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Chapter 4 Li Dong's Invitation

  The atmosphere was a little awkward.

  Chen Yue hurriedly played sloppy eyes and said, "Xiao Xue, don't bother with him in general, this guy ……"

  "No need to help him explain!"

  Yuan Xue saw Li Dong look unconcerned look more and more fire, cold voice: "Li Dong, do not know where I offended you? Several times have given me a look, I owe you or what? I go to play or not is my own freedom, you have no right to give me a face!

  Said Yuan Xue eyes are red, she can be said to be a long-standing grievance against Li Dong, this time is completely erupted.

  It is reasonable to say that even if Li Dong ignored her she would not care, after all, there are a lot of people chasing her, and there are many men to please her.

  But Li Dong every time he saw her with a grudge, either a sneer or a grimace, plus the front and back table, so she did not dare to turn around for several months, for fear of seeing Li Dong's cold face of death.

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

  This voice is a bit loud, classmates' eyes swiftly all gathered over.

  Especially the male classmates' eyes want to kill Li Dong, Li Dong some dumbfounded, also some embarrassment and shame.

  He did not feel that he was wrong, just now he was not thinking about Yuan Xue, people misunderstood he could not help.

  Besides, Yuan Xue's mouth to give her face, Li Dong that is more wronged!

  Even if he does not like Yuan Xue will not give a beautiful woman face, the key is only Li Dong's cold treatment and other male students in the class enthusiasm contrast, which makes Yuan Xue feel that Li Dong give her face.

  And then look at other girls are close to tears, Li Dong at least also has the mental age of 30 years old, see the situation only have to dry said: "That what, I did not mean ……"

  See Yuan Xue also glared at himself, Li Dong only had to shake his head and sighed: "OK OK OK, I'm wrong, I'm sorry, I see you every day after I give you a smile, OK!"

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  Li Dong's words with the action almost amused Yuan Xue, the heart of the aggression also did not fly, the gas came fast and went fast.

  Afraid of being seen as a joke, also do not pay attention to Li Dong, humming turned his head no longer look at Li Dong.


  Softly muttered a, see the people sight is still dead on their own, Li Dong is not afraid of them, grunted: "Look a hair look! What's the matter? Still want to beat me up? One does not have two two meat still want to compete with me or what, your brother Dong since childhood to fight has not been weak, or go down to practice ……"

  Li Dong bala bala damaged the crowd a meal, but really not a few dare and he this hobble meat to bother.

  The key class can be on the first middle school is ultimately the majority of good students, even if the class has a few mixed open also do not want to be the head of the bird.

  Li Dong is what many people are clear, grew up playing in the vegetable market, where there are three religions and nine streams.

  To say that what he said is not blowing, from childhood to grow up fighting is really not less.

  To really and Li Dong entangled, not to say that the face does not look good, even if it is beaten Li Dong a meal and what can be done, then also have to be careful of this guy secretly under the stick retaliation, this is not something that has not happened.

  This matter in the teacher into the classroom after even past, now the college entrance examination is near, no one wants to make a fuss……

  The day's lesson in Li Dong distracted quickly passed, one after school Li Dong ass on fire general fly out of the classroom.

  Behind him Wang Jie hurriedly shouted: "Dongzi, see you at seven o'clock at the Oriental Plaza, don't forget!"

  "Got it!"

  As the voice came, Li Dong had long disappeared.

  Yuan Xue, who was packing her books, didn't know what came to mind and turned to Wang Jie and said, "Where will you meet? I'll see if I have time, and if I'm not busy I'll go and see."

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

  But Wang Jie does not care about these, heard the words immediately happy, and hurriedly said: "in a middle school to the west entrance of the square, meet at seven o'clock!"

  "Well, I know."

  Yuan Xue faintly answered, also ignored Wang Jie, soon drifted away under Wang Jie's expectant eyes……

  "Hey, Qin Yuhan, together with the evening to go shopping in the Oriental Plaza to go?"


  "Why? You have something at night?"

  "I'm not going even if I'm not, Li Dong, are you trying to get back at me?"

  Qin Yuhan rolled her eyes and said, "Yesterday we were enemies, today you are so attentive to call me to go play, do you think I should go? You must not have good intentions!"

  "Hey, Yuhan ……"


  Qin Yuhan uncomfortably twisted the tender white slender neck, disgusted: "called me a goose bumps, Li Dong, you are not trying to pick me up, right?"

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.