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  Chapter 393 Beautiful Things (Next)

  There is a place called Foothill Technical School beside a certain sloping mountain path in the Capital District, which has no authority to issue diplomas, but has become the most difficult technical school in the Federation.

  This technical school never advertised what to learn what to come, and never even open recruitment, ordinary students want to enter the school but very difficult, because this school for a learning process each year, each process enrollment quota of one hundred, the East Forest Region is directly divided into half, while the West Forest Region is divided into a third.

  What's more, rumor has it that the three major federal motor companies will directly hire students graduating from this school without any assessment at all and with high salaries!

  The reason why Foothill Technical School is so popular and difficult to enter, in addition to the strength certification indirectly given by the three major motor companies, but also because the school has more than a dozen very good mechanical and electronic experts, and more crucially, this school has a very famous honorary principal.

  This year, a month has passed since the start of the school's spring session, and the students who were excited by the rumors were late in seeing the honorary principal, and could not help but begin to doubt the authenticity of the rumors, and some kind of agitated disappointment accumulated, and finally flared up this morning.

  The students, dressed in the repair uniforms of Foothill Technical School, walked neatly out onto the playground, holding up signs written in bed sheet ink, declaring a strike, waving their angry fists at the teaching school, and yelling in their childish or voice changing stage unpleasant voices.

  "We want to see the principal!"

  "We want to see the principal emeritus!"

  "Strongly protest against unfair treatment! Demand to have the same benefits as the pre-cadets!"

  "We want to see Jane Shui'er!"

  "We want to see Jane Shui'er!"……

  Hearing the drumming and slogans, a few security guards came out of the security room by the playground, usually those guards were there every day smoking, drinking and playing cards, looking like a bunch of old rotten goods, the students were not afraid at all, looking at them with contempt.

  The security guards were honest and did not make any verbal intimidation at all, but directly drew out their batons, which were twisted behind their waists, and rushed towards the black mass of students!

  Snap! Snap! Snap!

  At first there were still tough students who tried to organize their peers to resist, however, it simply did not occur to them that the security guards, who looked like trash, would beat everyone with only three men, and in less than five minutes, a hundred moaning students were lying down on the playground!

  "Fuck, no, heck! Don't forget, you little brats! You signed the military regulations when you entered the school! If you were on the battlefield, I would have beaten you until your heads were broken and bloodied, but I would have broken your bones and broken your eggs!

  A sturdy middle-aged man stroked the top of his head with a faintly white inch, his face was fierce, swarthy and cold, holding up his baton and roaring: "Remember that from now on! In addition to the honorary principal of this school, our security department is also famous! You pull a division to fight with me!"

  Bai Yulan, who had been watching in silence, smiled faintly and stretched out her cigarette-clutching fingertips to gently pick up the hair that was finally swinging in front of her forehead, and whispered to Xiong Linquan, who was still in a state of rage, "You're so old and still have such a violent temper."

  Xiong Linquan threw away his baton, tugged at his crumpled security uniform, walked back indignantly and said, "Every year I hear a different brat shouting to see Jane Shui'er, that's our sister-in-law, who can't get angry?"

  Bai Yulan looked down at the somewhat old military watch and said, "It's time."……

  As the honorary captain of the Federation's newest battleship Enterprise, her trip to the Empire had a much more important task than satisfying the students' urge to pursue the stars.

  The second round of negotiations between the Federation and the Empire is about to begin, and the national idol girl of the year has transformed into the Federation's negotiator, and as the deepest thorn in Emperor Huai Fu Cha's heart, she has volunteered to be the negotiator to see where the Empire's bottom line is.

  In addition to judging the other side's sincerity and concessions bottom line, Jane Shuier's trip is also to take a last look at her father's second hometown, her own first hometown, she also wants to see the princess who has never met, and wants to know what it feels like when sisters embrace each other……

  Ms. Minami Sang-mi, the official principal of the Shanlu Technical School, walked into the large conference room and looked at the students below who were wailing with medical bandages, and couldn't help but cover her mouth and smile, her beautiful face moved with a divine expression.

  "Everyone's feelings of wanting to meet a celebrity are understandable."

  She said gently to the students below, "The visiting professor of physics we have here today is a real celebrity."

  The students actually liked the pretty and gentle principal, and the reason why they went to the playground to see Jane Shuier was not only because they were really curious about the star who had retired for many years but was still the protagonist of their parents' dinner table gossip, but also because of the impulse of adolescent boys.

  However, listening to the principal's words, they were still close to a commotion, thinking that such a crappy school still has the nerve to talk about visiting professors, but only suddenly remembered the security guards did not dare to boo out.

  "The guest professor for today's physics class is an independent director of the Fruit Shell Mobile Corporation, one of the dual lead designers of the mx series mechs, and the youngest member of the Federal Academy of Sciences."

  Nan Xiangmei carefully read out these prefixes, then looked at the dead silent students below with satisfaction and said with a smile and gentleness, "Let's warmly welcome Mr. Shang Qiu."

  Shang Qiu walked in from outside the classroom, still wearing full-frame glasses, messy hair tied casually behind her head with a pencil, wearing a body shell overalls, looking like an engineer who just came off the scene.

  She looked at the students on the stage very perfunctory casual smile, directly lift the lecture material, low said: "I'm very busy, so only every month or two occasionally come over to help, so the guest is not wrong, if you do not understand the place do not ask me, ask me I do not have time to answer, go check the textbook yourself, or continue not to understand."

  Very powerful aura, very dashing or arrogant appearance, however, those students on stage who are in the rebellious period of youth did not have any reaction, completely frozen.

  They looked at the female professor on the stage with their mouths wide open, as students specializing in mechanics, of course they knew who Shang Qiu was, it was a god-like existence in the mechanics world, on par with Xu Le! She is certainly a big name, especially the style of the previous head down, really big!

  On the other hand, the principal of Nan Xiangmei clutching the manual out of the classroom, saw the middle-aged man holding a bowl of cannon to thin noodles eating, could not help but frown, sighed and said: "Li Xiaoshan boss, as the school principal, I have the responsibility to remind you, since it is exclusively for students in the school kiosk, can you not sell them alcohol in the future? "

  Li Xiaoshan, the owner of the Shanlu Department Store, was about to drop his noodle bowl when he heard these words and said angrily, "Who used the fence to enclose my convenience store directly into the school? Then I had to become the kiosk of this broken school, want me not to sell alcohol line ah, you let Xu Le come back to tear down this wall, so that my store moved out again."

  Nan Xiangmei painfully covered her forehead, she also did not know why Xu Le insisted on circling that inconspicuous convenience store into the campus, much less what the problem was between these two men, she just really did not have the energy to deal with more problems.

  However, she didn't expect that just as she reached the stairs, she was stopped by another man with an uncommon air, and that man smiled and asked, "Hello, may I ask if you are Principal Minami Sang-mi?"

  "I am, but may I ask how did you get in?"

  Nan Xiangmei frowned and stared at him, thinking in her mind that those masters in the security department, even if they were going to sweep the graves shouldn't they have left at least one person down?

  "I followed Shang Qiu into your school." The man explained with a smile.

  Nan Xiangmei relaxed and asked suspiciously, "May I ask what you are looking for me?"

  "Because I was not able to find Xu Le today, I have a few words I would like to trouble Principal Nan Xiangmei to relay to him, please tell him that I am the groomsman who lost his bride because he returned from the Empire back then, and I have officially joined the Qinglong Four Sections years ago, and if he never lets go of Shang Qiu and refuses to take responsibility, then I will go after Ms. Zhang Xiaomeng. "

  Nan Xiangmei covered her lips, admiringly looked at him admiringly, "That's a tough move, and you're doing a really good job of intelligence, but you have to leave a name, right?"

  The man smiled and said, "Introduce yourself, I am your cousin, surnamed Cao Juren, my father is the one who left the Cao family a long time ago, Cao Qiu Dao."

  Hearing that name, Nan Xiangmei couldn't put down her hand on her lips anymore.

  However, it was clear that the trouble at the Shanlu Technical School did not end today, only to see a cloud of smoke and dust in front of the school, a dozen dark green military vehicles whistling in. Concierge in the seven groups of former members of the mountain gun students face dozens of loaded special forces also dare to go on, but when a clear look at the front of the military car of the little ancestor, suddenly fell into a state of absolute silence.

  The campus made so much noise that even Shang Qiu couldn't help but come out, she and Nan Xiangmei stood side by side at the bar, saw the girl who jumped down from the military vehicle, couldn't help but look at each other to indicate that you on, and then found no one stupid when they had to go down together.

  The girl who jumped down from the military car is Zhong Yanhua, she made a special trip from Westwood to the capital to attend the inauguration of the new president of the Federation, naturally it is impossible not to come here.

  After being the head of the Zhong family for some years, the clear young girl who was over twenty years old has now become a serious beauty, only the words mature and stable still don't seem to be related to her.

  "Two sister-in-law, that beast is not in school?"

  Shang Qiu and Nan Xiangmei frowned at the same time, Shang Qiu did not care that she called Xu Le a beast, just not willing to be called sister-in-law, Nan Xiangmei was called by the sound sister-in-law heart extremely sweet, heard her Xu Le for the beast but did not do, annoyed said: "How can you say your brother is a beast."

  Zhong Yanhua pursed her lips and blew a breath, the watermelon bangs on her forehead blew up, mockingly said: "An imperial man occupies so many beautiful federal girls, is not a beast is what?"

  Nan Xiangmei was speechless.

  Zhong Yanhua smilingly walked up to Shang Qiu, without warning, stretched out his index finger, and then killed her bulging chest.

  Shang Qiu is not afraid of her, and has been mentally prepared, directly a palm waved away, reprimanded: "is a big girl, how still like a child."

  "Curious well." Zhong Yanhua's eyes squinted into two eyebrow moon, knitted eyebrows but the tip of the endlessly unwilling meaning, grumbling: "How can I not grow out?"

  Shang Qiu calmly said, "My breasts, like my mind, belong to the genius category."

  Zhong Yanhua reached out and lifted the bangs that fell again, and said with annoyance: "Even if I can't marry that beast, I'm still your sister-in-law, so can you be more polite and not always hit the fragile confidence of young girls?"

  "And don't you forget, I'm younger than all of you, you're all about to get old …… well I admit you really don't look very old now, but you'll definitely get old before me!"

  Then she turned to Nan Xiang Mei education, "Nan Xiang sister, I also once had a good time in your family manor, I must remind you that your nature is too weak, to grab meat with those guys like wolves and tigers, you have to be ruthless ah!"

  Not waiting for the rare simultaneous fury of Shang Qiu and Nan Xiang Mei, Zhong Yanhua spread his hands and asked in an innocent manner, "I just want to know where my brother went, did anyone tell me?"……

  s3 bank mountain area there is a long-established temple, yellow eaves columns powder walls, the former imperial dynasty style is extremely strong, still wearing light linen clothes cover the body of Mrs. Tai, the corners of the eyes than back then is finally a few more wrinkles, her hand holding a thin sharp knife, the onion on the vegetable plate as at this time layers of mood as much chopped, and then with the fingertips finely handful, evenly sprinkled on the freshly fried lamb chops.

  Mrs. Tai suddenly felt very tired and murmured softly, "He refuses to take medicine anymore, he refuses to have a child, he has to leave, then what exactly is my hard work for so many years, who am I working hard for and who is busy?"

  A hand reached out from behind her and took the plate of lamb chops sprinkled with onion shavings that smelled strange, and the man said with a silly smile, "I still like to eat the lamb with onions you made, mom."

  Mrs. Tai turned around and hugged the young man, who was taller than she was and had a childish look in his eyes, and couldn't stop the tears from flowing down from the corners of her eyes, whether it was from cutting onions or something else.

  She sobbed and said, "Even he has gone, these two heartless things!"……

  Outside a secret air port somewhere on the outskirts of the capital, looking at the black airship that disappeared into the clouds, Xu Le subconsciously narrowed his eyes and touched his left wrist, where only the bracelet was no longer the bracelet Jane Shui'er had given him, and murmured in a low voice, "All gone."

  Zou Yu quietly stood beside him, gently fiddling with a red flower in his hand: "I do not know if they can find the ancestral star, although there are now star maps, but that ship is certainly not as advanced as the ship back then, the universe is vast and treacherous, who knows what will happen next moment."

  "It is really a beautiful thing to be able to pay action for this before death comes, all people who are throwing themselves into the ideal."

  Xu Le looked at Bai Qi who was crying into tears in the distance, looking at this legendary woman who turned from a prostitute into the first lady of the federation, and suddenly said, "When Lin Hanshan found out that he didn't catch this broken general, would he also cry into tears and then cut Zhang Xiaohua and Han Chu right off?"

  Zou Yu said, "With his fanatical love for aesthetics among the de-universe, it's highly likely."

  This is how the world is, some people want to stay, some want to leave, some want to stay but are forced to leave, some want to leave but have no choice but to stay.

  She looked at the red petals in front of her shoe and asked softly, "When are you leaving?"

  "Paul's wedding is still twenty days away, I'll leave the day after tomorrow and come back in two months."

  "To take someone with you? The remnants of Lee Jae-do's forces are now working as pirates over in Bermuda."

  "No need." Xu Le explained, "This side of the passage has the old thing to help watch, it should be fine, the passage side into the Empire's territory, no one will be stupid enough to lay hands on me."

  Just then, a slender voice that was somewhat flustered and smug suddenly rang in his head.

  "Lele, the old thing has gone, the passage side is now under my watch."

  Xu Le's body suddenly stiffened and subconsciously looked into the sky, trying to find the trace of that broken airship, but where could he still see it, and asked in shock, "Phillip? You actually stayed? Didn't we agree? How come the old thing is controlling the ship instead?"