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Chapter 2 Old Hate

  "Dongzi, wait for me!"

  The sunset just out of the school gate Li Dong was shouted to stop, turned to see, but live in the same district of junior high school classmates Wei Yuan.

  The two families live in the same district, plus junior high school classmates, high school although not the same class is not too far apart, Wei Yuan is in the class next to Li Dong.

  Seeing Wei Yuan Li Dong's eyes narrowed into a slit, smiling, "Commissioner, long time no see!"

  "Fuck you! I ate with you in the cafeteria at noon, where's the long time no see!"

  Wei Yuan didn't care that Li Dong called himself by his nickname, anyway, his own nickname was overbearing and overwhelming, which was much better than Li Dong's nickname.


  Li Dong laughed and did not explain, he indeed had not seen Wei Yuan for a long time.

  In his last life, since the death of his parents, plus the old house was sold, Li Dong afraid of touching the scene for a long time did not go to the old district where he grew up, naturally did not have the opportunity to meet with Wei Yuan again.

  Wei Yuan, of course, will not know what Li Dong thinks, gasping for breath and hitching Li Dong's shoulders and laughing: "Go, in a hurry to go home why, anyway, your parents are still not back, we go to the Internet cafe to play a few, yesterday was abused badly."

  This time the first middle school and later or some difference, there is no mandatory students must go to the evening study.

  Generally students who live in the county can not go to school to study, as long as the parents agree, the teacher will not refuse.

  Li Dong and Wei Yuan two people are not the kind of school bully, naturally will not choose to go to school to suffer, so there is a lot of free time at night.

  As for the meaning of Wei Yuan's words, Li Dong understood that there were no more online games in this time than in the later generations, and the most popular ones now were legend and CS.

  Wei Yuan and Li Dong played CS, usually Li Dong's parents came back late, and Wei Yuan's parents came home late from work, so the two of them liked to go to the Internet cafe to have a few addictions when they had nothing to do.

  If Li Dong or the previous Li Dong today certainly should be, but now Li Dong can not think of accompanying Wei Yuan play this.

  Hammered Wei Yuan's chest, Li Dong laughed: "No, it's almost college entrance exams no mind to play this. Your son also a few months of peace, the college entrance exam if the exam is not good your parents that off can not pass."

  "Cut! Dongzi, when did you have the guts to be so, what are you afraid of in the college entrance exam, we are a middle school, even if you close your eyes to get a bachelor's degree is not a problem."

  Wei Yuan bullish, a look that does not put the college entrance examination in the eyes of Li Dong laugh.

  "Blow it you, heart your parents' mixed doubles!" Li Dong scoffed at Wei Yuan's pretence, a good though, but not so good as that degree.

  Then again, it is only one of the inland counties, this time the undergraduate is not as good as a few years later.

  To own this class is heavy class, undergraduate promotion rate is naturally not low.

  But Wei Yuan this guy is the ordinary class, want to test undergraduate can not be so easy, remember last life this guy ended up only on the college, almost not killed by his parents.

  But the words to the line, mixed with social years of Li Dong naturally understand that too much is not too late, they are not Wei Yuan's parents, there is no need to dislike.

  The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do.

  Looking at Wei Yuan an enthusiastic look, Li Dong full of black lines, Qin Yu Han this name he is engraved in his heart to remember for life.

  Want to remember a person inscribed in the bones, but also a woman, generally come either deep love or great hatred.

  As for Qin Yuhan is naturally the latter, that is Li Dong's lifelong shame, until the rebirth of the back can not forget this Niko.

  Of course, which there is no former factor who is not clear.

  Anyway, beautiful girls who have deep memories, even though more than ten years without seeing Qin Yuhan, Li Dong still can not forget the other side of the delicate face.

  On the Internet Li Dong is not interested, but if you can catch Qin Yu Han spanking Li Dong is no problem.

  Up last life lived thirty years, can leave traces in his heart not many women, Qin Yuhan but to count on a, sometimes late at night when people will also unconsciously remember.

  Naturally, the withdrawn man will only think about but never attached to the mouth, after graduating from college never dared to contact with Qin Yuhan.

  Whether it is inferiority complex or withdrawn, the previous life of Qin Yuhan master's degree, stay in school to teach in the domestic famous school, so obvious gap is obviously not Li Dong can hope for.

  No two words, not waiting for Wei Yuan to speak Li Dong dragged Wei Yuan while running: "Let's hurry up, the first few times are not blocked, this time can not let her to run away!"……

  A lane on the south side of a middle school, this is the way Qin Yuhan must go home.

  Li Dong's eyes are sharp, pretending to glare at the girl in front of him fiercely.

  The person's name is Qin Yuhan, his parents should be calculated when the name of the daughter will certainly grow not bad.

  The girl is long and watery, let a person look at it and want to embrace in the arms to spoil some.

  But do not be deceived by her appearance, in Li Dong's eyes this girl is a cunning fox.

  Li Dong and Wei Yuan blocked Qin Yu Han dozens of times before and after, time can be traced back to a few years ago, but never in this girl to take advantage of the loss is to eat a lot.

  At this moment Qin Yuhan blinked and Li Dong stared at each other, an innocent face: "Li Dong, you have grown fat, have blocked my way."