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Chapter 5 - The Petty Man

  As the saying goes, the same sex repels the same sex.

  Whether it's a woman or a girl, this saying is universal.

  Especially two women who are excellent in all aspects, such as Qin Yuhan and Yuan Xue.

  Although the mouth greet each other warmly, but the social years of Li Dong naturally see Yuan Xue and Qin Yuhan uncomfortable.

  Chen Yue, who acted as a green leaf on the side, seemed much more natural, although not familiar with Qin Yuhan, but the greeting was very enthusiastic, a few words acted as a bridge of communication between each other.

  Li Dong glanced at Qin Yuhan, see she seems to have forgotten his existence is chatting with Chen Yue happy, more or less look a little helpless.

  The unaware also thought they were girlfriends, who could have guessed that the two were still meeting for the first time.

  Li Dong is not in a hurry, around the turn, the heart of a little lost soon disappeared.

  Although not the first time to the Oriental Plaza, but experienced a lot of Li Dong once again set foot on this familiar place in the heart or some emotions.

  The memory of the scene is a little blurred, after graduating from high school rarely have time to come to the Oriental Plaza, after the death of his parents never came.

  East strolling, look west, a time filled with various thoughts in the mind, even behind the Wang Jie Qin Yuhan a few people stopped in their tracks did not notice.

  Until Wang Jie shouted, Li Dong then awake.

  Looking back, it turned out that Qin Yuhan a few people in front of a stall selling trinkets picked up.

  Seeing Li Dong pacing over, Qin Yu Han, who was crowded with some flushed face, said with a face of excitement: "Li Dong, do you see this bracelet is beautiful?"

  Said the bracelet in the tender white wrist than, but did not know that Li Dong only pay attention to stare at the girl's arm to see, which still have the heart to talk back.

  The good thing is that Li Dong is not the kind of see a woman can not move the feet of the second goods, fixed his mind and smiled: "quite good, like to buy is."

  Anyway, it's just a ten dollar thing, Li Dong is not too concerned.

  Qin Yuhan smiled happily and hurriedly cut the price with the stall owner, generally speaking women are experts in bargaining regardless of their age, it is a pleasure to succeed or not.

  Li Dong did not roar up to help pay, and Qin Yuhan is familiar, but too much solicitude will be too late.

  On the side of Chen Yue and Yuan Xue also each looked at a few trinkets, Chen Yue busy bargaining, Yuan Xue is hesitant for a moment to put down the hands of jewelry did not continue.

  Li Dong cold eyes, he knew it should not be because of the money.

  Although I do not know how Yuan Xue family conditions, but from her usual dress should not be bad.

  Since it's not because of money, and Yuan Xue seems to like it quite a bit, it must be because of the face.

  Li Dong swept a glance at Yuan Xue, not many ornaments, a bracelet, a cover under the clothes half exposed necklace, not with earrings, to Li Dong years of experience to judge should be platinum.

  Nowadays, the price of platinum is a little higher than gold, although Yuan Xue likes the trinkets on the stall, but the family is superior she obviously can not put face to buy these cheap goods.

  Skimmed, Li Dong did not speak, even buy a favorite things to care about the eyes of others, living too tired.

  But everyone has their own way of living, he has no right to accuse Yuan Xue is not right, just a different way of life.

  The side of Qin Yuhan quickly agreed on a price with the boss, picked up the bracelet and put it on his hand, his face still remains happy with the success of the bargain.

  Li Dong saw a smile, this is the type he likes, not pretentious, not pretentious, just do not know if it can be eaten in the mouth.

  At this time, Chen Yue also discussed the price, but did not want to muffled Wang Jie suddenly went forward to pay, Chen Yue face some red, but did not refuse.

  This is the turn of Li Dong dumbfounded, what the situation, the previous life did not hear of two people have any situation ah?

  Not waiting for him to think about it, just excited Qin Yuhan suddenly puffed out his mouth, tiptoe stepped on Li Dong, angry: "Stingy ghost! Why don't I see you pay for me!"

  Li Dong showed his teeth, "I would like to, but you have to be willing."

  "That's true, but after all, you're still stingy, you really are a careful man, no wonder so vindictive." Qin Yuhan gave a cheeky laugh, and no longer taunted Li Dong.

  Li Dong's face is innocent, how to say that it is his own fault, and stingy and vindictive, is this Qin Yu Han's impression of himself?

  Sigh, see Chen Yue and Wang Jie are red face muffled, Yuan Xue is also distracted, think at least all together out, the atmosphere is too cold meaningless.

  Li Dong then said, "Okay, then today I will be a man who is not stingy, let's go eat barbecue together, my treat."

  Just rushed out also did not eat, now turn a while stomach empty.

  Although the body does not have much money, but a few people to eat a barbecue or enough.

  "Yes, yes, the evening did not eat it! Let this guy bleed a little, eat him poor, so he will still be so stingy in the future!" Qin Yuhan face leap, strolling for a while is really a little hungry.

  Wang Jie's face is not just so red, see the situation and laughed: "I do not have a problem, Yuan Xue you say?"

  But did not dare to ask Chen Yue, just acted so he did not know how to speak for a while.

  Yuan Xue opened her mouth to refuse, but looked up to see Li Dong frowning slightly, a resentment rose steeply in his heart, no good: "Then go, high school three years have not seen Li Dong students invited!"

  "Don't accuse people of wrongdoing! You ask the watermelon head I have not invited? But the big beauty Yuan and we are too far away, even if you want to invite you to dinner also do not have that opportunity." Li Dong smiled, but not laughing, topped a sentence.