. The whole body is enveloped in this faint layer of red light. And inserted in Bibidong chest on the Shura magic sword also disappeared.

  Bibidong barely fight a few spirits. "Tang San. I've never begged anyone in my life. Even your teacher. I have never begged either. Now I you. Promise me one last thing."

  Tang San look. Then Bibidong. "You say it."

  Bibidao: "Xue'er she is no longer an angel god. Even the martial soul has been broken. It's no longer possible to pose any threat to the Heavenly Doukoku. Even less can she pose any threat to you. All the bad things were done by me alone. It has nothing to do with her. And Nana is the same. I beg you. Let them go. The Empire of Souls no longer exists. I just want them to live."

  Tang San's brow furrowed. "You should know. This is not something that one person can decide."

  Bibidong's upper body was slightly raised. In a stern voice, he said, "Tang San. Don't you know. Do they both like you? Are you so heartless? Xiaogang. No matter how you say it. She is my daughter ……"

  "Teacher. You make the decision." Avalanche's voice came from the side. He slowly walked to Tang San's side.

  All the empire is given by the teacher. Anything you can"

  Dashi also lifted his head. Looked at Tang San.