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Chapter 3 Meet Again

  After bidding farewell to Wei Yuan and Qin Yu Han, walking to the door of the long-lost old house, Li Dong was somewhat near to his hometown.

  In his previous life, since his parents passed away, he has never been here.

  Open the door to the house, the old two-bedroom hut, old furniture furnishings, but hooked Li Dong's soul, the intimate taste that fascinated him.

  Deep breath, busy parents apparently do not have much time to clean the house, the house has been raining for the last two days there is a faint musty air.

  Take off your jacket, go to the sanitary and indirect basin of water, Li Dong picked up the rag and began to clean up, this moment he was extraordinarily happy, do not feel tired at all……

  When the house inside and outside a new look, Li Dong also tired collapsed on the sofa to catch his breath.

  After squinting for a short while, there was a rustling sound of keys crashing outside the door.

  Li Dong looked up at the wall clock, it was already 8:30, it was Mom and Dad came back.

  The father of Li Chengyuan pushed the door in, this year just forty-five Li Chengyuan than the actual age looks a little older, often without sunlight face with a trace of unhealthy pallor.

  Li Chengyuan looked at the new house apparently not prepared, a touch of surprise in his eyes, then he turned to Cao Fang who changed his shoes and smiled, "Wife, did we go to the wrong door?"

  Li Dong's mother Cao Fang looked up at the words, saw half leaning on the sofa son full of tears, could not help but snicker: "It is not wrong, but our son is tired of crying."

  "Hahahaha ……"

  Li Chengyuan froze, swept a glance at Li Dong burst out laughing.

  Li Dong embarrassed to wipe away the tear marks at the corner of his eyes, seeing the departed parents again alive in front of their own, even if expected also gave him a great shock.

  Previously, regardless of whether it is to see the teacher or classmates, he is at most just a few emotions, but watching the closest relatives come to life, Li Dong this is really feel the happiness of living again.

  "Dad, Mom ……" Li Dong tone slightly choked, but quickly covered up: "I'm hungry, bring food back?"

  "Brought, I knew you must not have eaten!"

  Cao Fang rambled a few times, took the meal out of his hands, while walking and read: "fried two dishes for you, there are still eggs and tomatoes at home, I will go to make you a soup, remember to eat early next time, do not save money to go to the Internet cafe, are almost college entrance exams also do not let us save snacks ……"

  The nagging voice of teenage boredom is now so kind, Li Dong squinted to enjoy the long-lost warmth, like a child pampered said, "Mom, most like the soup you made, make more, it has been a long time since I drank."

  "Oh, brat just know how to coax mother! The day before yesterday made a big pot for you you drank a spoonful and poured it ……"

  The mother in the kitchen began to busy, tired of the day Li Chengyuan leaned back on the sofa, his face showed a touch of fatigue said, "Dongzi, after a while to the college entrance exams, this period of time to eat a little bit of suffering to get a good university, don't be similar to me in the future can only sell fish and shrimp."

  The previous Li Dong most impatient father said this, but at the moment is meekly said: "I know, Dad, you can rest assured, not to say famous brand key, the examination a bachelor's degree is certainly no problem."

  "Haha, that's good! Your father back then just ate the loss of reading less, otherwise now is also a billionaire ……"

  Did not interrupt his father's bragging, this is one of the few hobbies of his father, silently listened, gently knocking on his father's hunched back, not long after hearing the subtle sound of snoring.

  He was too tired to go out at two or three o'clock every night to buy goods.

  Aquatic and other business is different, a one-time purchase of more than sold to die, that can be a loss-making business, small business can not afford to toss and turn, can only choose to sell the same day the day of purchase.

  Then five or six o'clock in the morning to open the stall, a day busy until late, ten years as a day, there are few business than this more tired……

  Cao Fang made soup and called out the father who fell asleep, because to get up early, the two simply wash up and went to sleep.

  Li Dong did not disturb them, quietly finished the meal, drank all the soup, which touched his stomach a long breath of relief.

  Not and as usual will be the dishes a throw and do not care, Li Dong will wash the dishes clean this into his room.

  Pick up the long-lost books Li Dong carefully review up, although many years do not touch the books, but after all, the foundation in, plus the adult thinking more mature, simply look over the feeling than before easier to accept this knowledge.

  Li Dong this is slightly relieved, although the mouth said powerful, but to say not worry about that is false, now it seems that they still have hope.

  Until the night is late, looked at the time is almost two o'clock, Li Dong this put down the book to lie down to sleep……

  Many years have not had such a peaceful sleep, the next morning Li Dong woke up feeling very solid, very satisfied.

  Parents have gone out early, the food is hot in the rice cooker, leaving a hundred dollars on the table.

  Li Dong did not pretend, now he does not have the capital to refuse his parents to give, not to earn money before he is not qualified to let his parents give up this hard work that sustains the life of the family.