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Chapter 1 Back to 2004

  "Dongzi, wake up, this class is Lao Chen's class!"

  Li Dong smashed his mouth, yawned half-asleep, half-awake, "Chen? Not today's meeting ah!"

  Just finished Li Dong head an empty, half-squinted eyes abruptly widened, their own bachelor a, sleep well at home who is beside himself words?

  Stiff neck side head to the side of the sweep a glance, Li Dong instantly confused!

  "Dongzi, what is it? Not a class meeting, this class is Lao Chen's class, you sleep confused it." Wang Jie scratched his neck, and did not care that Li Dong's was General Manager Chen and not Lao Chen.

  "Wang …… Wang Jie?"

  Li Dong swallowed, the tone of voice is a little stunned.

  This is clearly his own high school table Wang Jie, the two went their separate ways after graduating from high school, usually in addition to a few words in the high school group have not seen each other for almost a decade.

  But now the guy in front of himself is clearly the high school era Wang Jie, the conspicuous watermelon head how they can not be mistaken!

  "Okay, no more nonsense with you, old Chen is here!" Wang Jie was a little annoyed with Li Dong's expression as if he had eaten shit.

  The more piercing is Li Dong dead stare at their own hair, heart sulking, but see class teacher Lao Chen has entered the classroom, hastily turned around and began to listen to the lesson……

  "I am reborn?"

  Li Dong looked around a circle, looking at the familiar and unfamiliar faces, and finally determined that he should be back in high school.

  The first feeling that immediately followed was not excitement, but pain!

  Li Dong mumbled almost like a wail, "Damn it! You can also a few months earlier ah, college graduation hard work for seven or eight years to buy a house loan, this is only a few days to live in a few days lost, the pit dad!"

  When I think of my parents died a few years ago, and I am a bachelor, the newly bought house does not know which son of a bitch cheap Li Dong is a stifling.

  Although countless times fantasize that if they can start over again that would be great, but the thought of the new house still with the smell of paint Li Dong can not help but feel sullen.

  The good thing is that when you think of the next you don't have to get up early and pay off the loan, Li Dong is self-congratulating and suppressing the depression in his heart.

  Then Li Dong's face became incomparably excited, he was reborn, what stock lottery property is not a floating cloud, what he wants in the future is not what, which still need to care about the two-bedroom near the suburbs.

  Chen Guohua on the podium has long noticed Li Dong's godlessness, but see Li Dong no other action this just endured no words.

  Until he saw Li Dong's features distorted and muttered, Chen Guohua finally could not help himself and shouted: "Li Dong, translate this ancient text I just spoke!"

  Li Dong, who was still lost in thought, could not help but tremble, and when he looked up and saw Chen's wide eyes, he hurriedly got up and said with a smile on his face, "Teacher, I was wrong! Next I must listen carefully, study hard, try to get a good university, will not let parents and teachers disappointed ……"

  Li Dong crackling a burst of nonsense not only let Chen Guohua dumbfounded, the other students in the class is also thundered outside.

  At this time the style of learning is not as open as in later times, teachers are serious, students are obedient, Li Dong's shameless performance makes the crowd jaw-dropping.

  Then there was a burst of laughter, the table Wang Jie was stimulated by the sight of the crowd can not dig a crack into the ground, twisted face fiercely pulled Li Dong, which let Li Dong still want to stop the mouth.

  See the crowd has not returned to God, Li Dong can not help but skirt, this is only where to where, at least they have done seven or eight years of sales, but also won three consecutive months of sales champion, bullshit on a time without repeating.

  As for the shyness and bashfulness of the student period has long been lost to which nooks and crannies to go, if not by this mouth to fool, a poor second generation of their own which can afford to pay the down payment and buy a car.

  Chen Guohua apparently did not expect Li Dong to be so thick-skinned, originally thought to reprimand a few words, but Li Dong just every sentence is introspection and self-reproach, want to scold people do not know where to scold.

  Holding a belly of fire no place to send, see the classroom discipline are chaotic, hold the fire hum: "Okay, sit down! Only two months before the college entrance exam, everyone should be responsible for their own future!"

  The last sentence was obviously meant to be a reference!

  Of course, Li Dong, who had a thick skin like iron, naturally did not take it to heart.

  Li Dong did not care about the caution in Chen Guohua's words, what he paid attention to was Chen Guohua's words that there were only two months before the college entrance examination.

  Li Dong remembered that the time of his college entrance examination was 2004, that is, it is now about April 2004.

  The pit is that they have to come again to the college entrance examination, thinking that in his last life, he started early and finally just took a second exam, and now again, that's even more pit.

  In society for so many years, the knowledge on the books do not know where to forget, this short two months they are not able to take a second exam.

  Li Dong did not think he was reborn not to go to school, not for other, for his parents to work hard for their own reading they can not let them down.